10 Best Iron Filter For Well Water Of 2021

If you are anything like me who loves to leave outside of town then you will have one downside which is the fact that you will have to use different utilities.

But, don’t forget the upside which is the fact that you are able to enjoy your solitude, natural beauty of the serene environment, peace, and tranquillity.

While you may be lucky to find well water that tastes pure that is not always the case since you may find water that is loaded with minerals.

best iron filter for well water in 2021 on the market

1. iSpring WGB22BM filter

iSpring WGB22BM 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System with Big Blue Carbon Block and Iron & Manganese Reducing Filters

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This tool will be used to filter all the incoming water from the well. It assures you of a full year of clean water use. The filter system is designed in such a way that it filters your water from the source.

It filters your water by making it pass through 2 stages. The first stage is where the water passes through a 5-micron CTO coconut shell carbon block filter. These carbon filters are more effective because they have a higher density than other kinds of carbon.

In this stage, the carbon filters will knock out about 90% of the sediments, bad odor, chlorine and organic chemicals like pesticides herbicides and industrial chemicals. The second stage then is meant to filter off the iron and manganese from the water.

In addition, it may help to remove a plethora and other heavy metals found in well water. Note that, WGB22BM is the best filter that is capable of cleaning iron and manganese from your water.

2. Aquasana Whole House water filter

Aquasana Whole House Well Water Filter System - Water Softener Alternative w/ UV Purifier, Salt-Free Descaler, Gl,EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST,(Pack of 1, 4 Boxes Per Pack)

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This is by far one of the most popular water treatment systems in the market today. It’s the design that is best suited for well water. The filter has a UV filtration that helps to sanitize your drinking water. The UV filtration also reduces the bacteria and viral formation as well as multiplication.

Furthermore, it alters the natural flow of water in order to soften the hard water. This method will not demineralize your water, put the excess amount of sodium in the water or harm your pipes. You can rest assured that the filter doesn’t have additives or chemicals that will further contaminate your water.

The filter further removes about 97% of chlorine from the water which makes it tasty. With this filter, your family receives high quality healthy and pure water to use.

3. Home Master HMF3SDGFEC

Home Master Whole House Three Stage Water Filtration System with Fine Sediment, Iron and Carbon, Blue

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This is another strong filter that has the ability to filter up to 15 gallons of water per minute. It does all this without altering the home water pressure. It’s connected to the mainline that supplies the water to your home making sure that it gets rid of about 95% of iron and manganese.

It has a patent-pending steel mount for you to mount the unit on a 16-inch stud. It uses the coconut shell carbon filter that purifies a large amount of water. With this filter, you will not need to ask for a maintenance system because it removes about 95% sediments, chemicals, and other contaminants.

4. Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter

Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter Fleck 5600SXT digital metered valve 64,000 grain, 64k for whole house

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This filter is the best choice for hard water and iron removal. The complete system includes a control head, fine mesh resin and brine tank. It also has an iron and hardness test kit for you to test the iron amount and water hardness then set the system properly.

I like the fact that it eliminates the scale build up that is usually formed by the hard water and rests on your fixtures thereby shortening their lifespan. The system is also designed in such a way that it removes clear water iron and ferric iron.

It further removes manganese which commonly appears slimy and black.

5. 48k-56sxt Iron Pro Combination Water Softener & Iron Filter

DURAWATER Fleck 5600 SXT Iron Pro 48,000 Grain Water Softener Ships Pre Loaded with Resin In MIn Tank for Easy Insatllation

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This is another water softener and iron filter. It has a fine resin that will filter even the clear water iron. Like the preceding filter, it eliminates red staining from iron and scale build-up of the hard water. The difference is that it is a meter-based fleck 5600Sxt which would take you about 2-3 hours to install.

6. Air Injection Iron

AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT AFW Air Injection Iron, Sulfur, and Manganese Removal Oxidizing Water Filter, Almond Or Black

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This uses a 10 by 54 tank that has gravel bedding and a high capacity trapping filter to remove the oxidized iron and sulfur. It will help remove a reasonable amount of iron from your water but if you need to remove more iron install the platinum type.

It works by adding air to the tank in order to oxidize the water then the contaminated particles are removed from the system. All this works within the same tank. It’s during the backwash that the sediments are released as waste.

This system adds no more chemicals and it’s able to remove a large amount of iron and sulfur from your water.

7. Big Blue Whole House Water Filter

BLUONICS 20' Big Blue Whole House Water Filter with 5 Micron Sediment Cartridge for Rust, Iron, Sand, Dirt, Sediment and Undissolved Particles

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This heavy-duty construction is ideal for removing stubborn particles, iron, sulfur and manganese. It has a high capacity for high well water flow.

8. Abundant waterflow Digital Catalytic

Abundant Flow Water BWF-CC15-56SXT Catalytic carbon filter, almond

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This is a backwash catalytic carbon system for iron, hydrogen sulphide and manganese removal. The catalytic carbon provides a high surface area for maximum treatment results. It will treat continuously flowing water of up to 3.0 GPM.

The valve removes the bad rotten egg smell, iron, a lot of chlorine and thereby giving your water its original pure taste. The item is however good for water that is not highly contaminated.

