Foods That Start With C

Using letters is the best method you can use to get to know the names of food and their places of origin. Of course, it’s quite difficult for you to be well acquainted with all the foods that begin with C, but you can have explicit knowledge about some of them.

Foods that begin with the letter C has a wide variety. The foods with this letter range from meat, fruits, vegetables and also desserts. These foods have some nutritional value that the body needs to grow stronger and healthier.

Nevertheless, many of the foods that begin with C are very familiar. You do not require a lot of time to recall them; for instance, chicken and cabbages come naturally into our minds when you are told to list the foods that begin with the letter C.

If you have had problems listing the endless list of foods that begin with C, then here are some of the foods that you can readily learn about and integrate into your kitchen to add some new taste and techniques in preparing them.

It is important to note that the foods listed below will comprise vegetables and plants, food, fluids, and any other edible thing.

Indian foods beginning with C


Chapati is a Hindu word that means “slap.” It is a traditional method of preparing doughs that are round and usually very thin. The traditional method of this food involved slapping the dough with the palm of your hands.

After every slap, the dough was rotated in a way that makes it attain a uniform circular form. They are made from wheat flour that is commonly referred to as atta mixed with water, oil, and sometimes salt is added according to your preference.

The soft dough is usually made by kneading it with knuckles, after which you let it proof for a period of between 10 to 20 minutes. Proofing will make the dough softer and flexible enough, making it easy to make the round chapatis. They should be cooked on both sides in addition to that it should be done after the dough has been rolled out.

It is Indian cuisine, and it was recorded in the 16th century in a document called the ain-i-Akbari.

Chahou kheer

It is a traditional food made from sticky rice found in Manipur in the northeastern part of India. It is a simple and real quick meal to prepare, and it is also very healthy food. Most of the recipes in Manipuri are prepared with chilies that are grown locally in that area.

The rice used in the preparation of this meal usually has a smooth texture, and it is also flossy and fluffy; the rice has little gluten, and some people usually serve it as a dessert.

The color of this rice is usually black, and it is a scarce variety to find nowadays; it is also called Chak-hao by the natives. The white variety of this rice is the most popular and the one that can readily be found.

The procedure during its preparation involves boiling of milk, after which you add banana leaves, and then you cook the mixture, add the rice into the milk and then add sugar in it. You can then add cashew nuts and grated coconuts, which is only after the rice is boiled properly.


It is a snack that has a delicious and pleasant smell and also very tasty. It is originally made from flours that come from rice. They usually have a spiral shape and are also crunchy and crisp. They are also known as Chakri or spiral-shaped rice snacks.

There are several varieties of Chakri like murukku. Still, the variations in taste and size depend immensely on the type of flour used during its preparation, and also the ratio of the flour has a significant role in the types.

They are usually served during holidays and are mainly made during the time of Diwali. The ingredients used during its preparation include sesame seeds, Bengal gram, chilies, rice flour, grated ginger, and oil.

Mexican foods beginning with C


It is made by stuffing a flour tortilla with several other ingredients. It is a widespread recipe in Texas, America. The most frequently used ingredients in preparing this food are cheese, beans, dried meat, and rice.

They are deep-fried burritos, and the toppings usually consist of sour cream, salsa, and guacamole. You can also use chicken meat in preparing this dish, but the chicken has to be shredded as it makes it comfortable during preparation.

Preparing this recipe, you need to add beans, cheese, shredded chicken, and any other spices you may require and mix these ingredients until its texture is smooth. You will need to taste to make adjustments to the seasonings if needed.

Cochinito de poloncillo

It is also referred to as marranitos or puerquintos, and all these names have the same meaning, which is “little pigs.” They are bread-like cookies that resemble a pig at first glance and thus the name.

This meal was first prepared in the 16th century, during which it was oven-cooked. It is made using a sweetener that enhances its taste making it delicious; it is usually soft. The sweetener used in preparing this meal is called piloncillo. It is usually sugarcane that has not been processed and has an exceptional taste.

Some of the ingredients used in its preparation include wheat flour, egg wash, Ceylon cinnamon, baking soda, and salt. It goes well with a cup of coffee that has no almond milk.


It precisely means little meat. It is made by steaming pork meat slowly in oil until the meat becomes chewable. Simmering the meat will take more time and goes between three to four hours for the meat to be tender.

The ingredients used in making Caritas are naturally found, and its preparation procedure takes less than 10 minutes to be fully cooked. The pork should be simmered in lard as this will give you a golden color and makes it more appealing to the eye.

The pork should be cut for you to get the juice from it, and it’s necessary you remove the bones from the meat, add a mix of spice on the surface of the pork meat with spices like cumin and pepper. Before steaming the meat, add onion and garlic and boil it until there is an orange broth formation. You should then pan fry the meat after simmering it.


