26 Sides For Pulled Pork – What To Serve With Pulled Pork

Pork is naturally one of the most delicious meals you’ll ever have. When you can find some succulent and delicious side dishes, then you’ll always have a full meal.

To cook it then the best method is to make sure you cook the pork right is in slow cooking it.

While you can eat it as it is, adding on a side dish will make it an even better meal.

pulled pork

In this article, we will show you some of the best side dishes you can use with the pulled pork.

I enjoy the way we eat the pulled pork. Anyone eating it needs a fork to pull its parts and shred it all.

People like it the most just because it’s such a versatile meal. You can have your side dishes or even add them to the sandwich meals.

26 best side dishes to your pulled pork

1. Butternut squash


One of the most common recipes you can almost eat alongside any other meal is the butternut squash.

And whether you’re going to buy the mini ones or the large ones is a non-issue. You want to buy the best and good butternut squash.

Notice that you’ll like this method better just because it will add some color to the meal.

It will not even take you a long time to make it because you have to know the right spices you want to use and make it easy for you to choose the right spices you can use.

With a temperature of about 400°F, you can be sure to have the best squash in a short while. This one then you will use together with the pulled pork.

Check this recipe to make this side dish.

2. Baked beans


You will like this meal the most just because more than anything, it goes with every other meal you have.

If you are going to add some of the bacon, you will make it the best breakfast meal. The best part then is that you can also use it as a side dish.

People like it more because it’s ideal for picnics and you can use it with a lot of other meals.

You will like this meal because they will cook it for more than six hours in the slow cooker. It will be as delicious but also rich a meal as ever.

When you would like to try the barbecues, consider using these beans too.

Do you want to try this recipe?

3. Stewed okra and tomatoes


If you are from the south, this is nothing new to you, yet it makes it easy to eat quite many meals.

To be precise, this is a vegan style of okra recipe, and it’s going to work with most other meals as a side dish.

Although it mixes many ingredients, all it does, in the end, is enhance flavors.

Here you will have nothing short of the different veggies to use.

The best part, though, is that they will pack your dish with many veggies, and of course, you will find that this looks more nutritious at all times.

Again for some people adding on the bacon makes all the difference. But you don’t have to add the bacon if you don’t want to.

Notice that you have it ready to use as it is since you’re going to eat it with another meat type.

This is an easy-to-make meal that will slowly simmer to make the perfect dish in no time.

Whether you would like to have the additional colors or the taste is still okay as it will work fine. Find out more in this recipe.

4. Super creamy macaroni and cheese


Mac n cheese is one of America’s most common meals, and people like it because of its versatility. Here you’ll be surprised that it doesn’t have the processed cheese on sight.

When you hope to have or use the one that will stand out, you have it here. It doesn’t matter whom you are making it for because the chances are that they will like it.

Anyone can make mac and cheese, but not everyone can make it this creamy.

You have the chance to try this recipe.

5. Creamed corn


This is the kind of meal your family and friends would enjoy but especially the kids. It gets creamy and soft, and when you add in the pulled pork, it’s easy to enjoy.

The creamy corn is everything. You just need to scoop a little bit of the corn to accompany the pulled pork.

Most people like this meal just because it’s much easier to make. The good thing is that you can use it as a side dish to a lot of the meal already. In my family, we make sure to have it as a side dish during the major holidays.

For some, it may appear very smooth, but if you want, you can try this recipe. If you don’t like it, try the following corn style.

6. Boiled corn on the cob


Another one of the most common styles of eating corn is boiling it on the cob and then eating it alongside the pulled pork.

You can never go wrong with this style of corn. For some, butter is everything but some just like it with a little bit of salt.

I like this kind during the winter but also in other seasons. Of course, this will work as a side dish to every other meal.

Check out this recipe to learn how to make yours.

7. Succotash


A good pan of the succotash is more of a vegan dish or pan. But remember you need to have fresh tomatoes but sometimes or cherry tomatoes.

More than anything, you will like the classic flavors. It’s further aromatic but also delicious.

Notice that it works well when you have pork on the side. This will make it feel like it’s a filling meal, and that then means it’s also delicious.

So you see, you can make it a vegetarian version when you don’t use the bacon. It’s such a healthy meal to eat alongside the pulled pork.

Try this recipe to learn how to make it.


8. French fries


I don’t know how you like your fries, but one thing is true that you will enjoy the fries with any meal.

