15 Fried Chicken Sides – Side Dishes For Fried Chicken

Before we go on with this article, I want to give a posthumous appreciation to the person or group of people who discovered how to fry chicken.

Everybody loves fried chicken, and it is eaten everywhere, anytime, and anyway. It serves as a complimentary item in meals, and it can also stand alone as a meal.

deep fried chicken

Fried chicken for those who do not have an idea (not possible) is a delicious dish made up of chicken pieces and parts that have been garnished with seasonings, coated with flour or batter, and either deep air-fried or pressure fried.

The flour coating serves to add some crispiness and crunchiness to the chicken to maintain the insides’ sweety juiciness.

Fried chicken is served with rice, pasta, and many other cuisines, yet what do we serve with fried chicken?

This article will give you some tips on some side dishes that will be marvelous with fried chicken anytime, any day.

How do you know what to serve with fried chicken?

Besides the undefeated tastiness of fried chicken, they are usually very spicy, cut into pieces, and usually not altogether filling.

It is always necessary sometimes that a side dish should accompany fried chicken meals.

deep fried chicken4

This allows a consumer to savor the sweetness of the fried chicken in addition to a host of other nice sides that are complimentary.

This, therefore, entails that the foods you choose as side dishes should act to balance out and possess the ability to reduce too much spiciness from your tastebuds without taking away the fantastic feeling that accompanies eating fried chicken.

1. Potato salad


A potato salad serves to balance and complement a fried chicken meal, and this is very appealing.

The potato salad passes as one of the best side dishes to pair with fried chicken. It is also a wonderful delight to the tastebuds.

When serving a potato salad dish with fried chicken, boil them for a while, and then cut them into tiny pieces; you can mix them with either butter or mayo. Season them with pepper and salt and add vegetables that suit the dish

You can check out the recipe for this salad on this blog.

2. Avocado fries


Many people who refuse to tease their taste buds by not trying out new foods have no idea about the things they miss out on while that is said.

When avocado is sliced into little tiny bits, almost the same as French fries, they are fried.

These Avocado fries are crispy and very soft and creamy on the inside. They have significant health benefits. It is usually prepared in combination with flour, eggs: bread crumbs, and some spices.

Fried chicken is sometimes chewy, and you can go for minutes chewing; the fried avocado enables your mouth to just rest and goes easy when you bite into its soft insides.

3. Cauliflower salad


It feels good to have a lot of salad options. Cauliflower gives many people an option these days, especially if you are sensitive to gluten and want a gluten-free meal.

Also, some might consider other vegetables like potatoes too heavy, and they want something lighter.

A cauliflower flower salad that tilts to the lighter side is a perfect alternative when you want something light.

Though not really popular, this is one side dish you could give a try. You can check out this blog to get the recipe for this dish.

4.  Hot Mac and Cheese


The mouth-watering imagery that comes to mind when you think of mac and cheese with crunchy fried chicken only comes with being one who has tried this combo over and over again.

We all have a particular way in which we want to enjoy our chicken. Mac and cheese are popular options that people frequently ask for at restaurants—the cheesy goodness and flavor balance out the hot tasty spice in the fried chicken.

The mac and cheese dish is something you can conveniently make at home. You would not have to stress yourself to make this recipe, and trust me; the end product will be worth the time used for preparation.

You can check out this recipe to help you prepare this cheesy goodness at home.

5. Fried rice


Rice plays an essential role in the cuisine of Asia and Africa. Fried rice has many recipes and has been adapted to suit many places that you might never exhaust all the fried rice recipes.

Fried rice is so popular that it is difficult to find any restaurant that does not serve this dish.

The fried rice is seasoned with spices like cinnamon and thyme and curry. Vegetables like carrots, green beans, and green peppers are also cooked along with it.

In some areas, shredded beef or chicken and diced sausages are added to fried rice.

All these ingredients, combined with your spiced-up fried chicken, give your tastebuds a thrill that leaves you craving for more.

You can check out the recipe on this blog.

6.  French fries


French fries are one of the best side dishes in the world. You can never go wrong with a side of crispy, brown hot French fries.

No one has ever complained about a side of classic, crispy French fries

This is the most common side dish that you can find around, and even without mentioning it here, I am sure you had already thought about the possibility.

You can use French fries to complement either burger, fried chicken, spicy wings, or spicy rice.

To make them ready to be served, ensure that they are deep-fried and show a golden coloration that shows that they are correctly fried.

This blog gives you a simplistic way of enjoying your meal.

7. Coleslaw


Coleslaw and fried chicken go perfectly together like five and six. Fried Chicken is sufficiently seasoned, and it will be a very great idea to balance it out with a bit of veggie.