It is mainly prepared in Monterrey, Mexico, and it is always prepared in different ways with where you come from having a significant influence. This recipe is also a prevalent food in many South American countries, including Brazil and Argentina.

Cabrito means roast goat kid in both Spanish and Portuguese language. According to traditions from the native, the goat’s age should not exceed three weeks old, and it should be fed with nothing more than the milk from its mother.

Cabrito al pastor is the most standard method of preparing this goat meat; the meat is slit opened and placed on a rotisserie, after which it is placed on the glowing remains of fire or smoldering ash and roasted as slow as possible without the use of any spices.

Other techniques used while preparing this meat include the cabrito al horno, cabrito en salsa, and cabrito en Sangre.

Continental foods that begin with C


It is a Polish delicacy that was mainly served and eaten during the times of easter. It is also commonly referred to as duck soup. Traditionally, this broth is served with noodles that are prepared from people’s houses.

The soup is also prepared using blood from other animals and birds like chickens, rabbits, and pigs. When preparing this recipe, you must add vinegar to the broth to prevent any form of coagulation formed by the blood.

This recipe was used during the olden days as it was given to young men when they asked for a girl’s hand in marriage; if the man was rejected by his beloved, then the soup was given to him.

The ingredients required to prepare this broth are duck blood, chopped parsley, water, vinegar, fresh lemon juice, and all-purpose flour.


This food was invented in Italy around the 1800s but also prepared in America. It is made from a stew of fish and other vegetables inclusive. San Francisco is the primary source of origin as Italian immigrants fished around this area.

During the olden days, this food was prepared from the fish that was caught on that day; the fish that were caught included crabs, shrimps, and scallops, all of which come from saltwater bodies this case, it was mainly the Pacific Ocean.

Its preparation procedure comprises frying the onions in hot oil until the onions turn transparent and add tomatoes and wine sauce, then cover the food and boil it for about 20 minutes up until all the flavors are mixed properly.


This recipe has its origin in castelnaudary in France. It is made up of meat, especially pork sausages and other meat like mutton. The name cassoulet comes from a cooking container that usually is round with its sides slanting and was mainly used in the olden days.

The cassoulet is made together with white beans, goose meat, and other kinds of meat. The most delicious kinds of dish are simmered for long durations until the beans and the meat used, regardless of which is used, blend correctly.

The ingredients of this food include black pepper, dried cannellini beans, pork, drumsticks from a chicken, and celery.

The cassoulet prices vary in France; this is because of the quality in which each can containing this dish is made up; the less expensive version of this dish has tomato sauce, beans, and bacon as its constituents.


These are pastries that are always made in Italy. The shells of these pastries are made in a tube-like design and are usually filled with ricotta and a creamy paste and powdered sugar used in the sweetening of the pastries; sometimes, an orange jam is included for more flavor.

Wine is usually used in these pastries as the alcohol tends to make the pastries soft and helps make the pastries brittle or crisp. You can also make the pastries in advance as the filling can last for more than two days without going bad.

Some of the ingredients you can use during this recipe preparation are ricotta cheese, powdered sugar, cream white wine, and egg yolk. To prepare this pastry, you will need to mix the flour, sugar, and salt. You should whisk the mixture until it becomes coarse; after this, you should add the egg yolk and the white wine until the dough is soft.


The name comes from a crescent shape and is usually a French pastry that is crumbly and flaky. The added advantage of this is bread is that you can modify it into your preference without messing with the dough. You can choose to add fillings of your choice to make it delicious.

They are made from yeast that is layered and that which is leavened. Layering is done using butter and then folded sequentially to form a thin sheet; this method is referred to as laminating.

The up to date methods used in preparing croissants were invented in the 20th century and had since been evolving with different fillings integrated.

The croissants’ fillings should be done by mixing cinnamon, powdered sugar, and all the spice that you intend to use in making this recipe. The cheese should also be mixed vigorously to attain a smooth and soft cheese. The cream formed should also be whisked to the extent that it is not easily malleable and then put the mixture in a refrigerator.

Comte cheese

It is a French cheese found in France’s eastern parts that border Switzerland, and it is a cuisine shared between the two countries. Compared to other cheese produced in France, comte cheese is the one with the highest cheese production; nevertheless, the swiss refer to this cheese as alpine cheese.

This cheese is made from raw milk, which is immediately transported to the factory for processing purposes.


It is a soup that is made in Poland. It is usually served cold and especially during a hot day or during summer times. The first recipe is said to have originated in Lithuania during the 14th century, but since then, the polish people have been preparing it continuously.

This soup has a very pronounced pink color, which comes from the beetroots and dairy milk. The pink color is not moistly associated with food, and that is why it will grab your attention immediately, you see it.

