What To Serve With Lasagna – 22 Side Dishes For Lasagna

Lasagna is a typical Italian cuisine dish, and most people include this meal almost weekly in their diet. There are so many ways and recipes to prepare this dish, so we can not say there is only one perfect way.


But if you are going to include this dish in your weekly menu, you will have to find different side dishes to serve with it so that your lasagna meals do not become monotonous and boring.

This article will look at some of the creative side dishes you could serve along with your lasagna.

Hopefully, this will make those lasagna nights more exciting and less monotonous and boring.

1. Sauteed Steakhouse-Style Mushrooms


Adding mushrooms to your menu or dish is always a way to enhance your meal. Mushrooms are thick fleshed and fleshy, and they add a juicy texture to your meal. Sauteed mushrooms are delicious, tasty, and meaty.

If you are a vegan, this could be an excellent meat substitute, and mushrooms remain quite firm even after they are cooked, so you do not have to worry about them melting during the cooking process.

This is a rich side dish that will work well with your lasagna.

The butter also enhances the mushrooms’ flavor, making them irresistible to both meat lovers and vegans.

Other ingredients for a sauteed mushroom include; garlic cloves, black pepper, and onions.

Click this link to get get the recipe for this delicious meal.

2. Roasted Kale, Avocado, & Fig Salad


Summer allows us to try many recipes, all thanks to the fresh ingredients and vegetables available to us.

This salad is one of those goods that comes in the summertime, and it is a perfect side dish for your lasagna.

Roasting your kale adds crispiness to your salad that is exciting, and this vegetable has a peppery and bitter taste.

This bitter taste from the kale is canceled by the sweet taste and flavor from the figs, so this is a good combination.

If you are looking for a fresh and healthy addition to your meal during summertime, you should consider this a side dish.

You can click here to get the recipe.

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3. Arugula Radicchio Salad with Prosciutto, Fig, & Pistachios


If you are looking for a sweet, savory, meaty, and healthy side dish, this salad is the best place to start from. This salad gives you all the four different taste types: savory, sweet, sour, and bitter.

Your taste buds are left to savor and take in all this exciting taste.

You can get the recipe for this exciting salad on this blog.

4. Tomato Feta Salad


This is a fresh and exciting salad, and you do not even need to put it in your oven. This can be made straight from your garden.

This refreshing salad can be eaten this way, but it is awesome when you use it as a side dish for your lasagna.

This is a perfect summer salad; it is yummy and crunchy. Even your kids who do not like vegetables are certainly going to enjoy this salad.

Click here to get the recipe for this refreshing salad.

5. Summer Vegetable Gratin


This vegetable casserole has all the vibrance and freshness of summer just from its appearance.

You can use this vibrant, juicy salad as a side dish for your lasagna and expect nothing but a refreshing feeling.

The ingredients for this fantastic meal include tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, onions, cumin, thyme, and garlic.

All these are topped with a fair amount of cheese to add that cheesy feeling to the whole mix.

You can click here to get more information about this recipe.

6. Roasted Brussels Sprout with Parmesan


This is another side dish recipe that will have your taste buds excited and filled with goodness.

This recipe requires Brussels’ fresh sprouts, bright, fresh sun-dried tomatoes, and laced with onions and cheese.

The roasting does not take away these vegetables’ freshness; instead, it adds a crispy nature to their feel.

Expect a nutty, salty taste from the cheese and some sweetness from the tomatoes.

You can check out the recipe on this blog.

7. Breadsticks


Breadsticks are a typical side dish used very frequently for different recipes and dishes. These fluffy and soft food items are delicious.

They have a buttery taste, and you will find them yummy. Usually, you serve breadsticks alongside a sauce for dipping.

You can make these breadsticks comfortably at home, and they add spice to your dinner.

These sticks contain other ingredients like butter, garlic, and herbs, and they add a richness of flavor to the breadsticks.

You can find the recipe for making these homemade breadsticks on this blog.

8. Balsamic Glazed Roasted Vegetables


This side dish is not very common, and if you are tired of using the same side dish always, this is a beautiful option for you to switch to.

It is not often you get to eat food that contains the unique balsamic flavor.

This vegetable also has unique flavors from thyme and garlic.

The balsamic glaze gives these vegetables a rich appearance which is irresistible even to those who do not like veggies.

These vegetables are low in calories, and you can adjust this recipe with other vegetables available to you.

Click here to get the link to this recipe.

9. Authentic Bruschetta


Bruschetta is a simplistic side dish; it essentially consists of grilled bread covered with olive oil and garlic.

This bread is topped with vegetables like sliced tomatoes, onions, cheese, and meat.

This side dish gives you a baked taste from the meat and bread and a fresh taste from the vegetables.

The bread has a crispy feel, and this small bight is made of simple basic flavors, which are delicious.

If you are looking for a simple side dish to accompany your lasagna, this recipe should be the perfect one for you.

You can get the simple recipe for this side dish on the following blog.

