34 Easy Weeknight Dinners – Quick Weeknight Meal Recipes

This century has most of us interested in quick fixes. This is why easy weeknight dinners are some of the best solutions you have.

If you have to prep dinner all the time, then sometimes it can be too hard to do.

Imagine after a busy day at work then you have to spend anything from two to three hours again cooking and cleaning.

This is why easy weeknight dinners are fast becoming popular. And we don’t want you to be left behind.

Here are also some Breakfast Potluck Ideas, that could make you a beautiful day.

Beef Meals

1. Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry



I like the stir fry teriyaki beef stir fry just because it’s easier to make. This is one of the most common Asian dishes that are also easy to make.

You don’t have to wait for the day you go to the restaurant; instead, make it home. Here then, it will take only 21 minutes to cook.

One thing you will like is that you can easily customize it. It’s going to be as good as you want it to be. It contains veggies, beef, and some sauces.

In the end, then you just need to use the carrots, flanks, different types, or styles of bell peppers to make it perfect looking.

Also, it will attain the perfect colors making it delicious when you accompany it with the side dishes like rice.

Would you like to make it? Try this recipe.

2. Instant Pot Spaghetti and Meatballs



I know there’s always too much work that goes into the cooking and spaghetti and the meatballs.

But if you are familiar with the trick just to use the instant pot, this will be easy to use. If you have the kids, then you’ll know that this is a secret meal to keep in your house.

For the weeknights, this is one of the easiest to make a complete meal to make the family filled up. Also then you will have a delicious meal.

Check the recipe here to find the best way to make it.

3. Slow Cooker Beef Stew



So then here you want to have the perfect beef stew. With the slow cooker, you will make the traditional old-style beef stew, with the only difference being that you will then cook it in the slow cooker.

I noticed that you would have the juicy beef, but then it has the peas, carrots, and even more potatoes.

It features the use of a hearty broth too. Therefore, you have everything great in terms of the flavors.

Therefore, your slow cooker will have it ready by the time you come back from a busy day. Check this recipe today for ideas on what to cook.

4. Mini meatloaves



When you’re looking for the easiest and quick fixes of the meats, you also need this recipe never to get it all wrong.

But then you will be amazed at how easy it is to make or cook it when you do so yourself.

Most people like the meatloaves for their crusty exterior. You can be sure to attain the perfect meal in no time.

Try this recipe here today to find the best style.

5. Quick Korean beef and rice



This is one of the most favorite styles of meal that you only need about 20 minutes to make.

You will like it that it tastes greater than if you had to go to the restaurants.

The fact that it will even take just a short time to make it then makes it even better.

Simply put then it shows you the beef that they cook in soy sauce together with the ginger.

You can be sure that you will have a Korean beef-style meal with the perfect rice as a side dish. Here’s the recipe to try.




One of the most common and best ways to cook the beef stir fry is using this method. It will deliver the flavors, the color, the texture, and even the perfect nutrients.

When you try this beef style, you will never find any other method being as good.

The good thing is that it will even take you a short time to cook it again. You won’t regret not going out when you try this.

If you are therefore a good cook, you should try this meal style. Check the recipe here.

7. Broccoli and beef stir fry



This is the most straightforward choice that you can use to make the broccoli style and the stir fry meat.

What you want to do is to make sure you are checking the food not to overcook.

By the way, do you throw away the stalks? Don’t do that; make sure you still have them.

They will add texture to your meal. I feel like this is even more delicious and nutritious because you didn’t cook it too much.

Check out this recipe for ideas on how to make the meal.

Chicken dishes

8. Thai basil chicken



Here again, you have authentic street food that can also use as an easy weeknight dinner. You will like it the most because of its aroma from the blend of garlic, ginger, and oyster paste.

You, therefore, have a blend of rice and chicken to make it nicely delicious.

As you are therefore cooking, remember to add on the rice to cook right. Here you will have nothing short of the deliciousness over the world.

If you want it to be as good, though, make sure you use the Thai basil. If you, however, didn’t find the basil type, you can use the Italian type of basil.

Check out this recipe for ideas.

9. Easy weeknight coconut curry braised chicken



You can use many different recipes to make this kind of delicious chicken curry, and it will often work.

But you can try this recipe as it will ensure you still make it a great meal that you can use for the quick fix during the weeknight’s dinners.

Here you will have a straightforward meal where you have these tender chill and tasty braised chicken you can use.

You will like that you have to set it in the oven, and then you can start baking it here.