Preparation of this broth is effortless and takes very few minutes to get done; besides, it is delicious. The ingredients include tender beetroots, a bunch of chives, lemon juice, buttermilk, hard-boiled eggs, salt and pepper, and many radishes.


It is a stew that is prepared from fish and potatoes with additional ingredients to make it delicious. There is no specific fish used, and therefore several varieties of fish can be used in the preparation of this stew.

This recipe hails from Portugal, and its preparation and cooking take less than thirty to get all done. The name originates from the pot in which the stew is cooked; you can easily mix and match this recipe with fish and seafood so long as it matches your preference.

The recipe ingredients consist of onions, garlic, skinless white fish, potatoes, tomatoes, and saffron pinch. There are variations in how this recipe is prepared in Portugal, with every region having its techniques for making this dish.

Oriental foods that begin with C


It is also referred to as chanpon. It is one dish that is prepared in the Nagasaki region in japan, thus a Nagasaki cuisine. It is made up of seafood and fried pork with various types of vegetables included.

The broth of this dish is made from a pig’s bones or chicken bones, after which the ramen noodles are added to this broth and simmered together. With this recipe, you will only need one pan to prepare it compared to other ramen recipes that require several pans.

There are different types of this dish in Korea and China. The methods of preparation differ from one country to another. This recipe from Japan was influenced by a Chinese recipe with differences in its ingredients and cooking techniques.

The taste and specialty in which this dish is prepared depends mainly on the time of the year and the location in which you live, and the ingredients used. This meal’s original style was made with bamboo shoots and pork as its ingredients, but over time shrimps and oysters were added.

Cha Siu Bao

It is a traditional Chinese recipe that includes buns filled with a barbeque flavor. It is also referred to as Cha Siu pao. The buns in this recipe are usually soft and tender, and traditionally the fillings used are always pork meat.

This recipe is a Cantonese specialty, and it is the most popular and traditional dim sum found in numerous restaurants in China. A dim sum is a recipe prepared in china, which means “touch the heart,” and it is served with tea most of the time.

The methods used in making the dough for the buns are identical to those used in bread making, the only significant difference being that for the bun dough, the continuous use of leavening or fermentation agents makes the dough more tender and softer but usually dense.

Cha si bao comes in different varieties: the classic version that is always steamed is called the Zheng cashao bao, and the baked type is referred to as Cashao Can bao. The difference between the two varieties is that the steamed version has an external white crust, whereas the baked version is brown.


They are also known as conjee, a kind of rice porridge with China being its place of origin. Nevertheless, it is also prepared in several other countries, including Japan, India, and some other European countries. This porridge is generally served with other dishes.

It is prepared by boiling rice in large amounts of water until the rice is ripped into small pieces forming a thick white solution. This porridge lacks strong features and can sometimes be uninteresting when made with water only. However, the addition of savory or sweet flavors makes it taste delicious.

Any additions of several ingredients like meat, fish, and flavors or spices enhance the porridge’s taste and therefore served as a meal rather than an appetizer. This dish is often given to young children and people who are ill because it is easily digestible.

There are no specifications on which rice to use, which means that you can either use long or short grain rice during the preparation of this porridge, so this depends on what you have in your house. Traditions have a significant influence on how this recipe is prepared, and this is based on the region in which you come from.

Chow Mein

It is a dish made from chow Mein sauce, vegetables, noodles, and chicken, and it is usually very healthy. This recipe is generally pan-fried so that the noodles are crispy, after which Mein sauce is added to it.

This dish has several amounts of vegetables that are blended in together with the noodles, which means you get to consume a high amount of vegetables, which is good for your health. Its cooking procedures last less than 15 minutes and, therefore, do not consume much time.

There are two varieties of this recipe: lo mein and chow mein; they often look similar, and people confuse one for another. The only difference between the two comes in the noodles, the noodles used for preparing lo mein are usually very thick whereas that of chow mein is thinner and of the one that is always fried and usually crispy.

Its preparation processes involve beating the sauce ingredients all together; after that, you will need to heat the pan, add oil to it, add chicken with all the seasonings, and stir fry it. Add garlic and chopped cabbage to it and cook for few seconds before adding pasta and sauce.

Mediterranean foods beginning with C

Chicken souvlaki

It is a very famous fast food found in Greece, and it is made up of small meat pieces, and sometimes it is integrated with vegetables that are meshed on a skewer. This food is often eaten while still on the skewer, and it is usually served when still hot.

Most of the time, this recipe is served with fried potatoes, lemon, and pita bread. However, the served side dishes are generally eaten after the souvlaki has been eaten. The souvlaki in the Greek language means skewer.

The larger population of people living in Athens refers to any pita enclosed with meat as souvlaki but with specifications regarding the techniques used in roasting the meat and the type of meat used.


