23 Side Dish For Scallops – What To Serve With Scallops

I know these scallops to be a specialty in most restaurant menus, but similarly, you can make delicate foods at home too.

Of course, the first thing to do is make the scallops buttery and then tender delicious scallops.

But of course, you are not going to eat it alone, you need a side dish, and that’s precisely what we are interested in.

Scallops are some of the edible parts of ocean shells. And you, therefore, will find some in the deeper waters but others in the shores.

scallops with broth in a pan

The one thing standing out about it is that it appears to be a white disk. It’s important to say that the scallops you will get from the sea are much larger than the ones you find at the bay.

The good news is that if you like scallops so much, you can have them all year long because the ones you, therefore, source from the sea are always available at different times of the year. The bay ones though seasonal, are equally popular.

When making your scallop meal, always choose the fresh scallops as you find the matching side dish. Below are the 23 kinds of side dishes you can use comfortably.

  • Rainbow vegetable skewers
  • Zucchini salad
  • Summer squash casserole
  • Summer squash succotash
  • Spiced summer squash salad with chickpeas
  • Healthy Cilantro Lime Brown Rice
  • Cuban rice and beans
  • Creamed corn recipe
  • Frogmore stew
  • Jalapeno Poppers with Bacon
  • Brown butter polenta
  • Lemony pasta with garlic and capers
  • Scallop ceviche
  • Mango avocado salad
  • Three ingredients puréed cauliflower
  • Scallops with spice oils
  • Brussels Sprouts in Alfredo Sauce
  • Seared Steak and Scallops
  • Cinnamon butternut squash roasted with herbs
  • Thai red curry noodles
  • Pan-seared scallop with butter sauce
  • Old Bay Roasted Shrimp
  • Pressure cooker Tuscan beans

1. Rainbow vegetable skewers


When you can’t consume enough veggies, you have to find ways to make them appear delicious. Sticking them on the skewers is one method to use.

I just love the colors and the texture, as it will perfectly blend with the other texture and the scallops’ deliciousness.

As you can see, not much work goes into making them, so it will make you want to make it at all times. So then if you want the best idea is to prepare it with the herbs and the seasoning.

Brush them with olive oil, and you aim to make it easy to attain the right texture.

Also, you will make it easy to clean and enjoy the meal in 10 – 20 minutes. This one then you can make in a few minutes and serve it with the scallops. You will like the recipe, and it’s best even to try it.

2. Zucchini salad


Here you have the lightest caramelized and refreshing summer salad that you use as a raw version. You also have the raw zucchini option.

Here you then have a blend of different ingredients to make it even richer but nicely colored.

Suppose you are looking for the easiest method to use in making the noodles veggies style; use the style.

It’s easy to create the perfect recipe even when you don’t know how to do it.

I like that you can use it for the different functions you have in mind. I like that it’s easy to make nutritious, and as long as you have the spiral cutter, you are good to go.

Here’s my advice though always serve it chilled. You can see it in the fridge for about thirty minutes.

Try this recipe we have here to make the perfect meal.

3. Summer squash casserole


Be informed that when you’re talking about the best side dish, you have it here.

This will make the perfect side dish for your day-to-day use. You can use it for the BBQ or the thanksgiving events or any other major get-together.

I like that it’s creamy smooth, and yet filling. It will serve you greatly alongside other meals. Notice that this one makes the perfect side dish.

This is your crowd-pleasing meal, but when you use it alongside the scallops, then you make it even better.

Do you like cheesy meals, then this is the one to make. It’s full of flavors and richly textured too. Try out this recipe today for more ideas.

4. Summer squash succotash


The southern veggie, in some way, is just everything, especially when it accompanies your favorite scallops’ recipe.

For this succotash, the game between the colors and the textures makes it even better.

You can eat it alongside the perfect chives. If you know how to add on the lemon juices, you will be surprised that it gives it the perfect additional taste.

Sometimes you run short of ideas on eating it, so choose this excellent method to use today. It will make you want to delve in for more and more at all times.

With the blend of different ingredients, this recipe brings together different tastes, flavors, and juicy tastes.

Check out the recipe we have here today for ideas.

5. Spiced summer squash salad with chickpeas


A little bit of creativity goes a long way. You just need to know what to add to this recipe when you are making the difference.

If you are making the scallops during the summer months, you should try this veggie style to accompany the scallops.

One thing that’s going to stand out is the deliciousness that it turns to. This is a spicy squash salad.

I like the green color as it gives me the idea that I’m taking the perfect salad. You will like it for the fact that it will easily make the perfect meal.

