30+ Sides For Chicken Wings – What To Serve With Chicken Wings

When you see them somewhere, and you just want to dig in, know this you aren’t alone. I can never get enough of these goodies.

I like the mix of their crispy exterior and the juicy meat that’s also a succulent piece.

Also, there are lots of people who just won’t get enough of the dipping sauce.

Whatever brings you close to that unforgettable tasty yet delicious flavor, keep at it.

chicken wings with garlic

But when you want to make a whole meal, you will need some specific side dishes that we are going to suggest below.

The starchy ones

1. French fries


You can never go wrong with the French fries. They perfectly blend with your chicken wings.

What kind of French fries do you like? The KFC ones, Chicken inn choices, or just the ones you make at home?

All these are going to be your personal preference. Nowadays, I say how about using your air fryer to make your favorite fries?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that we don’t eat flat food and French fries aren’t different.

I like the ones that are already nicely seasoned to add some of their delectable goodness to the meal. I just say that you should use the crispy options of the French fries.

If you want to have one you can cook and enjoy easy; you should try the recipe we have here.

2. Air fried blooming onion


When you’re then creative, you are sure to have some of the best meals, even in the side dishes.

These days you can enjoy fried meals without really needing to use the oil. In most restaurants, this is not new because they like to add it to their recipes and menu.

One thing you can be sure about is that you will enjoy it for what it is.

Thanks to the air fryers we have today because you can make the different fry styles.

Try the ones we have here today to see just how easy it can be to make it a delicious yet perfect addition for every meal of choice.

Check out the recipe here.

3. Sweet potato fries


Another one of the best side dishes for your chicken wings is the sweet potato fries. If you like the sweetness level, you will find these potatoes being tasty, crispy, and easy to make.

These are then baked means that they are healthier than just choosing or using the oil to fry the sweet potatoes.

Here you aren’t just going to be making the fries for the sake of it; instead, you are going to use it together with the succulent chicken wings.

Check out the sweet potato recipe here for ideas on how to make the best sweet potato.

4. Onion rings


Here you have another one of the most loved snack meals in the world. The rings will go with almost any meal as a side dish, and the chicken wings are one of the most preferred.

The secret to the perfect rings is in coating them with the beer batter. This will help in making sure it’s colorful but also crispy and tasty.

I like the light and crispy onion rings, and still, until recently, I had never made the rings myself.

Today I try the different recipes to develop one of the best snacks or side dishes for every meal. These rings are easy to make if you are patient to do it.

If you don’t enjoy the fried ones, you can even bake the onions. It’s all up to you to make the perfect choice that works best for you.

Check the recipe we have here.

Some pasta

5. Mac N cheese


Another one of the most common meals you’re going to eat is mac N cheese. It will suit your every meal choice and side dishes.

Also, it matters because it’s one of the easiest ones to make.

So then here you have the one with the extra cheese. It’s further nicely creamy to accompany your succulent yet crispy chicken wings.

Here’s the best part you can even let the mac n cheese cook in a crockpot.

I don’t know how you want to make yours, but I like the southern way to add the baked version.

Some people like the northern version, but that doesn’t matter. As long as you make it perfect, you’re good to go.

In most cases, people make it the cheesiest version by just adding different cheese. Remember, if you then add on the Cajun seasoning, you will enjoy the seasoning.

Do you want to try this? Check the recipe we have here.

6. Fried mac n cheese balls


Another way of making these is to fry them after you make them into balls. You will have the exterior maintain the crispy texture and look.

But don’t forget the mac n’ cheese still has the succulent and delicious blend of the cheese and macaroni inside.

I know the recipe on how to make the deep-fried mac and cheese’ has different stages. But the best part is that they will deliver the perfectly cooked mac and cheese.

The good thing then is that they have the perfectly cooked all mac n cheese for you to use alongside the delicious chicken.

You will then let the mac n cheese cool once you have cooked it and then roll it to balls. Next, you can bread it with flour and eggs to make it a lot tastier.

So, of course, you’re going to enjoy the crisp exterior and the molten interior if you will use this easy to follow recipe.

7. Macaroni salad


Although it’s a salad, we still have to list it here where you have the pasta ready for use. You will like it the most because it makes a filling meal already when you add on the chicken wings.

When it’s summer, you also want to eat a meal that will cool your body down; then, you should use the macaroni salad. This is one of the easiest ones to make that you can amazingly eat alongside your other meaty meals.

I like to do it the old fashion way, and I feel like this is precisely what will make it even better.