It is a confectionery made up of nuts and sugar covered with dry coconut flakes. This dessert is healthy and usually very delicious. If you have ever tasted Turkish delight, you may find them having the same taste, but cezerye has carrot as its primary ingredients.

This snack has its origin in an area called Mersin in Turkey. This snack has zero cholesterol in it, and because of its ingredients like walnuts and carrots, it possesses large amounts of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body.

The ingredients used in its preparation are cinnamon, carrots, sugar, and nuts. They taste good when eaten together with Turkish tea.

Chich taouk

This recipe is widely prepared and eaten in the middle east and some parts of North Africa, like in Egypt, and has its origin in Lebanon. It is a classic traditional recipe where the chicken is marinated with several other ingredients.

They are sold as street food in Lebanon, and sometimes you can eat them as dinner or lunch. The chicken is always covered with bread, tomatoes, salad, and garlic.

Caribbean foods beginning with C


it is mainly made from leafy vegetables, coconut milk, yams, and onions. There are many varieties of this vegetable dish across the Caribbean countries, and its preparation relies on the amount and type of vegetable available locally within a given area.

The main vegetable that is frequently used across the Caribbean is Amaranthus. Spinach is not used in this recipe because of its texture and taste.


It is one of the most famous dishes in Cuban cuisine and especially eaten in Baracoa. These are usually wrapped up in palm leaves in the shape of a cone. The name cucurucho comes from the shape in which it is made for presentation, which is the cone shape.

The ingredients of this recipe comprise honey, pineapple, nuts, coconut, and sugar. The dish is locally available, especially around the beaches where there are several coconut palms.


It is a very popular delicacy in the Dominican Republic made from beans, rice, and vegetables. The vegetables in this recipe are garlic, onions, green peppers, carrots, and plantains.

The preparation of this delicacy varies from one person to another. This meal’s flavor is distinctive and made unique by introducing cilantro herb in the recipe and that of sour orange. The difference in this dish is the type of meat and meat used during its preparation.

The primary ingredients of this dish are red beans, rice, plantains, and squash. Longaniza sausages have always accompanied this dish when served.

Conch ceviche

These are crustaceans that are found on the coast of the Bahamas islands. The conch is in plenty in the Bahamas, and it is usually prepared with several other dishes in which the conch ceviche is the most favorite.

Its preparation process involves washing the conch and chopping them into small pieces. It would be best if you then placed it in a blow with orange juice, salt, and lime juice and then take it into the fridge for it to marinate. With the remaining ingredients, place them in another bowl. After that, take out the seafood from the fridge and stir it together with the veggies.

Carne guisada

this dish has its constituents as large chunks of beef with onions, garlic, pepper that are all steamed together to form a spicy Carne guisada.

Other foods that begin with C


The number of calories in this vegetable is minimal; on the other hand, it has a high fiber percentage. They have significant benefits to people that have heart problems and those with diabetes. If you also want to reduce your weight, they are the best alternative that you can use.


It is a traditional and favorite ingredient of Indian foods; it is used as a flavor in many recipes. The health benefits of this fruit include improving eyesight, weight, and fat loss, and also it helps digest food.

Coriander leaves

These leaves enhance the taste of every dish when it is used as an additive. They are used for decorating and beautification purposes in several households due to its rich smell and deep green color. These leaves are usually combined with garlic to give a pleasant appearance to the food. You can easily spread it over rice and many other dishes.


Celery is a vegetable that has high amounts of fiber and water with low calories. Due to the high amounts of water that it has, it keeps your body hydrated and facilitates the removal of toxic components inside your body.


They have pronounced whiskers that resemble that of a cat, and the main reason they are referred to as catfish. They vary in size and species, but this largely depends on where they are situated. They are mainly found in freshwater bodies, especially in Eurasia.

Corn flour

It is made from maize milled with all its constituents, including the endosperm, hull, and germ. The flour from the milled corn varies, which depends on what maize color was milled, whether yellow, white, or blue. It is usually mixed with other ingredients like eggs to enhance its taste.


These are root tubers found from a cassava plant or shrub with a Latin name Manihot esculenta. The tubers of this vegetable resemble that of sweet potatoes. The leaves are also edible and are usually very nutritious.

This vegetable has high carbohydrate levels and can either be boiled or cooked depending on your preference. You can use them in making recipes such as mashed cassava, cassava bread, French fries, and cassava cake.


Cauliflowers are annual plants. The name cauliflower means “flowers of cabbage” in Latin because it has the same resemblance as that of a cabbage. You can decide to blend it in a salad or eat it raw.


It is a vegetable that is usually very leafy and can either be green, red, or white. It has high nutrients, and you can use it for several dishes.

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