You can dress the coleslaw the classic way by using mayo, or you can break out from the conventional by using vinegar.

This affords your coleslaw a healthier side as well as gives it an easy-to-make side dish.

You can check out this blog for a simple but classic recipe.

8. Corn on the cob


Having corn and chicken might seem strange to you; I thought so as well until I tried it out and realized that I had missed out on a lot of goodness.

The corn is seasoned with spices giving it an extraordinary flavor that is delicious.

The salty and fresh taste of boiled corn mixed with well-prepared chicken’s spicy flavor is a delicacy to look forward to.

I am sure that you will not have any regrets about this one. You can follow this link for the recipe for this spicy dish.

9. Dipping sauces


A Dipping sauce is an essential side dish because it enhances the eating experience. Even most of the side dishes mentioned on this list would still require you to add a dipping sauce with them.

They are quick and easy to prepare; they can add a flair to your old and recycling dinners and can serve as appetizers.

Rather than use only one sauce all the time, you could spice things up by trying others, and you never know the fantastic flavor that is lurking around waiting for you to discover it.

Other sauces you could try include; homemade garlic sauce, mayonnaise sauce, homemade BBQ sauce, homemade curry sauce, and whiskey cocktail sauce. I am sure you are hearing of some of these sauces for the first time.

They are not difficult to make, and you can follow the link to get the recipes for these five sauces.

10.  Light Garden salad


If a compilation is made that carries names of excellent side dishes that can be made with fried chicken, it can’t be complete without placing this nutritious and classic side dish there.

The garden salad is light and refreshing and a delight to light eaters. It enables you to balance out the heaviness of fried chicken.

Salads are excellent because they can be customized to suit your taste.

Salads enable you to play with dressing the salad, infusing the right amounts of beans and greens and fruits as well as nuts and protein.

You can check out this blog for a recipe for your garden salad.

11.  Fryer pickles


Pickles are delicious and tasty, and you would be missing out if you have never tried some of the recipes for this savory food. Their crunchy feeling and light flavor are great feelings to the taste buds.

Frying your pickles takes them a step higher. When you fry them, they become crispy, looking all golden; you can serve it up with fried chicken and a dipping sauce to make all the experience worthwhile.

This will be an excellent dish to serve when you have your friends over for a game night.

You can get the recipe for these crunchy pickles on this blog.

12. Mexican street corn


Life is about trial and error, especially when it comes to food. You need to try different dishes to see the ones that suit you, and if some don’t, you move on to something new.

Elote, as this dish is sometimes called, is a perfect example of trying something new that you are not used to.

Mexican street corn gives you a different experience from the regular corn on the cob.

This side dish is mainly cooked sweet corn mixed with a lot of seasonings, a generous slather of mayonnaise, and green pepper.

Your taste buds will not get enough from this spicy and exciting dish. If you would like to try this recipe, you can check out this blog to get a more detailed recipe and instructions.

13. Spice Stuffed mini peppers


How else do you wish to enjoy some fantastic fried chicken if not spicy?

But rather than add the pepper to your fried chicken, this recipe gives you a creative way of eating your spicy pepper with chicken.

Stuffed mini peppers are less greasy, unlike the greasy wings, and they are hot and cheesy.

The stuffings also reduce the spiciness making sure that it does become a burden as you eat. If you are looking for a new experience, you should try this recipe.

14. Baked Ravioli dippers


This recipe requires you to bake your ravioli in the oven; this adds some incredible crispiness to the ravioli’s texture.

They, however, have a warm feel on the outside and a blend of different flavors on the inside.

The flavor, taste, and texture of your ravioli will depend on the ingredients that you have stuffed your ravioli with.

You can use veggies, meat, or cheese. They are easy and quick to whip up and require just a minimum of 20 minutes in the oven.

Follow this link to get the recipe for this crunchy goodness.

15. Blooming onion


You might be familiar with raw onions or fried onions, and we know they can be crunchy. But have you tried blooming onions? This recipe takes crunchy to another level.

This recipe requires you to dip largely sliced pieces of onions in bread flour, after which you air fry them until they are crispy. If you want to enjoy crispy onions, you should certainly try this recipe.

They are also good with a dipping sauce by the side. Onions and chicken go hand in hand. You can take it up a notch and enjoy your fried chicken just the way you like them. You can check this blog for the recipe.


Many things are not more popular than fried chicken, but many things can be served with fried chicken.

Fried chicken is here to stay, which entails that many side dishes will spring up or be modified to entertain our tastebuds with goodness continually.

The recipes listed above are some of the side dishes that you can try out either at home or in restaurants. Whichever way it is, let us know what your experiences are, and I hope this article helped in some way.

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