23 Sides For Salmon – What To Serve With Salmon

When you have made your salmon for dinner, the next thing in mind is what we will serve it with. Well, this is the question we seek to answer for you today.

Here you will find the veggies, salads, starchy grainy soups, and sauces to use. So stay tuned.

salmon fish fillet

Notice we haven’t mentioned the type of salmon cooking. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about baking, poaching, grilling, frying.

You will realize that it’s easier to find suitable side dishes just because this is a versatile dish.

The side dishes have different roles; they make it easy to balance the flavors, they make it filling, but they also add a different angle to the meal.


1. Lemon and garlic broccoli


I have a few of my favorite friends who won’t just eat the broccoli unless you use this recipe. I don’t know about that because I can eat broccoli in all the different forms.

Of course, just like my grandma liked to say, you change the whole recipe when you add on some garlic.

With every bite into the broccoli, you will have a burst of flavors that nicely complement your salmon. Of course, if you’re also into the keto diet, for example, you can use this one.

So then you only need five ingredients for this recipe. And you will have a unique yet delicious broccoli recipe.

I like this one because it’s a keto diet, and of course, the focus is on making sure you are eating the healthiest broccoli of them all.

For ideas on how to make it delicious, try this recipe.

2. Spicy sriracha green beans


Here, you have some fast and flavorful beans that you can always use as a side dish to different meats. Nonetheless, it’s a vegan-style green bean that you can also use just as green beans.

If you therefore want, you can order from the restaurants, but why would you have a whole recipe to make it perfect here. We say it’s spicy but did we tell you how delicious these goodies are.

Primarily it would help if you had garlic for the same, but you can also add on the sliced green onions for even more flavor additions.

Also, you will have the addition of red pepper flakes. So then it’s hot, but you will like it even more with the delicious sauce drizzled over.

Of course, it works perfectly when you are eating the salmon with it.

Try this recipe today.

3. Pan-roasted asparagus with thyme and garlic


When you then look at the asparagus we have here, don’t you want to delve in to start eating and sampling your best asparagus.

The one thing making it stand out is that they have fresh thyme also for the extra flavors.

There are different ways to make these goodies. But one of the methods that will stand out and make it easy to enjoy your salmon is here.

It’s easy to make it as you need a few ingredients as well as fresh asparagus.

Today, you should check the recipe we have here for ideas on how to make it.

4. Steamed & Sautéed Brussels Sprouts in Honey Garlic Glaze


You would never know that these will take you such a short time to make. Since you’re using the instant pot, you can make the meal when you’re about to serve.

It stands out for having a slightly crispy exterior. Remember they will crisp it using the pan roasting method.

Here is one of the most common vegetarian side dishes that you can use together with the different meals in the market.

It’s another one of the most common veggies you will have people eating. The greatest thing then is that they pack a load of nutrients.

Whether you’re looking for the best side dish to use with your salmon or just any other meal, Brussel sprout is one of the most preferred. It’s also a healthy choice in the market.

Try this recipe today.

5. Grilled zucchini and squash


One of the most common veggies in the world is using the zucchini by itself or other meals. In this case, we are looking for the ones to use alongside our salmon.

I like the crunch of the flavors but also the deliciousness. It will always compliment your salmon meal.

Of course, you will have a difference in using particular seasoning. That will constantly add more flavors but also deliciousness.

I like to make these during the summer days.

In using it, though, you’re sure to get the perfect additional flavors to enhance the deliciousness. Try this recipe today for ideas.

6. Sautéed spinach


You can never go wrong when you try or eat the different styles of spinach. One of the common ways to have a delicious bowl is by sautéing it.

I like greens because not only do they add color, but they make out a more delicious option to use alongside different meats.

When you need no complications, you better go out and get your spinach to make them just as delicious. You will like it the most for its perfect flavors too.

It will take you a lesser item than you have to seclude when you’re making other veggies. This is yours when you have less time to make the other side dishes.

Try this side dish today.


7. Grated carrot salad


Sometimes a simple carrot salad is just everything you need for the meal. Of course, you will like it for the fact that it’s nutritious.

It will then complement well with your salmon meal. When you look at it, though, you will like that it’s delicious but also filling.

If you like the crunchy texture, then the carrots salad is for you to use. This is going to be an excellent choice for any vegetarian side dish.

Of course, here, we want to use it alongside the salmon, and of course, it will work.