You will mostly like the meal for the fact that it soaks in a lot of the flavors. Also, there are many other variant recipes, and this is one of the most common recipes to try today.

6. Healthy Cilantro Lime Brown Rice


Here you have another one of the best types or styles of rice you can use alongside the scallops. So then you can make the bowl of rice on the side to create the perfect meal.

I like the meal because it makes a great addition as a side dish to the scallops. This is one of the favorites you can use to make quick weeknight meals.

Also, you will add the lime zest and the cilantro to twist the rice. Such flavors then will blend effortlessly with the scallops. It’s an excellent option for you if you like healthy meals.

Remember this one they don’t even set oil in, but it’s still an excellent rice choice. The recipe we have here then is an excellent addition to the scallops meals.

7. Cuban Rice and Beans


There’s something about the rice that makes it ideal to use alongside other dishes, and it’s the flavors. So this rice then is still ideal to use by those who are vegans.

What you will be amazed at is that it’s a straightforward and yet delicious choice of meal to have.

You can make it a great option to enjoy along with other meats. They don’t have different tastes. You will like it the most because it’s gluten-free.

It’s a hearty meal that will smell great, yet it remains a delicious option to use alongside the scallops. With it then you’ll find the bold complementary flavors.

Check out the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it delicious.

8. Creamed corn recipe


Another one of the softest yet delicious choices of the meal is creamed corn. It’s easy to make the corn, and you will enjoy the texture of the corn.

It will make sure it remains a delicious choice. Anytime you have the cream of cheese, then you should use this one here.

This is your ideal choice to use on special occasions. This is more so a standard option you can use for your southern comfort meal, and it makes it a shorter time to make.

In creaming it, you make it smooth but also a go-to million bucks meal.

When you have e the time to make this side dish, you can try this recipe.

9. Frogmore stew


This is a blend of different ingredients, and the aim is often to make it a rich meal.

Here you will add your favorite scallops to the mix, thus creating a full but also a delicious meal. This one is going to deliver the perfect texture.

This is surprisingly one of the best and most outstanding meals you will have.   It blends several ingredients in the recipe.

Similarly, then you have a blend of flavors as well as the tastes and the texture. They even use the veggies in the recipe, and it’s more delicious.

10. Jalapeno Poppers with Bacon


When you are out for various party events, you will notice that this is one of the most common options you will find, and the best thing is that they only use select ingredients.

These jalapenos are easy to make since they use very simple ingredients.

It just so happens that they are easy to assemble. I like them a lot more because they aren’t so spicy, making them delicious too.

The sauce we then have here is enriching and delicious to use. Its naturally enriched, making it the perfect choice to use.

They stuff them in the rich but also delicious avocado-ranch. I know most people enjoy them a lot more because you’ll have it blend well with the scallops too.

They even use the bacon in the recipe, making it even more outstanding and delicious. Try the recipe today to see just how delicious and easy it is to make these goodies.

11. Brown butter polenta


Therefore, if you manage to find enriched and good-quality scallops, you are good to go with them. The secret, though, is to make sure you buy high-quality scallops.

This is the easiest to make scallops, and it will deliver the brown and creamy flavors using butter. It’s often creamy but also enriched.

It has the additional butter and rich seasoning to make it even more delicious.

If you have a crowd, make such a meal as it happens to be one of the greatest crowd-pleasers. You can be sure to have rich and tender scallops.

Check out the easy-to-make recipe.

12. Lemony pasta with garlic and capers


Another one of the most common side dishes when you’re cooking the scallops is the lemony style.

Here you then have to add the capers. So then you can add it as a side dish to the scallops.

The first thing you will like about it is that it’s versatile and as such, you can use it alongside other meals, not only the scallion.

You will like the flavors the texture of the meal.

Here then you have made a complete meal when you add the pasta onto this dish.

You could make the main dish even when you’re using it with meat and other meals.

Check out the recipe we have here.

13. Scallop ceviche


Notice that this is the easiest to make a scallop dish. You will mostly like it, mainly because it has a hint of heat to give it the spicy flavors or the deliciousness.

It could also make an easy appetizer meal. I know if you try it, you will be like myself, who just never gets enough of it. This is one of the most amazing meals to use.

You know this features the use of the seafood that they also cook in the citrus juice. It’s easy to make it because you will find it in Mexico, Peru and all the other places you want.

The secret, though, here then is to make sure you only use the tiny scallops. You will never cease to enjoy the flavors.

You will enjoy the recipe you see here in a short while.

14. Mango avocado salad


The salads meal you have here is a blend of mangoes avocados, making the perfect appetizers. This one is a great appetizer to use alongside other meals.