You won’t even need to sear the food; you can cook immediately, but you may sometimes need to sear it to give it a little more taste.

Notice too that you can have coconut curry where you will cook the meal faster and as you relax to take care of your other business.

You are supposed not to cut it, so it even reduces the work it will take you to have the meal on the table.

When you want something delicious, even seeing you feel like you have a healthy choice, consider this one. Here is the perfect recipe to try and make the meal.

10. Ground stir fry chicken



When you just finished your Thanksgiving dinner, and you don’t know what else to do with the chicken, I have ideas.

Remember, you can make the stir fry chicken, and the best part is that it takes you such a short time to make it.

You will always be happy to use it in the turkey’s service because you can use it alongside other wraps.

If you have some rice, you can add on the recipe to cook an authentic meal here, thus making your quick and easy-to-use dinner.

Remember, the good thing is that you can use this recipe for cooking for the whole family, and you will still be doing fine.

Again the spices you use will make it all different, and if you want it to be an Asian-like meal, it will contain some unique spices.

If you look to the sides, you will notice that it has broccoli as part of the meal to enhance its texture and make it look even better and edible.

Check out the recipe for ideas here.

11. Honey mustard chicken thighs



I love the honey mustard sauce on the chicken and potatoes. It will make a difference in the chicken flavors. To cook the chicken then you will need to set it in the oven.

Nonetheless, although you are cooking under dry heat, it will still be delicious.

Therefore, the one thing you will like is that the honey and the mustard will attain the sweet and salty pan tastes.

When you then add on the garlic, you will have the addition of too much garlic. I have had people who don’t even like mustard still enjoy the potatoes and the chicken.

Here you will have a succulent, juicy, and nicely delicious meal. You can have the green beans and potatoes blending on the right. If you, therefore, want to try it, then check this recipe.

12. Monte Cristo sandwich



One of the easiest yet safest to use sandwiches is this type of sandwich. When I’m too tired even to cook a lot in the kitchen, I go for this sandwich because it’s much easier to prepare.

Over time, you will realize that you start craving for the best yet the most delicious options to use.

You will soon know that this will serve you when you have the ham that you also left to eat.

If you don’t know what Monte Cristo is, then you should know it’s just the combination of the best ham and cheese you can have.

In most cases, you will have them add the mayo and the mustard too for a better taste. Don’t worry, it looks like you will have to do a lot of work with it, but no, you don’t need to.

Remember, you can even use an instant pot for cooking. Here then, you have a blend of the sweet and savory combo.

Check the recipe.

Fish dishes

13. Grilled Honey Glazed Salmon with Ginger & Orange



Just by the look of it, you already feel like eating it, right? When you use the fresh ginger and the orange, you will have it attain the perfect shine, which also means it’s nicely delicious.

You will never understand why we say it’s pretty easy to make, so I would advise you just to try to make it today.

Although it’s easy to make, you will notice that it’s succulent, flavorful, but also delicious.

Check the recipe too.

14. Roast fish vegetable and curry butter



You will like this meal a lot more because it’s a one-pot meal that is further delicious.

And it’s full of flavors but considering you are going to cook it within a short tie makes it even way better.

The secret is then first to caramelize the onions and also the fish. In the end, you will find the rich and yet delicious fish recipe.

Notice that it’s going to be delicious, especially since it has butter, making it even more full of flavors.

Check out the recipe here.

15. Sichuan boiled fish



It will take you up to a max of 25 minutes to cook this meal. Although they use poached fish, you will also add in the rich spices for flavors. Expect it to be or develop the spicy tastes.

You can be sure that if you take this one, you will be amazed that it’s very addictive.

Whenever you talk of Chinese meals, then Sichuanese cuisine comes to mind. Like the Mapo tofu, Kong Pao chicken, they also make some of the best fish types.

Notice then that the meals here will be intense, flavorful, and yet rich for you to enjoy.

Check the recipe type here.

Rice Dishes

16. Smoked sausage and rice in one skillet



Another way of eating the rice is by adding the sausage and the broccoli to make it the healthiest and most filling.

When you want a first but also a quick-to-make dinner, you have it here. Notice that this meal will take you less than thirty minutes to prep.

I would say of all the smoked sausage recipes, this will be the best you can use. This is one thing to say that they are the easiest quick fix that you can make comfortably.

One thing you are sure about, though, is that the recipe will be a hit in your home soon.

The seasoning is going to add flavor to your meal to make it stand out. It will help to cook the rice therefore instantly.