So when you’re looking for minerals and vitamins, this will be your best choice to use. Just make sure you grate them perfectly as you did here.

This is simple to make and won’t take time. Try this recipe for tips on how to make a delicious choice.

8. Potato salads


One of the most common meals you can ever have is potato salad. The addition of mayonnaise is what makes it all so creamy but also delicious.

Of all the salads, one of the types you can eat all day as the main meal is this potato salad. When you can make it creamy like this, then it will blend well with salmon.

I know most people like to use it alongside their favorite BBQ roast or grilled meals. I like the smooth texture, and of course, this is more filling than any other salad we have here.

If you like potatoes but also boiled eggs, then you have the best recipe to use.

9. Asian cucumber salad


If you want, you can slice the cucumber to bite sizes and set them as a side dish, or you can decide to make them this Asian style.

If you like it flavorful, then you should make it like this. This one is particularly best when you’re going to use it when you’re serving different fish styles like salmon.

Just by looking at it, you should know that this is hot, your regular cucumber salad. So then you have the delicious but also tangy and sweet meals.

It works best when you have the chili garlic paste. But then you will also have to add the honey, among other ingredients.

Again try this recipe to see how first you will make it. When you don’t have time to make the different salads, then you should take this one.

10. Chickpea salad


Here you have a healthy but also easy make a salad. Notice that you also have the fresh Mediterranean flavors. It will be easy to prepare, and it will make the best lunch entrée at all times.

So then you will have the perfect choice of meals to use alongside your salmon dish.

More than anything, you are going to like the crunchy texture. Better than anything, then you will notice that the meal is versatile to use with all the other roasts and barbecues if you like.

Here, you have the perfect veggies blend that will also cleanse your system, making an easy meal.

When you add it along with the salmon, you will make a whole recipe meal in no time.

With the Mediterranean flavors, you won’t need any more different tastes. Check out the recipe here to enjoy the different flavors today.

11. Asian slaw


For the Asian salad, the one thing standing out is the colors but also the savory flavors.  So then here you have the crispy yet crunchy salads.

You will like the sesame dressings. When you have the right tools to shred the cabbages to the tiniest pieces, then you are safe.

You have the red cabbage, the regular one, some carrots, among other ingredients.

Notice that this enhances the texture, yet it makes the whole meal filling and also delicious.

So when you are then making the salad, then you are looking for a complete meal recipe. Of course, you have it in this choice of meal.

If you are a fan of Asian flavors, try this recipe today.

12. Mediterranean quinoa salad


One of the most common things about the Mediterranean salad is that it’s the most delicious option to go well with your salmon.

If you are familiar with the Mediterranean flavors, you can be sure it will be healthy. Whether you want to make it a side dish or a main dish is all fine.

This is more like a blend of different unique flavors for you to enjoy.

Again you will like it the most just because of the texture and flavors you enjoy here. It features the use of potlucks. Also, remember that it’s easier to put together.

When you see the ingredients of the salad, you will be amazed at how delicious it gets.

It will work perfectly when you’re going to put it in the fridge. Whether you are going to use it for breakfast or lunch is still okay. It works at all times.

Try the recipe here to make it.

13. Roasted sugar snap peas


Another one of the most common types of meal in the world is roasted snap peas.

This then means that you have super crunchy but also flavorful beans or meals. One thing you will like about it then is that it’s crunchy.

Roasting it in high heat then enhances the flavors making it all rich but also delicious. When you try these, I’m sure you’re never stopping to enjoy them.

Be informed that you will like these flavorful bombs because they’re all plentiful but also delicious.

I know there are many veggies you can find, but this is just one of the best options you can ever have.

Also, there will be many recipes for you to try, but I found this one to be easy to use yet delicious too.

14. Glazed carrots


When you try these goodies, you will understand why the craze is here whenever we talk of the carrots.

The best part is that making them is the easiest because as long as you have fresh carrots and few great ingredients, you are safe to go.

Most people will find it easy to use the quick veggie when we’re trying to fix a quick meal. The best part is then that the meal will be bite-size and yet great to use.

Here then, you’re going to like the crunch and the deliciousness. Check out this recipe to see some of the best tricks to make this delicious goodie.

Starchy dishes

15. Air fryer sweet potatoes


One of the easiest ways to have the meal served you is to cook it in the air fryer just because it’s fast, delicious, and healthy.

