What To Serve With Coconut Shrimp – 16 Side Dishes With Recipes

Special thanks to the genius who came up with the idea and then the recipe for coconut shrimp.

Like all other foods that continually wow our tastebuds and senses, coconut shrimp is a must-try for anyone who fancies themselves a food connoisseur.

Coconut shrimps present themselves in all goodness as sweet and perfectly crispy.

coconut shrimp

The dish is easy to prepare, and it starts by coating the shrimp with a sizable amount of coconut flakes and breadcrumbs.

The shrimps are then fried until a golden-brown color is obtained. The saying that “what you see is what you get” can perfectly be alluded to this wonderful dish.

The crispiness gotten from the bite plus the plump and juicy feel of the insides is better experienced than imagined.

Coconut shrimps even make eating them more effortless because of their tails which can be held and dipped into the sauce.

As easy as it is to make, coconut shrimp needs something to go along with it to heighten this meal’s deliciousness further.

Several dishes can be served with coconut shrimp, and this article will try to list out many of them to help chefs or those who are comfortable making the meal at home and enjoying it, especially as dinner.

1. Rice


Many people know coconut as a staple food that is very much a part of Southeast Asian cuisines. The essential food in these parts is rice.

The standard white rice or basmati rice is usually used. The rice is usually transformed into a more flavorful meal by adding a few tablespoons of chopped-up pineapple and salt pinch.

Some people alternatively just pour in a bowl of coconut cream into the rice and stir.

Additionally, coconut shrimp is mainly a dish that is packed with protein. It is only quite natural you balance it with carbs by using rice.

If you decide to make fried rice instead, a combination of veggies and leafy greens can upgrade a bowl of plain rice into something eye-catchy and mouth-watery.

Here is a recipe for turmeric lemon rice which will be delicious when paired with your coconut shrimps

2. French fries


French fries are like the king of side dishes or complimentary meals. If you are opportune to have a fryer in your kitchen, French fries are always an ideal go-to as sides for a coconut shrimp meal.

What makes it more interesting is that both shrimp and fries are ideal for dipping into sauces.

When frying, it is ideal to deep-fry to prevent burning or soggy fries.

The fries usually take on the color of golden brown when they are well fried. Check out this simple recipe for perfect crispy fries.

3. Sauces


You cannot talk about side dishes and skip sauces entirely. The shrimp being crunchy and crispy is not altogether bad, but there should always be something to soften all the crunchiness.

There are a lot of sauces that are ideal and can be tried anytime, anywhere.

Usually, when it comes to coconut shrimps, the ideal sauces for dipping are; ketchup, sweet chili sauce, tartare sauce, and once in a while, barbecue sauce.

Just imagine a pretty nice combination of sweet-sour flavors with a crunchy mix of coconut shrimp.

Here is a recipe for an orange-chili dipping sauce for your coconut shrimp.

4. Coleslaw


One feature of coleslaw is that it works well with a lot of protein, such as beef, bacon, lamb, and the best of all, fried chicken.

This makes it a welcome side dish, as it also works very well with fried and crispy coconut shrimp. The ingredients that coleslaw is made up of are incredibly wonderful and healthy.

The crunchy feeling of freshly washed and prepared cabbage in your mouth and the plain sweet greens leaves create a balance with the slightly oily shrimp’s taste.

One of the best additions to coleslaw is mayonnaise, and you get to experience every creamy bite.

To get a better experience with the coconut shrimp and coleslaw, ensure that the coleslaw is served cold.

You should consider this recipe if you are looking for a vegan coleslaw.

5. Pasta


There’s no questioning the fact that coconut shrimp tastes excellent and unique in every way, but unless you are loading up on the shrimp, it tends to be less filling having it alone.

You can improvise and make the meal more filling by inculcating pasta as a side dish.

The best way to serve pasta with coconut shrimp is to make the dish creamy and have a few garlic flavors. Some other additions can be green beans, diced carrots, and basil.

The pasta should be seasoned to soak up the flavors and leave a lasting taste on the tongue. Another alternative is to make the orzo.

The orzo is a type of rice-shaped pasta. It is usually prepared by cooking it with chicken broth and seasoned with spices and flavored with garlic and onion.

You can take it up a notch by topping the freshly prepared pasta with mushrooms and basil.

If you hope to keep things simple, here is a recipe for plain pasta.

6. Baked potato


Many people feel that a baked potato isn’t all that, and they usually won’t have it as a side dish to a lot of dishes.

But you can tweak baked potatoes to make them an exciting and not a bland and boring side to coconut shrimps.

You can make this possible by adding cream, cheese, bacon, red peppers, and a little bit of curry spice to the potato.

This ensures that you are guaranteed a wholesome experience with every bite you take, be it from the shrimp or potato.

Here is a recipe for some crispy and flavorful baked potatoes.

7. Grilled summer squash with Feta


This is one of the best coconut shrimp side dishes. It is made up of grilled zucchini and yellow squash paired with fresh mint and basil, topped off with feta cheese.