Also, you will have the blend of the perfect meals in no time.

Notice that once you try this delicious and sweet meal, you will not be trying any other.

It remains one of the most delicious ones to use.  Check this recipe for ideas.

17. Cajun creole fried rice



So the difference here then you will have the Cajun sausages together with creole seasoning.

You will also like that when you want to make the fried rice, you can make it flavorful. So that will then allow you to be as creative too.

So then the secret is to use that rice that you left overnight, and maybe you don’t know what to do with it.

You can just spice it a little bit and then make it nicely rich.

Check the recipe here

18. Easy mango sticky



This is an older version of the traditional style Thailand dessert, and it will only take you up to 20 minutes to cook this sticky rice, and then you have the meal ready.

Although we set it in the category of rice, you should know that this is a vegan meal with even lesser sugar.

For the boat festival in Hong Kong, this is one very common meal. But well, you don’t have to be Chinese to enjoy it. You can also use rice even if you are new to this life and method.

For more ideas on how to make the recipe here, then you will need this recipe.

Pasta Dishes.

19. Authentic pasta carbonara



One thing each of you knows, I’m sure, is that the different forms of pasta are mostly the ones you can use for a quick dinner. It works even better when you use the bacon with it.

They don’t always use the cream on the pasta, but the addition makes the difference and makes it even more delicious.

You will realize that the cream even makes it more delicious. You can comfortably have the delicious pasta carbonara along with other meals.

If you go to your pantry and find the cream, pasta, and bacon, maybe you should cook this as it won’t take much of your time.

Check the recipe here

20. Baked Ricotta and Spinach Cannelloni (Manicotti Pasta)


More than anything you will like the meal because it has three different types of cheese. I like it the most just because it’s comfort food.

However, it has cheese; then this is a vegetarian style of dish. You can therefore expect it to be healthier than many other meals.

There will not be anything better than the good old chicken comfort. I know it may look like a complex recipe, but then it’s not.

You will like that it’s easy to make the meal more than any other. For more ideas, check the recipe here.

21. Fettucine alfredo



For some people, this is a must-have in their houses just because it’s not only delicious; it’s also easier to make. It will often take you about 20 minutes to make the pasta style.

One thing is that the meal is healthy and you can have it alongside other meals in no time.

Note too that you can add on the Cajun shrimp or the different kinds of fish if you like. This will make it into a full meal or perfectly delicious for you to use.

The meal then has garlic, heavy cream, and parmesan cheese.

If you like, you can even add on some cauliflower and give you the perfect texture. When you eat it, you will never know it has cauliflower.

The one thing standing out, though, is that it’s still nutty, creamy, delicious. You can be sure you have a rich and classy meal here.

Soup Dishes

22. Ham and bean soup



You can be sure you will need the flavorful recipe. Here you have the simple and flavorful beans and ham recipe.

Also, you will then have it easy to use the leftover ham too. You will like the recipe because it makes you feel so full too.

To be precise, it features the broth that you will add chunks of ham and beans.

Notice that it’s the ideal solution since it has a pack of flavors and deliciousness. It will always be easy to create perfect yet delicious meals.

Try this recipe to make it well.

23. Thai coconut carrot curry soup



When you are looking for an easy soup recipe, then you have it here. People like it a lot more for being creamy sweet but with a bit of spice to add to the soup.

The surprising thing is that it will get you complete but also nutritious. I like the color, and of course, it makes the perfect weeknight meal while I’m resting during the day.

You will mostly like it for being the easiest to make a soup that you can also make in the crockpot if you like.

The silky smoothness is everything for this meal as it makes it easy to attain the perfect texture. Check out the recipe here.

24. Super Creamy Vegan Cauliflower Kale Soup



I’m one of the few people who doesn’t like the cauliflower except for the soup version.

I like it, especially when they make it to this creamy texture. It’s not only delicious but also nutritious and flavorful.

Notice that that soup is the type you can make in a short while, and it will give you vegan nutrients. Check the recipe here.

Vegan dishes

25. Vegan burrito



I always like to make the perfect beans and other veggies. You will also use brown rice, black beans some sour creams, among other delicious ingredients.

I like that this is one of the easiest to make burritos. Not only is it easy to make, but it will also serve as an excellent choice for the weeknight dinner.