It’s the perfect side dish to use with different meals, including salt or spice. It’s often bursting with flavors.

You can have the fries come to you in different ways, including the traditional way. Well, for me, fries are best if they are even better than the restaurant’s quality.

This is why here you have a perfect choice. In most cases, you have all-purpose seasoning. If you want, then you can use it to jazz up your burgers, veggies, hot dogs, and more.

The best part is that they use an all-purpose seasoning that you can use with all the other foods of your wish.

The best part then is that you can use some sauce if you like to dip it in, making it easy to eat.

Check out this recipe to make it.

9. Fried grit cakes


I like to use these pieces with the pulled pork just because it will make a delicious breakfast and a side dish.

I talk about grits because I’m a southerner, and I grew up knowing and liking to eat these meals.

But then when you mix it with the pork, it’s everything.

You can also use the side dish together with your pulled pork. You will like it a lot more because it doesn’t take you long to prep them.

You can also use cheddar cheese to improve the taste. But the good thing then is that you will cook the Gritts in just about 30 minutes.

It will then add flavor to your delicious meal.

Check out this recipe to learn how to make it.

10. Baked sweet potato fries


Another perfect addition to your favorite recipe is the use of the sweet potato recipe. It features the use of additional sauce. In using this then you are even using the best vegan choice.

So if you want the best meal here, you should add the vegan and gluten-free roasted style or French fries.

It’s one of the best choices to use with the different meats, including the pulled pork.

Try this recipe today for the best sweet potato French fries.

Rice dishes

11. White rice


Sometimes simple white rice will do, but do you know how to make it as stylish or as nicely cooked?

Well, believe it or not, sometimes you may need this recipe to make the best rice for your pulled pork side dish.

Of course, if you want to, you can add some more ingredients like coconut and other side spices, but then you’ll attain a delicious staple side dish.

You don’t want to cook the sticky rice you want the one that is just perfect without water entirely.

Bottom line, it’s often the delicious but also colorful rice that will work best alongside your pulled pork.

Check out this recipe to prepare the best rice.

12. Easy rice pilaf


One of the most common side dishes you will have people using is the rice pilaf, you know.

This one is a versatile choice that you can use as a side dish to most other meals.

It’s the best to use with your favorite pork dishes. It will add the right notes, flavors, and colors to your favorite meals.

If you like the garlic flavors, you will enjoy its perfect garlic flavors as well. Also, it’s quick, easy to make, but also full of flavor.

Moreover, it’s mild, but it’s one thing better than its delicious when you compare it to any other meal. Again this is one of the few adaptable choices of the rice pilaf.

People like its light flavors that blend with most meals. When you, therefore, blend these two, the rice and the pork, then you’ll have the perfect meal to use. I like that once you have it like this, then the kids can also easily use it.

Check out the recipe here.

13. Homemade Spanish rice


We have the easiest and best Spanish rice to go along with the pulled pork. This one tastes as though it came direct from the Mexican restaurant.

What I like most about this rice is its versatility. You can use it alongside many other meals.

Notice that it will be your go-to side dish when you are serving your different meats and veggies. It works perfectly with the pulled pork.

People like it the most because it will only take you about 10 minutes to prep it.

You can use it with tacos and enchiladas. If you haven’t ever made your rice like this, you should try this recipe today for ideas on how to make it.

Potato meals

14. Mashed potatoes


One of the most versatile meals ever is mashed potatoes. Notice that anyone can comfortably make it, but not everyone will make it this perfect and smooth.

Here then, you will have a creamy, flavorful, delicious, and yet a great choice of potatoes.

One of the most common reasons that make anyone want to use this kind of potato is to make it as healthy as they would love it to be.

The other thing you will enjoy is that it takes you such a short time to make the mashed potatoes.

For the best ideas, consider making the mashed potatoes recipe here.

15. Parmesan Garlic roasted potatoes


I like potatoes for one thing; they are very versatile, and you can make them in different styles but still maintain the perfect flavors.

Take this style, for example; it makes sure you have the perfect parmesan and garlic roasted potatoes.

If you therefore want, you can add on some ketchup to make it even more delicious.

It works as a great side dish to your pulled pork style too. Also, it can work as a great family dinner meal.

Try this recipe today to make some of the best-flavored potatoes.


