Lotus Seed Paste

There are so many pastes to use alongside your food, but nothing beats that of the lotus seed paste. You can use the paste when you’re eating your mooncakes and most other pastries.

The Chinese mid-autumn festival is soon coming, and of course, it’s time to make the favorite mooncakes.

We deliver a smooth paste in this recipe, rich flavored, highly fragrant, and perfectly sweet.


I know you can sometimes buy the mooncakes with the lotus seed paste filling. But if you like to make them at home, you’ll know how much filling you should use. You always want to attain the perfect sweetness and not so much, though.

This makes it attractive as you don’t have to use the flavorless ones that are excessively sweet from some shops and restaurants.

The homemade one is smooth, nutty, but also creamy. You can alter the one you make at home to your liking. So the one you make at home then is full of the lotus seeds. However, you should control the level of sweetness.

What are lotus seeds?

This is precisely what the name suggests the seeds from the lotus plants. The lotus plant is an aquatic plant that they harvest for their leaves but sometimes even the seeds and the roots. Notice then that every part of the plant you have is often edibles.


Also, be informed that the plant is a common ingredient in most Asian cuisines, particularly Chinese cuisine. For different needs, this kind of plant has always been a helpful plant. In the current years, we have had the lotus seeds paste winning over most passionate chefs.


You will like most of those dessert meals made using lotus seed because they are high in manganese, phosphorus, and vitamin B.

This is also one of those plants that’s not seasonal, and you’ll have it all year round.


What is lotus seed paste?

The lotus seeds are commonly used in making the pastes to use in making the different desserts. In most cases then they are going to make the paste using the dried lotus.


Notice then you will have them soak the seeds quickly and then use it to make the paste. In most cases, the addition of the sugar will then add a level of sweetness to the paste.

If you have an instant pot, you will be surprised that it makes your work even more accessible. Also, if you’re going to use the food processer, then the pureeing part is even easier.

Reasons why you want to use this recipe

I know there are different recipes you can use, but this is one of the easiest ones you can use to make the paste. My family likes the ones we make here because they have unique caramelized flavors.

This one is fresh and made using fresh ingredients to suit the different flavors you do have.


It’s a versatile paste that you can use in different deserts. The most common space you will often use is in the mooncakes. Don’t forget that there are many other different styles you can use to make the recipe.

Lotus seed paste is going to be your sweet treat.

The truth is that the only place you will find the mooncakes a lot more is in the Chinese pastries. They will often use it when making the sesame balls. It’s even greater when you’re making the common one is peach buns.

Be informed that the lotus seeds are not some of the cheapest seeds you can use. This is why you won’t blame people if they sometimes use the white beans to replace the seeds.

How to cook the lotus seed paste?  


  • 250g dried lotus seeds,
  • 100g granulated sugar,
  • 50g butter.

Cooking process:

Check out the ingredients and notice that it has just 3- 4 ingredients. When you look at it, you will notice that it will be easy to make the paste. Just make sure you follow the instructions below.

Prepare the lotus seeds.

We never talk about the preparation of the seeds as much. However, when it comes to the lotus seeds, then you have to prepare them first. So then the lotus seed has a green center part, and this is usually very bitter.

You can also remove them just by cracking them up. If you then want, you can use the hollow seed too. If you are going to do everything so fast, it’s best to buy the already halved seeds.

Notice then that you will have to soak the seeds overnight to make the paste easily. Of course, you can use it to make the soups and congees too.

Before you then go on to make it, you should know that it will take some time to have it ready to use. So then you need to set it in the refrigerator first, and then you can set it in your other pastries of need.

How to make the paste?

Start by soaking the lotus seed in clean water in advance for at least 4 hours. I soaked for one day. We already talked about this step as it will make it easy to break or prepare the different paste desserts or meals.

Next, then divide the soaked lotus seeds into two. You will need to use the butter knife for the process. Once you divide it in half, then you can remove the lotus core. This is what then we must discard as it will be too bitter even to eat.

From this step then you should rinse the lotus seeds thoroughly. So clean them under the running water to make sure it’s free of the bitter parts.

Heating the lotus seeds

Once it’s clean and you set it in a saucepan or pot, add some water in the ratio of 1:1 water. This then means that the water you then add should be over the seeds. Next, then you will need to turn on the heat and boil for 30 minutes until soft. It would help if you didn’t have the seeds breaking; they should still maintain the shape.