If you are a fan of the Mexican flavors, then you will enjoy this meal. Gut, the best part is that you will receive a pack of nutrients in a single burrito. Check out the burrito recipe

26. Kimchi rice



Nothing will beat a bowl of kimchi rice on a cold or warm evening. One thing that will make you like it is adding the spicy and spicy taste that makes it stand out. You can be sure it’s a delicious choice.

Nothing beats this Korean-style rice just because it will take about 15 minutes to prep it.

Am I the only one who enjoys the fried rice style? For some reason, it always just makes it a complete meal in no time.

You will like the fact that this makes it a mouthwatering and flavorful meal. When you have one of the days when you want to rest, you should just make this one.

Check the recipe here.

27. Vegan baked ziti



This is another one of the many weeknight dinner meals. I just like that it’s a delicious option that you can use when you are in a hurry too.

It’s a blend of noodles, vegan sausage, tomatoes, tofu ricotta, béchamel sauce, and other vegan-style cheese.

If you want it to be a little healthier, then you should add on some veggies.

If you want, then go on to add some veggie, or you can also add on some chunks of veggie sausages. This will always make it look even more flavorful and hearty.

Check out the recipe here.

28. Mediterranean Tofu Scramble



Who said vegan dishes are bland? It will depend on how you like to make it. If you are creative, then you will be making some delicious meals at all times.

Notice that it often has garlic, different seasonings, and the perfect blend of fresh and savory dishes.

Of all meals, this is versatile, and you can use it at any time you want. It works for lunch, breakfast, or even dinner.

Check out the recipes.

29. Baked Sweet Potato with Garam Masala Chickpeas



When you’re looking for some of the healthiest choices you can have in the vegan world, then the chickpeas have to be in the mix.

Here you will also have a quick and easy-to-make comforting meal. The surprising thing though is that the meal will also be nicely filling.

Notice that it’s going to be a nourishing meal for your body as well. The first thing, though, that you expect is that the baking will make the sweet potato sugars caramelize. Check the recipe here.

Frozen Food

Sometimes it’s just easier to use frozen foods. Here is a list of frozen food you can make in the house

30. Easy air fryer frozen pizza



If you have an air fryer, this will be easy to make, which makes you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

If you have an air fryer, then you don’t have to thaw the pizza. Just take it straight from the freezer and into the air fryer.

It will take you less than 20 minutes to have the meal ready on the table for you to delve in.

I know you may not like frozen food, but sometimes you just have to use it. Check the recipe here.

31. Shrimp fried rice



You don’t have to cook the shrimp or rice on the side. You will just need to use the frozen option, and in 20 minutes, the meal is ready on the table.

Again you have a one-pot meal here for you to cook different meals at a go. The good thing is also that you have the proper meals made using the ingredients on the pan.

Some of them will even come with the bread but then if y0ou like the shrimps, try this recipe.

Pork Milanese with lemon parmesan arugula.



This is by far one of my favorite meals to share this year just because it’s the easiest to make. You will be surprised that it’s the easiest way to make the pork chops sometimes too.

The surprising thing is that this is the most preferred. When you look at it, pork Milanese is one of the juiciest or most delicious pork ever.

When you see or even use it, you won’t believe just how good it is or gets from time to time.

Check out the pork Milanese recipe here to make the best pork today.

32. Asian pork tenderloin



The difference here is that they use the Asian marinade to make the pork tender and ready to cook. You will then have the juicy but also flavorful pork tenderloin.

You can be sure that it will always take about thirty minutes to get the meal ready.

If you want, you can mix it to make sure that it’s ready for you to use the veggies. If you, however, go on to add even the potatoes, you will have a whole meal ready for you to use in cooking.

This one is a great choice that you can use as a weeknight option. Here is the right recipe to follow.

33. Classic ratatouille



Here then you have the perfect to use ratatouille. It’s a pack of nutrients since it mostly comes to you in the form of raw veggies. The way then they arrange it will make it delicious.

If you, therefore, want a perfect veggie recipe, then you have here.

When you are from having busy days, the only thing you need is this motivation to eat is the colorful options like this. Check out this recipe.

34. Roasted vegetable frittata



For those times when you’re looking for a single unique and different meal, then you should try this frittata. The secret then is to limit the number of carbs you take, making it possible for you.

Here you then have one of the lightest versions of the quick-to-make recipes.

Just remember it will be better to make it in the cast iron bag, and this may also mean you have the meal on the table within a concise time.

Check the recipe here.

There are hundreds of easy weeknight diner recipes. You, therefore, get to choose the one that’s appealing to you. Here we suggested 34 but do you have more types in mind?

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