You’ll like this even more just because it’s a quick fix, yet it’s filling. This is the truth when you go on to use it with your chicken wings.

Check the recipe we have here.

8. Easy roasted tomato and garlic spaghetti


Spaghetti is a favorite in many households; regardless of whether you are an adult or a kid, you’ll always like it. Here we have the heavy tomatoes in addition to the spaghetti.

The mix is excellent since it’s going to create the perfect colors, thus the delicious spaghetti.

The best thing, though, is that you can make several things or meals when you have these tomatoes with spaghetti, and what then makes it even better is that the tomatoes are already roasted.

So then you will have a delicious meal alongside your favorite chicken wings.

For some spicing up, you can use butter, but still, the roasted tomatoes are just more than enough.

They will get you the perfect flavors and deliciousness. Check the recipe here.

9. California spaghetti salad


You can also decide to use spaghetti and additional ingredients like olives, tomatoes, and more. The spaghetti California salad is bigger, and it’s more delicious and rich with the perfect color blend.

I find this easy to make even when you are going out with other people because you can make it in advance. You will enjoy it at all times, making it delicious.

I know it’s not every day you will find spaghetti in your pasta salad, but one true thing is that it’s delicious.

The best part is that the meal is outrightly delicious and rich to use as a side dish to the chicken wings. Check out the recipe we have here.

10. TGI Friday’s Potato Skins Recipe


I like to make this when we have a party just because it will mean you can have the perfect meal in no time.

When you, for example, have a movie night or even a fun outdoor day, you can use this choice of snack and meal.

Anytime you have a family celebration, remember to have them ready as most people enjoy them a lot. It will work great as the cheese and bacon meals.

While you may not know it, then the potato skin can be a great meal in different aspects.

Notice, though, that you will have many different options you can use to make them. They are further versatile for you to make them as unique as you would like to.

Try the recipe tonight for your delicious snack.

11. Corn on the cob


Notice that you can make the corn con the cobs delicious if you know how to use the different unique recipes like the one we have here.

For even more taste, make sure you use the butter to make it even more delicious.

It will also take you more than 8-10 minutes to cook it right. This one is going to serve you much as a side dish, remember.

Again it will take you not a lot of time to make it and have the delicious corn on the cob.

You can use a knife or a fork to know whether the corns are fully cooked or not. You can make it spicy if you like to have it looking and tasting nicely delicious.

When you use the corn than with the chicken wings, you will find that it remains tasty and a much healthier meal.

Check the recipe we have here.

12. Garlic bread


There’s a way you can make your bread even more delicious, you know. I never get enough of the garlic bread. It’s always delicious.

I know the one thing you will like about it is that it’s better tasting bread, but it’s easier to make than most of the bread types.

The good thing then is that it takes a shorter time even to make it. So you have been using butter, garlic, and bread. Have you ever tried to add on the cheese too?

I assure you that you will be licking your fingers when you try this recipe.

I know there are different recipes where some people also add in the mayo. Whatever you want to add to make it the most delicious meal, go on and do it.

Try the recipe we have here today.

13. Creamy ranch mashed potatoes


This is one of the most preferred dishes for using alongside the most common meals like roast meats and veggies.

People like it a lot more, and that’s why they prefer to have it on the table for almost any meal.

Remember, you can also make it savory but also delicious. Remember, it’s going to be a savory meal that’s further richly delicious.

The fact that it’s smooth means it’s nicely delicious for you to use alongside most other meals but especially the chicken wings.

Since it remains a smooth piece, you can be sure it’s perfect for eating even without the need to add gravy. In the end, you will have this as a great addition to your meals.

You can even have the addition of sour cream. With this, you will add the nicely tangy flavors as well. Other people like to add on the ranch and the butter to make it even better.

Check the recipe here.

Something snacky

14. Keto avocado fries


Although you will enjoy these fries, they are low carb and therefore healthier than any other options. Therefore, the best way to make them is to bake them in the oven or cook in the air fryer.

When it’s the avocado season, find the best avocados and make this dish. It will get you a healthier but also creamy, delicious side dish for your perfect chicken wings.

You see, although you’ll still use the batter, then you can be sure to have the avocado pieces serving you just as great. This will always make the delicious wings even better.

Check the recipe we have here.

15. The best air fryer mozzarella sticks


Do you like to eat cheese? I’m sure you will find these sticks to be the best tasting at all times. Here then, you have a healthier choice of mozzarella stick than the ones you will deep fry. Remember, they like to use the air fryer.