It is not so common among many people, but it is a simple side dish with delicious flavor, plus it is very healthy.

Check out this recipe for this delicious and not-so-common dish.

8. Summer Panzanella


Some will tell you that nothing could be better than the refreshing tastes of a good summer Panzanella.

And looking at the picture alone makes me crave this salad

When served on a plate, it looks aesthetically and sits nicely on the stomach after being eaten.

Usually, it is prepared with fresh tomatoes, basil, chickpeas, red onions, and some very nicely dressed Italian vinaigrette.

You can find the recipe for this salad on this blog.

9. Veggie spring rolls


Try to paint a picture in your head of fresh and crispy vegetables and very rich and nutritious avocados that have been wrapped and then dipped in a sweet Thai mango sauce.

I bet it sounds like a perfect and sensory-rewarding side dish that will leave you smacking lips and licking fingers while you are at it.

The light and refreshing flavors of the veggies can do a lot by balancing out the shrimp’s generous richness that has been fried.

They do go well together; you should give it a try. Here is a recipe for this exciting dish.

10. Mango salsa


Speaking of tropical vibes and Caribbean cuisine, the key ingredient in this side dish is the humble mango.

This mango is widely considered the most consumed fruit in the whole world. Mango salsa is quite easily and quickly prepared.

The mango salsa packs a lot of flavors which is an excellent match for the delectable coconut shrimp.

To prepare this meal, all you have to do is finely chop the flesh of some fresh and ripe mangos.

Mix them properly with a tablespoon of red onions that have been sliced, add a sprinkle of finely chopped bell pepper and some chopped cilantro.

Then add a bit of flair by sprinkling the dish with some lime juice.

Here is a recipe for easy mango salsa.

11. Watermelon


When it comes to being salty or spicy, coconut shrimp has those qualities, and sometimes it is necessary to rinse those off in-between mouthfuls.

When coconut shrimp is served with fresh and washed watermelon, it balances the spiciness with a cool feel.

Imagine the sweet and tasty crunch of the shrimp together with the tart sweetness of the watermelon pieces. All you have to do is wash a fresh watermelon.

Cut it in half, further divide it into quarters, then de-seed the chunks of watermelon, then place them in a bowl and add a sprinkling of lime juice and chopped mint—a meal made in heaven.

12. Cucumber salad


The cucumber serves the same purpose as a watermelon when it comes to using them as side dishes with coconut shrimps.

It is also a fun fact to note that cucumbers and watermelons are related to plant species.

You need nothing less than a minute or two to prepare a fresh and ready-to-eat cucumber salad.

The ingredients used include a cucumber, red onion, a pinch of sugar, a little vinegar.

Proceed to slice them into fine pieces and put them in a bowl. Allow the bowl to stand for a few minutes to let the cucumber absorb all the flavors.

Here is a recipe for this simple yet refreshing salad.

13. Grilled pineapple


Grilled pineapple is simple an exotic, tropical, and joyous treat to consume. It comes out the right way when you grill it the right way.

The grilling gives the pineapple some crunchy and caramelized portions that open into a soft and sweet juicy interior. It is easy to make, quick to prepare, and super sweet.

All you have to do is heat a saucepan until it is boiling, then add your pineapple slices to it.

If you want to take things up a notch, you can serve it with the coconut shrimp while sprinkling some chili flakes on it.

You can follow this recipe to get more ideas on how to grill pineapples.

14. Garden salad


If a quick list is written, which holds lovely side dishes that can be made with fried coconut shrimp, it cannot be complete without placing this nutritious and classic side dish.

The garden salad, as refreshing as it is, is a delight to the tastebuds. It balances out the slight acidity of fried coconut shrimp. Salads are excellent because they can be customized to suit your taste.

They enable you to play with dressing the salad, infusing the right amounts of beans and greens and fruits as well as nuts and protein.

You can get the recipe for this salad on this blog.

15. Desserts


Seafood is never complete without a bit of a treat to round off the experience. There are a lot of things that can be served as desserts to accompany coconut shrimp.

I prefer chocolates all the time, and you can never be in the wrong with chocolate. It can be chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, a brownie, or chocolate ice cream.

This delightful snack is an excellent way to end a lovely and delicious coconut shrimp meal.

16. Drinks


A delicious and nutritious meal like coconut shrimp will further be accentuated by accompanying it with a nice drink.

Some people like to go on the light side by having a meal with either coconut juice, orange juice, or a blend of different fruits.

Some other combos that are great are mojitos, Bahama mama, pinacoladas and beamers. A long island iced tea can never be in the wrong also.

Personally, I prefer a tall glass of red wine to go with my coconut shrimp meal.


Some side dishes and ideas can be put to use to ensure that you enjoy a wonderfully prepared coconut shrimp meal.

Your primary focus and aim should be centered on making or mixing flavors that will really and correctly complement the shrimp meal.

Suppose you are looking to add to the shrimp meal lightly or heavily, or just spring up some appetizer, dessert, or follow-along drink.

In that case, I hope you take the necessary steps and that this article has helped you identify what you might like.

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