Puree the lotus seeds

After the step above then, you should let it cool for a while. Once it’s nicely cooled, get your food processer or blender to use in making the paste. So then you should puree the seeds until they form the perfect puree that you will then use to create the perfect paste. This is going to be easy to make into a paste.

Pour the pureed lotus seed paste into a non-stick pan. This step is significant when you need to make the authentic paste to set it on the stove to heat up. So turn to medium heat and continue to stir for about 30 minutes.

During this time then you can also boil on high heat. After the water is slowly reduced, add fine sugar as you keep stirring and add the oil too in the process if you need to. For the sugar, take the time to confirm that the sugar is dissolved completely.

Continue to stir it as you wait on it to thicken up. Also, make sure you add the oil in batches.

For even more decadent flavors, we like to add butter instead of oil. So do so, and then continue to stir fry. Who doesn’t enjoy the butter’s milky flavor?

Fry until the butter is completely absorbed and the lotus paste filling is shiny and ready.

Allow it to cool

Remember we said you could only have it serve you best when you cool it in the fridge. So, it would help if you gave it time to cool before you can set it in the refrigerator to cool even further and therefore get it ready to use in your different settings.


  1. Before boiling the lotus seeds, remove the lotus cores. A gentle pinch can break the soft-soaked lotus seeds. You can use the different methods to remove the green part. I like to crack it even with a butter knife. The green part is bitter, and you should never ever cook with it.
  2. When whipping with a blender, the water content should be well controlled. Too much water will take a long time to cook.
  3. When frying the lotus paste filling, use a non-stick pan and constantly stir to avoid the muddy bottom.
  4. The prepared lotus paste filling can be used to make moon cakes, shortbread cakes, etc. It is also delicious to eat directly.
  5. Please do not wash the lotus seeds until you have boiled them first. If you wash them first, then you will make it take even longer to cook.
  6. You don’t want to have the paste free of lumps. For this reason, you should continually stir it as you are making the paste.

What can I use the lotus seeds for?

We already said the most common use of the lotus seed is to use it in mooncake, but you can use it for the following. So then use it for the time when you’re making the mung bean cake, baked buns, steamed buns, and more if you like.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable


This is one of the essential tools to use in the kitchen. It has a large cooking capacity, and I like to use it to make the lotus puree. This is one of the best stainless steel materials you can use. It’s, in fact, a durable piece to use.

It features a compact design that you can have in the different kitchen sizes. It’s a dishwasher-safe choice and so easy to manage.


I have leftovers. Can I store it for later use?

Of course, like most other foodstuffs, the easiest way to sustain them is to store them in the refrigerators and the freezers as well. Once you finish using the amount you would like to, you can spread the remains on a plate and then set it in the refrigerator. Remember to allow it to only stay for not more than two weeks.

If you like, then you can set it in the freezer as well. When you then freeze it, you can have it serve you for up to three months. Ensure you keep it in an air-tight container. This is going to prevent excessive air from damaging it.

How long should you take to cook the lotus seed paste?

It should take you about 25 minutes to cook the lotus paste, but this is just the cooking. There’s so much that goes into the process of preparing the lotus seed paste. Expect it to be firm enough to hold itself, and the best thing to do is maintain the softness.

I made the paste, but it burnt?

Sometimes if you use unbalanced ingredients, then it can burn. You shouldn’t just leave it on the heat; instead, keep stirring it until it’s ready to use. If you don’t stir, then it will stick to the bottom of the pan.

Why should I make the lotus paste?

It would help if you used it for all the obvious reasons, it’s the best recipe to follow, and we make it in such a way that you can easily understand it.

Just the fact that it’s a commercial meal, but you can make it at home is a fun thing. I like to try the one thing people consider tough to make like this.

It will be easy to use the lotus seeds that work for you and no one else. I encourage people to choose the whole lotus seed with the cover as those are yet to be influenced.

Of course, to remove the cover, you will need to soak the seeds in boiling water. This will make it easy to peel off the seeds.

Have you made it yet?

You can make it at home but have you tried it again? Of course, if you do, I would like to see the results in the comment sections. Also, please tell us how you make yours.

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