When you’re maintaining a healthy diet, then you can be sure to attain the perfect texture. Also, the color blends well with the other meals.

You will mostly like the citrusy flavors of the meal. It’s way better than the store-bought ones you find.

You will enjoy it alongside some tortilla chips. You will mostly enjoy the recipe alongside the scallops too.

15. Three ingredients puréed cauliflower


Here you have one of the other best side dishes to use with your scallops. You will like it for being a simply delicious meal.

You can use it alongside your scallops mainly because it still stands out as one of the most nutritious and naturally great choices.

You can even use the ground pepper to garnish this meal, and it’s going to be one of your best yet most delicious options.  If not for anything, you will like it for its versatility.

You can use it with the chicken and the different kinds of fish like we have here.

If you like, you can true this recipe for a change of course.

16. Scallops with spice oils


Here is another one of the best scallop’s delicious choice of meals. It features a blend of different spices that you can also use alongside other meals.

This one here will blend well with the oils, and you, therefore, will have it enriched in unique ways. I like its rich flavors, and if this is also what you would like to try, then use this recipe we have here.

17. Brussels Sprouts in Alfredo Sauce


Here you, therefore, have a creamy parmesan garlic alfredo sauce. It’s quick and easy to make it. You will enjoy the crunch and the smoothness of the Brussel sprouts. It has additional crispy bacon for the crispy texture.

You will enjoy the crunch of the Brussel sprouts. Notice that the Brussel sprout is the easiest to use alongside your scallops, but the best part is that it’s nicely delicious.

When you, therefore, add the parmesan and the cream, you make it subtle but delicious in your mouth.

Enjoy this meal when you know this recipe and how to make a delicious meal.

18. Seared Steak and Scallops


The meal here notices that it is rich and also delicious to eat alongside most other meals. Whether you enjoy the rare done or medium-rare.

You will notice that when you sear it, then you lock the delicious flavors. It’s sweet and yet nicely flavored. Notice that you can then use the quick method to cook and serve your family.

If you like, you can use this one for your romantic dinners, yet you can use it to make the herbed butter sauce.

Check out this recipe today for ideas on which kind of side dish will work for you.

19. Cinnamon butternut squash roasted with herbs.


You will find this meal not only delicious but also rich and healthy to use alongside most other kinds of protein.

So the butternut is an excellent choice to use alongside other herbs and healthy spices of your choice.

Notice that you can cut them to the bite-size or make them edible.

I mean, if you want, you can just roast them without additives but to make the healthy option, then you can be sure it will serve you perfectly.

This will even make the perfect side dish, and you can use it alongside the scallops to make a complete meal.

Check out this recipe, which will make it easy to deliver the perfect meal for you, and when you luck the ideas of what to use with the meal, you can use this butternut. Check the recipe we have here.

20. Thai red curry noodles


Notice that noodles are the most versatile starch-like meal where you can use them alongside any meals of your choice to use and eat alongside the scallops.

It feels like a blend of curry and Thai noodles. You know what that also means, and it’s that it’s a blend and another burst of flavors.

This is a more vegan choice of meal that you can use alongside the different sea fish foods. Remember to eat the noodles with the sticks.

The bowl of noodles makes the scallops meal a complete meal already, you know, which also means it’s delicious. Try this recipe today.

21. Pan-seared scallop with butter sauce


One of the most fun ways to eat your scallops is using this delicious sauce too.  Remember, you then have the tasty and yet delicious scallops.

It makes them an enriched yet healthy scallop meal. It maintains the perfect texture, and the sauce is an addition to the greatness of the food.

People like it a lot more because it will stand out for its greatness and the fact that it creates the addition of the perfect veggies to your meal, you know.

You will find it easy to make the added sauce when you have this recipe here.

22. Old Bay Roasted Shrimp


Another easy way to enjoy a meal is to eat it alongside the other seafood, and shrimp is that perfect addition.

The addition of the shrimps to the scallops also means that it will enrich your palates, making them even more delicious.

You can be sure you will love the texture and the rich flavors of the meal you have there. It blends on perfectly and will create the perfect flavors.

Everyone using this meal knows it’s going to be the perfect addition, especially when you’re talking about seafood.

The only perfection is for you to ensure you never overcook your shrimps as you still want them to maintain the perfections; Check this recipe today.

23. Pressure cooker Tuscan beans


If you haven’t tried these beans yet, then the chances are that you haven’t lived yet. Come today and try this recipe.

You also expect the riches, most delicious but easy-to-make beans soup, and the most delicious recipe.

This makes the perfect vegetarian dish for you to try today.

Check it out and then add to your favorite recipe and add on the veggies if y9ou need to.

Check out the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it outstanding.

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