Again, it will take the shortest time to prep it, making it the best and most convenient choice.

The secret here is to know what spices to use but also the herbs. You will like it a lot more because it’s just the one delicious option.

With this recipe, you can be sure to make the crispy exterior and the tender interior. While most people don’t know, you can cook your sweet potatoes in the air fryer, and it’s also a comfortable process altogether.

Check out the recipe we have here, then.

16. Rosemary roast potatoes


I’m one of the few people who’re looking for the easiest method to make roasted potatoes. So then you will have a suitable side dish in no time if you know how to make it.

But the fact that it has a burst of flavors that’s further nicely delicious is something else. I love the texture crispy texture, but also the deliciousness.

You will like it the most for having a fluffy exterior. This is one of the perfect styles of potatoes that I enjoy making every time. Just make sure you choose the best roast potatoes to be sure.

It works best in the oven just because I don’t like to fry my food. But it will also attain the perfect crunch when you set it in the oven.

You are going to be the one that makes the difference with this accompaniment to your salmon meal. Try this recipe today and tell us your experience.

17. Easy rice pilaf


When you use the rice as a side dish, you can be sure you will like it. Check this out, and if possible, try it as a side dish alongside your other meals.

You will be assured then that you have the light flavors that you enjoy.

What makes it even more impressive is the fact that it’s easier to make. The versatility and the flavors make it one of the most preferred options in the world, you know.

Notice that this will be a delicious dish to use even if you have kids, as they enjoy it at all times.

Just check out to ensure you have all the right ingredients before you settle to use it. Try the recipe we have here.

18. Lemon pasta


This is one of the most famous but also delicious and flavorful meals yet the easiest to make. You need to have the best pasta for your meal.

So you need to know any unique thing for the process, and no, but you will enjoy it a lot with the salmon and almost any kind of fish.

Here you will have the creamy, tangy, and delicious pasta you can use with the different meals you want to have.

Are you vegan? Don’t worry; you will like the recipe more than any other style of mean you have ever thought of.

Don’t be mistaken; you will need to be careful when asking about the recipe we have on here.

19. Rosemary roasted baby potatoes and asparagus


First of notice that you’ll have the perfect yet the most flavorful meal that features a blend of rosemary and garlic.

You will mostly like the potatoes for one thing they are tender enriched but also delicious.

The asparagus, on the other hand, will add the crunchy side to the meal.

The only thing you will never miss this potato recipe on my list is that my family likes it a lot, and it’s utterly delicious.

Notice that if you want, you can use any other potato, but this is one of the most common options where you use the baby potatoes or the regular ones.

Check out this recipe at all times if you want it to work perfectly for you.

20. Mushroom rice pilaf


When you’re in a primarily vegan house, you will always have this meal on your ki9tchen. The reason is that it’s delicious, and you feel as though you are just eating the regular meat.

You will have it is one of your favorite side dishes to most of the meals, including the salmon.

I like that the pilaf is also a blend of flavors, and of course, it’s the kinds that will work well with your different meals. Try the recipe we have here that will make it work great.

21. Easy roasted sweet potatoes


Do you have a sweet tooth? You will find this nicely delicious yet very healthy to use alongside the salmon we have here.

You will also like it because it’s easy to make and you will have it serving you over a long time.

I like the crunch but also the fluff you have. So then the honey glaze is everything for you.

Just make sure you dice it to the appropriate sizes that you can comfortably devour. Check out this recipe today if you would like to eat it.

22. Dill Cucumber Salad


Here then you will have the light and fresh yet delicious salad to accompany your best salad.

You will like it most because it’s the easiest to make a salad that you can use in eating your different crunchy cucumber meal.

If you like the creamy salads, this will be one of your very best choices to use, you know. I like the crunch more than anything because it just makes the meal stand out to be one delicious meal.

It makes the best meal and then it’s like a full meal for many people.

23. Ultra Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Garlic + Herbs.


Here the difference is that you will smash the potatoes in the smooth garlic and some herbs, and the result is this. It will make it a complete meal when you eat it alongside your favorite salmon.

I like this meal just because it makes it easy to enjoy the food even if you are vegan.

The good thing, though, is that it’s easy to make it and yet it will remain a delicious choice you can use with other meals. Check out this recipe for the best way to make it.

These are the 23 best side dishes that will go with any type of side dish you want.

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