One thing you will like is that the sticks then are bursting with flavor, so then you’ll like the tastes. They make the right finger food that you don’t only have to wait for the chicken wings.

You will like the tastes even if you want to eat them as they are. You can use them a lot more when you are cooking for a party event.

I like to bite into these snacks even before a meal just because you can’t resist the ones my sister likes to make.

Check the recipe here.

16. Roasted artichokes


When you are looking for the best meals, you can use it to make the snack meals for your chicken wings then this could work just as great.

When you’re going to make this meal, you have no problem because it takes no time to make the artichokes.

You will find that it’s full of lemons herbs but also the garlic tastes, you know. Notice that this one then is full of flavors, and it’s always the kind of meal you can use in a crowd.

Don’t forget to add on the rosemary for the unique tastes too. You can make it to be as delicious. So you have to use the perfect natural flavors.

Here then, you can be sure it’s going to serve you best. Remember, it will work to serve the side dish to your chicken wings.

Check the recipe here.

17. Shepherd’s pie loaded baked potato recipe


This is by far one of the most popular stuffed meals you can use. And, of course, the stuffed potatoes will also make it more of a full meal.

In some places, you will have people refer to it as the twice-baked potato.

This is going to be nothing less than the rich and delicious but also the filling potatoes. I have known this to be used in those special movie nights and the primary day picnic events.

I like to serve them hot as that will make it give you rich flavors. Try this out when you’re looking for the options you can use with your chicken wings.

Check the recipe here.

18. Baked zucchini chips


You know there’s one thing about the zucchini, and it’s that it’s such a versatile meal that you can use to serve alongside many other dishes.

Here again, you have another pretty easy way to use the zucchini, and it will make a perfect meal.

Since you will bake it, you can be sure it will lose moisture in the zucchini slices. This will also make it a little crunchy and a perfect match with the chicken wings we have.

More than anything, you will like its texture and the color, which is a delicious golden brown type.

Here you will have the parmesan’s addition to make it just better than most other regular styles of the zucchini.

You can also add paprika and garlic to spice it even more.

Check the recipe here.

Dipping sauce

Another one of the most common ingredients is dipping sauces.

19. Garlic parmesan cheese


This is by far one of the most common sauces you can use for your chicken wings. But remember, this is a versatile sauce that you could use for many other meals, including pasta. It makes it easy to attain the perfect filling meal in no time.

Therefore, if you like to roast, you will find this sauce being useful when you want a dipping sauce.

So although your chicken wings are already delicious, they can be amplified using the white dipping sauce.

In most cases, to have the garlic be as delicious, you will need to roast the garlic, making it perfectly tasty. Be informed then that you can use it in any manner you like.

Whether you prefer to dip it into the sauce, then eat it, or you want just want to eat it as it is all fine.

You can use it together with different other meals, making it just the best choice you can use.

Check the recipe here.

20. Homemade buffalo sauce


This makes it easy to use with your chicken wings. It features a pack of flavors, yet it will always remain a delicious meal you can eat at any time.

Here you have another one of the versatile sauces. It will make the perfect yet delicious sauce to use with the chicken wings.

Of all the dipping sauces, this is the one type that you’ll have many people using several times. So then you can add the cream cheese, ranch, some hot sauce, or some onions.

Though it’s going to be very delicious, then you can be sure it may not last as long as most others do.

Although we list it as one of the best dipping sauces, you should use it with your wings to enhance the flavors. Again it will work even when you want to use it with other roast but also other meals.

This is an excellent option as you can even change it to a vegetarian option. It will make your sauce very delicious.

Check the recipe here.

21. Teriyaki sauce


Another one of the best dipping sauces to use with your chicken wings then is the teriyaki sauce. This is just one of the very best choices to make flavorful, crunchy, but delicious meals.

With this recipe, you’re sure to find the best teriyaki sauce than those you buy in the shops.

It’s going to take you about 15 minutes to prep the sauce, so you should do it even when you are already making the wings.

It will deliver just the right flavors to the chicken wings making it the best yet most delicious meal.

Check the recipe here.

22. Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip


If you like the vegetarian and the gluten-free yogurt dipping sauce, this is the best you can use.

Notice that this yogurt is also made using Greek yogurt, but you can use it whether you are going to dip the veggies or the roasts.

It will always make the meals delicious.

Although it’s one of the ranch dips, it will taste much better than the regular ranch dip. Of course, this dipping sauce then is ideal for you if you like the thicker sauce.