10. Cheesy Garlic Knots


Garlic knots are a delicious dish; they are so soft and inviting. They are appetizing, creating the urge to eat more and more, mainly because of the garlic flavor. They are a good option as a side dish for a lot of other dishes.

The cheese in these knots just makes it harder for you to say no. it melts quickly and nicely on your tongue, making you crave for more.

These knots are frequently served with a traditional red sauce like marinara sauce or a white sauce.

It is better to make these knots and serve them immediately, and they are better when fresh.

And it is preferable to make yours at home; they will assure you a much fresher experience.

Click here to get the full recipe for this tasty, delicious dish.

11. Garlic Broccolini


Serving broccoli alongside your lasagna is a good way of balancing the menu. Broccoli is an excellent vegetable that can never go wrong.

They taste so good, and they come with a lot of nutritional value.

This recipe is a straightforward one that only requires cheese, broccolini, and garlic. You can check out this recipe in the following blog.

12. Antipasto


An antipasto dish is made up of a plate of tasty, flavorful, and delicious goodness. This is one side dish that stands out even more than the main meal.

Antipasto is made up of ingredients like olives, cured meat, mushrooms, artichokes, and different cheese types.

A plate of antipasto is filled with many exciting ingredients, and it is a perfect side dish for lasagna.

Honestly speaking, it is an exciting side dish. You can get a recipe for antipasto on the following blog.

13. Buttery Garlic-Bread


Garlic bread is a welcomed idea for a side dish for lasagna. This bread is flavorful, soft, and very delightful for eating.

Even better when you serve fresh garlic bread, this bread is topped with herbs, butter, garlic, and olive oil.

If you are interested in making your garlic bread at home, you can check out this recipe for more guidance.

14. Wedge Salad


The sight of this fantastic salad evokes hunger and appetite, and it gets you in the mood to eat.

It is a good side dish for lasagna because it is delicious, fresh, and flavorful.

The iceberg lettuce used here is iconic and classic and unmatched by any other.

The iceberg lettuce has an incredible texture that can hold anything placed on it, and it is a good combination with blue cheese.

Click this link to get the recipe for this tasty salad.

15. Perfect Grilled Eggplant


This is a classic way of serving eggplant as a side dish with Lasagna. The eggplant gets a lovely smoky flavor from the grill that makes it very appealing tasty.

You can serve this grilled salad this way, or you can top it with other herbs or fresh salads.

Click here to get the recipe for this dish.

16. Simple Arugula Salad


There might be those times when you are just looking for something simple to pair with your lasagna.

Using Arugula salad is one of those simple options that you can always rely on.

The only thing you might need for this salad is a balsamic Vinaigrette to use for your salad dressing.

You can click this link to get the recipe for this simple salad.

17. French Green Salad


This salad allows you to mix a lot of green salads as you enjoy your lasagna.

French green salad uses soft vegetables, so you might consider using a variety of soft lettuces.

This salad also contains cucumbers, mashed or sliced avocados, you could add a variety of nuts, and you top all these with a vinaigrette.

This salad might have a plain green appearance, but the flavor is not plain in any way; it is flavorful and delicious and serves as a good side dish for your lasagna.

You can check out this blog for more instructions about this recipe.

18. Instant Pot Minestrone


This side dish contains a lot of vegetables, potatoes, pasta, and hearty beans.

This dish is thick, it is full of flavors and a lot of health benefits combined. If you love soup, this is a broth soup that will go well with your lasagna.

With this thick mixture, you can be sure of getting nutrients like fiber, proteins, and antioxidants necessary to keep free radicals out of the body.

The instant pot makes sure that your side dish is ready in minutes without delay.

You can check the following blog to get a good recipe for this dish.

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19. Giardiniera


This is a side dish containing pickled vegetables, and these veggies have a lovely herb-like and savory taste that goes well with your lasagna.

You can follow this link to get the recipe for these fresh vegetables.

20. Chicken Wings


Wings are always a welcomed idea; they are tasty, meaty, and a good side dish for your lasagna.

Chicken wings are delicious, and they are appetizing, putting you in a great mood to eat.

Chicken wings are best enjoyed when they are crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside.

You can serve these wings with white sauce or red sauce like marinara.

If you plan on making your chicken wings at home, you can check out this recipe for more instructions.

21. Roasted Garlic Parmesan Cauliflower Recipe


This is one fantastic way of serving your cauliflower. It is crispy and coated in cheese and has incredible garlic flavor.

If you have never loved cauliflower, this recipe might change your mind about them.

This crunchy cauliflower recipe is perfect as a side dish for your lasagna.

You can check out this recipe for guidance on how to make this crunchy dish.

22. Honey Roasted Carrots


This is one of the tastiest and most flavorful ways of serving your carrots.

These carrots taste good because of the honey, but the roasting also contributes to giving them a rich flavor.

Cooking the carrots might take away the crunchiness, but it enhances their delicate sweetness.

You can check out this blog for a recipe on tasty roasted honey-coated carrots.


With these options stated here, you can now look forward to your lasagna days with joy and excitement. It would be best if you tried out these recipes to spice things up.

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