16. Deviled egg potato salad


One of the most common but also delicious salads you can ever have is the devilled eggs with potato salad.

It will often cook the salad, thus reaching the tangy creamy but also tasty dish. I like to make them during the picnics too.

When you are then making the potato salad and the deviled eggs, you are sure it’s full of flavors and filling.

So here you have the delicious addition to the pulled pork style of meal.

Make sure you check out the recipe here to learn how you can make it.

17. Mediterranean cucumber salad


One thing you will like about this one is the texture and the colors. It makes the perfect addition to the pulled pork, thus making it a complete meal.

Furthermore, it takes no time to prep it; thus, you’ll have a complete meal in no time. You then have the herbs to make sure it’s the perfect meal on the side. It will clean your system as you are eating, and it’s a pack of nutrients.

Try this recipe for an easy recipe.

18. Easy coleslaw


One of the most common types and styles of salad is coleslaw salad. There is a different recipe on how you should make it.

If you like it creamy, you will find this option more beneficial than other types. Mostly you have to create the perfect color to make it nicely delicious.

If you want, you can try this recipe to find the best meal.

19. Mediterranean quinoa salad


Here you can be sure to have healthy and tasty salads.  Notice that it’s ideal for the different summer parties, making it easy to attain the perfect and propping flavor.

Here you are making a blend of the Greek and quinoa salad’s different and yet unique tastes.

If you are looking for the best pulled pork side dish, you should try our recipe here.

20. Shredded carrot salad with apple and lime


I like to eat carrot salad, especially when it’s shredded. But then the apple addition will just make the biggest yet perfect difference.

This also mean you get to fill up from eating some of the most delicious yet healthy meals here. This by itself will be the perfect yet richest meal combo.

When you want to try this recipe, it will make sense that you then use this recipe here.

21. Tomato Cucumber Salad with Chickpeas & Mint


Here is another one of the best and yet tasty salads to make a side dish to your pulled pork.

They just improved the regular tomato-cucumber salad making it enriched. I like the colors but also the crunch. It will make the pulled pork even tastier.

So check what the lime flavors will also add the protein-rich chickpeas making them even more delicious,

If you want, then you can try this recipe.

Other side dishes

22. Honey butter biscuits


I know it looks weird for you to add it to pulled pork meal, but it works as a side dish. Notice then that you will have the butter and sweet-tasting honey butter biscuits.

Although it looks like a biscuit, it will attain a scone-like texture. Also, you can be sure it’s going to be nicely delicious for you. Do you know how to make it?

Consider trying this recipe for the perfect ideas.  If you want to learn how to use it, then you can try this recipe.

23. Glazed carrots


One of my all-time favorite side dishes is this carrot style just because it’s nicely crunchy but also delicious.

You will like the glaze and deliciousness of the carrots.

Now when you then eat this carrot alongside the pulled pork, you’ll have the perfect meal.

I find this the best option to give my family, especially the kids, as part of the most incredible veggies you can use.

For more ideas, then you should try this recipe.

24. Jalapeno cornbread


This is one of the most common types of bread. People like them the most because they will keep you warm during cold weather.

You will mostly like the crumbly texture. Notice then that this is the easiest to make, yet it’s the best since it goes with the pulled pork and other proteins.

You will like it the most since it’s soft and nicely cooked but also delicious. If you therefore want, you can use the cornbread to make the best delicious meal and a filling one.

Also, the addition of the jalapeno to it is just everything as it makes it even better.

Try this recipe today for more ideas on how to make the pulled pork.

25. Easy hush puppies


If you are from the south, then this is nothing new for you. It’s easy to make it, and you only need the cornmeal batter meal.

You will most likely like it because it’s pretty easy to use and eat.

So, it makes the perfect comfort food and especially your best-pulled pork side dish. It further features the use of corn casserole.

You can have it as a side dish to the seafood meals and such meats as the pork meals.

Do you want to make this one yourself? Try this recipe we have here.

26. Slow-cooked collard greens


You will not understand the collard greens if you aren’t from the south, and they make the perfect meals as a side dish.

Other than most other things, you will like it for being tender and flavorful. Besides, you need to go out and cook it in the crockpot to make sure it’s delicious.

One thing you will like about it, though, is that it’s a delicious addition to your pulled pork. If you also want, you can cook the greens in the crockpot to be safe.

Try this recipe when you are choosing to use it.

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