9. Whole House Replacement Water Filter

APEC Water Systems FI-KDF85-10BB US Made Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction Replacement Water Filter, 4.5'x10'

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This filter cartridge specializes in the removal of sulfur and iron. It has the ability to remove the bad odor while improving the taste of the water. The filter has two media with the KDF media specializing in the removal of iron and hydrogen sulphide while the activated carbon works on the chlorine, odor and taste.

The KDF removes the sediments using the high purity copper-zinc granules. It reduces water contamination using the redox reaction. You may use it to protect your ground and well water. It is your best choice if you are looking for a product that will remove your iron and sulphide, reduce scale build-up and stop bacterial and algae growth.

10. Dura water air injection

Durawater Air Injection Iron Eater Filter. Removes Iron, Manganese, H2S. Black Series

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This is our last item. It’s a single tank system that is efficient and effective in removing your iron and sulfur from the well water. It has an air pocket at the top of the tank where water passes. The air pocket oxidizes and grabs the iron and sulfur from the water while letting the clean water flow.

The air pocket is best known as an eater. It can remove up to about 27ppm iron and it’s the easiest system to install and use.

Points To Consider Before Going For A Well Water Filter System

Before you begin to use the iron well water filter, consider the following.

We mostly take water for granted after all most of us grew up in the urban setting where we didn’t have to bother about where the water is coming from or its quality. Later in life, a majority of us decide to move to the countryside where the water has been abandoned for so long.

The water may be rusty, full of sediments, a home to bacteria, or have a bad odor. Well if this is the case, you can access various water treatment methods to see which one works best for you.

Take your water for laboratory check

Since well water is known to have the acidity and iron presence problem, it’s best to conduct a search so that you understand your water problem. And if you find that it is affected by acid and iron then begin with a treatment that will counteract the acidic nature. After that, you may introduce the iron filtration process.

The well water pressure matters

Understand the pressure of the water from the well before you begin using a water treatment system.

The iron water problem

You do know that after the water hardness the next common problem is iron. Unfortunately, treating it to a satisfactory level is something that has proven tricky. This is because iron is found in water in different several forms.

Each of these forms requires that you treat it in a different way. Note that, once you know the well water conditions, choosing your best iron removal procedure is quite easy. Below are the different kinds of iron problems:

  • Bacteria iron in well water

You will know the presence of your iron bacteria if you find slimy water around the toilet reservoirs or whenever you notice slimy mass fouling filters.

  • Ferric iron in well water

This red water iron is basically clear water that has iron and has then oxidized to form red rusty coloring water.

  • Ferrous iron in well water

It is found in clear water. It comes from the deeper well water where carbon dioxide forms ferrous bicarbonate which is literary ferrous iron.


The irons can be removed in 3 simple steps

Pre-treatment or oxidation

This step is where you use an oxidant to cause the contaminants to settle out. These contaminants are usually larger and clamped together which makes it easy for them to be removed by straining. For this process, you may use air, ozone or chlorine. Ensure that you fully oxidize sediments like iron because unless this happens you will not be able to remove the iron using filtration.


Make the water flow through the filter slowly in order to strain the remaining iron sediments. If you use high pressured water, you may not manage to remove the sediments because it will break the iron into small pieces then allow it to pass through your filter.


After the filtration process, the filter will have a cake full of sludge. So, the backwash system is where there is a forceful flush to remove the sludge. Ensure it completely remove the sludge for it to function properly.

Benefits Of Iron Filtration

Since we all want to use the best of everything in life, it’s important to note that even when you are using well water you may make it pure without sediments.

  • Iron filters help to eliminate the damage from your showerheads and fixture

Have you ever noticed your showerheads being about reddish-brown in color? This is usually an indication of the presence of iron in your water. It’s important to note that this reduces the shelf life of your fixture and toilet equipment.

  • It removes rust and sulfur

Whenever you are in the process of removing the iron, you also remove sulfur and manganese. If you have noticed that your water causes a lot of rust or it smells like rotten eggs, it’s best to acknowledge the presence of manganese and sulfur. When you have an iron filtration system all the minerals will be eradicated from the water system.

  • The removal of sediments

The iron filtration system helps to remove the build-up of sediments in form of iron, sulfur, and manganese. You see, an excess build-up of sediments is able to alter the taste of your water.

  • Pure water

Who doesn’t love the taste of pure water?

When you successfully remove these sediments, the water will regain its authentic taste and smell again. This is the kind of water that your body needs and is easy to use because the texture allows it to lather easily.

  • You may re-use the water

Since the backwash water is basically like the well water that you are trying to clean, you may use it for irrigation purposes instead of discarding it. This reduces wastage.

The Main Features Of The Best Iron Filter

  • It requires not much maintenance

Since this is a gadget that you will frequently use you need to ensure that you will not need frequent maintenance. Although iron filters maintenance is inevitable the question in your mind should be, how many times are you taking it for maintenance? Check the reviews of the filter.

  • Has no chemical additives

The best one should have no chemicals used within it. This way the purity of the water is assured without having to contaminate it further.

  • It should have a self-cleaning ability (backwash system)

This will help it last longer because if you have to clean it every time then you will eventually spoil it.

  • It should be able to handle the filtration for your entire household

  • The best ones have multiple uses

It will be used for your home water purification, softening your water and removing excess chlorine from the water.

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