It’s going to make it better than just the regular ranch dipping sauce.

When you get the consistency right, you will be looking to eat it every time because it’s a delicious combination.

Check the recipe here.

23. Japanese Chauhan or Fried Rice


You don’t want to make or allow the rice to overpower the chicken wings. That’s why I choose vegan rice style at all times I have my wings. The best part is that you will enjoy the vegan style of cooking.

Making this a delicious meal is that you can use it when you have a lot of leftovers in your fridge.

Of course, they even use short-grain rice, but if you have the long-grain ones, then you can as well use them. With this, you can make a full meal.

It won’t even take you long to make it if you have the main ingredients lying there already.

Check the recipe here.

24. Bruschetta with tomato and basil


This is another one of the easiest to make a meal that you can use when you are out here looking for the easiest way to make the delicious combo.

The tomatoes on top of your bread are everything best in terms of the addition to your meal. So then you will have the fresh garden veggies on top of your toasted bread.

With this, you’re sure to attain a whole meal to ensure that you’ll have all the necessary nutrients for your day-to-day use.

It doesn’t matter how you want to use it because it will work. This is mostly served as an appetizer, while others use it just as a regular snack.

Do you want to eat the wings and the side dish the Italian way? You should try adding bruschetta to your set of meals. Here then you have the vinegar and the simplest meals.

Here’s the recipe to try.

25. Oven-roasted sweet potatoes


Another one of the best yet most delicious ways to eat sweet potatoes is when you have roasted in mind.

Here you, therefore, make it even better-tasting, especially since it takes a much shorter time in the oven.

Just remember to set them to bite-size if you want to make use of it.

You can also use the different spices of your choice to make it a very delicious potato choice.

Check the recipe here.

Veggies and salads

26. Celery and carrots


One unique thing about food then is that you will make it easy to eat when you know how to use the color.

This colored mix of celery and carrots will give you the color, but you’ll also enjoy the delicious food.

If you want, you can use the dipping sauce, and you may add the wings to make the delicious yet filling meal in no time.

Check the recipe here.

27. Tomato, cucumber, and avocado salad


One of the most delicious ways to have or eat your cucumber is when you mix it with the tomatoes and the avocado to add richness and taste.

Notice that it also comes with additional onions to make it even better.

You know that you can make the salads even during the winter, but this one will work correctly in the summer days.

When you have the wings, and then you also add the salad to the meal, you will have a full meal already.

It’s going to be the perfect color but with the right texture as well. The recipe is here for you to take.

28. Easy oven-roasted veggies


You will have the different kinds of veggies mixed. And remember, they all bring their rich nutrients for you to benefit from them.

Here, you will have a mix of the best veggies just because they already used the perfect seasoning.

It will then make it work because you just need about twenty minutes for it to be ready.

So the best way to make them then is to roast them in the oven; that way, they retain their rich nutrients.

Notice that you will have rich and delicious veggies when you add the richly flavored chicken wings.

You can serve them alongside your fish meat and such like meals. If you have the farm, you can be sure you’ll have the rich meals already.

Check the recipe here.

29. Fruit salsa with cinnamon


If any other meal is not going to be the best to use, you should know that the fruit salsa is everything you need to use.

There’s nothing that beats that delicious fruit scoop because it will maintain the deliciousness.

So, also, then you will have cinnamon chips to make the perfect dish additions. Notice that this one then is refreshing but also light to use when you’re enjoying your meals.

Also, it’s a mix of the fruit salsa and the fruit salad, so you can call it as you like to. But it’s another one of the side dishes that will then make you attain the full meal in no time.

Check the recipe here.

30. Hillbilly coleslaw


I don’t know how you like to make your coleslaw, but I know whichever way you choose to use it will serve you.

I like mine being this nicely colored because it’s rich and colorful at the same time.

The mayo will just make it stand out because of its creamy nature. This one here then you can serve as a side dish or a condiment.

You will like it for its texture, but it’s also a perfect filling salad as well as a colorful choice.

This one you can use alongside your chicken wings or any other meal you like to. You will find it a little tangy but also a tasty meal.

Check the recipe here.

31. Brussel sprouts


And lastly to our Brussel sprouts. We can’t end it without mentioning these goodies. Remember, there are different ways you can make the Brussel sprouts.

My all-time favorite method to make the sprouts then is to oven roast them.

If you are looking for nutrients and texture, you will notice that this is the perfect combo.

Check the recipe here.

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