38 Dairy Free Desserts That You Don’t Want To Miss

Who said all desserts must have dairy? A year ago, if you asked me, I would say there’s no good dairy-free one.

Since I became vegan, I have found some of the very best desserts, and they are dairy-free.

dairy free bar cookies

Do you want to try them? Keep reading.

1. Chocolate mousse with olive oil


Notice that you will have a silky texture when you’re using the mouse. And, of course, you won’t need the dairy.

The chocolate and the olive oil will make a good and delicious pairing.

You’ll find it easy to make. This is why then you should try it as a first option.

So then, if you thought that the only way to get the rich, creamy taste is by using dairy, you are all wrong.

The creamy taste will come in different ways, including when you use the extra virgin oil. It will be fun to add on the splashing liquor.

Check the recipe here.

2. Raw + Vegan chocolate truffles


When you like the truffles, this is for sure the one type you will like just because you can have it without dairy.

You will notice that they have barley and some fat to make sure they are nicely tasty. Everyone likes the tasty and yet delicious chocolates.

You see, this one is much more delicious than having the ones with the dairy if you don’t have it.

They will be sweet and chewy but also delicious.  Notice that the raw cacao is not only great they are also antioxidants.

Check the recipe here.

3. Raw blueberry cheesecake


Whether you are vegan or just health-conscious, you don’t have to keep off your cake cravings. There are some cakes you could quickly try.

Here you can be sure to have a healthy meal even when you have a significant event. Notice that it’s plant bases and free of dairy; thus, you will find it healthy.

So then, if you like cheesecake, you can try this to have a colorful but also a delicious one.

Notice that you have a good or even better cake style than the regular cake. For me, this is a winner because I like blueberries a lot more.

You should just know you can’t prepare it and eat it the same day. You will need to make it a day or two before.

Be informed that you will need to freeze some of the ingredients a lot more. Check out this recipe for more ideas.

4. Pear almond tart


Soon you will find that this becomes one of your favorite choices in that it brings together some of the best ingredients but without the need to use the dairy.

This is a great choice to use during thanksgiving. Of course, you have a blend of the almond nuts and the pear in the filling. If you like the pears, then you’ll find it is as delicious.

You will love the pear jarred and buttery pastry that will then make it appear delicious. Check the recipe.

5. Healthy Raspberry Protein Brownies


This one will only take 40 minutes to cook it properly and fast too. It features the use of chocolate too.

Notice then that they even use the black bean flour to make it even more appealing. This is a vegan choice that is more than enough.

This is one of the easiest to make options when you don’t know what you can use, yet you have guests. Check the recipe here.

6. Lime bars


I have always loved these sweet delicious, and tasty treats since I was a young girl to this day. It remains tangy and just the right level of acidity. With the ingredients here then you will make the pie crust.

There’s nothing that beats the feeling and deliciousness of that bar, and you won’t make the hassle pie.

Some people like it being green, in which cases you should use more food color to attain the green color.

The best way to have it is only to cut it when you are ready.

Do you want to try this recipe?

7. Panna cotta with strawberry balsamic compote


When you’re looking for a way to find the perfect dairy-like dessert, then you need this silky smooth type.

It will give you the feeling that you are eating regular creamy sweets, making it just a better choice to use. I just like to take two spoonsful of these treats after my meals.

Of course, the kind of food I used to love then isn’t the same one I like today.

One thing you will like is that panna cotta on itself is just as good. But when you add on the tangy sauce, then you can be sure it’s even better.

The panna cotta is fragile and quivery in texture but utterly delicious, so you can comfortably use it for your meals. Make it using this recipe.

Ice Cream

8. Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream


My love for vanilla ice cream was one thing I struggled a lot with. The thought of not having the ice cream when I became vegan was the hardest.

But today I know you can try this option. This is super delicious, smooth, and just as creamy.

When you find this type, you will never again go for the sugary choices you find in the market. Learn to make this vanilla ice cream today, and you’ll never have the cream craving ever again.

You don’t always need the regular milk; instead, you can use coconut milk, and then that’s about that.

It will deliver just the same smoothness but also the deliciousness. When you try this recipe, you will never again try another because it’s just as good.

9. 5 ingredients coconut milk ice cream


Here you have a rich and creamy style of coconut milk ice cream. Notice that these are made using the five ingredients that make them delicious and tasty to use or even eat.

Here then, you have one of the best vegan ice creams you can ever have.

Notice then that you will have the delicious coconut cream. The great thing is that you don’t need dairy or any other non-vegan ingredients, which can only mean it maintains the deliciousness.

If you have the ice cream maker, then you are sure to have or even enjoy the ice cream.

One thing, though, is that you will never get enough of these treats. Notice that you will not need to use sugars; then, you can use natural sweeteners instead. Check the recipe here.

10. Leafy green mint ice cream


When you’re talking of vegan ice cream, it’s this green stuff that comes to our minds most of the time.

It seems more like the green smoothie that you transform into ice cream. But then it’s never been better and notices that it tastes even more delicious.

This ice cream tastes light and airy. Notice that this is going to be a blend of frozen ingredients which then allow freezing.

You will not need to churn the ingredients to form the ice cream, therefore.

Here, you have the mint green leaves, and it features the use of crushed tea leaves.

You will like its smoothness and the fact that it contains no milk, yet it’s still as smooth but also delicious. Check the recipe here.

11. Dairy-free tiger tail ice cream


Do you like the 80s style ice cream? Well, let’s take you back in time to enjoy the flavors of the time.

The unique thing is that they use different oils to make it easy to make when you know how to make it. The ice cream contains no artificial flavors but no dairy either.

This one is a recreation of the 80s ice cream. It further has black tangerine and black licorice. Here, you have an 80s comeback, but you will like the flavors and texture.

I like the way it looks as well. This is an indication that you don’t need the use of dairy always to make the ice-creams.

The addition of the tangerine and the orange flavors is everything you need to make delicious ice cream.

Check out the recipe we suggested here to give ideas on how great it is.

12. How to make paleo pumpkin ice cream!


This is the one I like the most during the summertime. It’s outrightly delicious but not so very heavy, thus ideal for the hot weather.

This one has no dairy, but it’s still light and creamy in your mouth so that you won’t be getting enough of it.

It uses just a few ingredients, and therefore it’s just as delicious. So if you like the pumpkin pie flavor, then this is the one you can use.

So then you will have the perfect pumpkin flavors. When it’s pumpkin season, you can use the pumpkin to flavor it all and thus attain rich and delicious flavors.

You will then set them in the cold freezer to get them to the right temperature and then perfect to eat.

Check the recipe here


Even if you enjoy the cakes, you don’t have to worry about it because you can have them dairy-free. It’s, in fact, all times that cakes use the dairy these days.

13. Vegan Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake


God, I love cakes, and this is one of the options I have recently sorted to use, thus attaining moist and delicious tastes.

Here they don’t even need to use butter, but then it still makes the most delicious but also a classy cake. It will almost look like regular cakes.

When you look at it, though, you will realize that this is the best vanilla cake you can even make because first, it’s healthy but also delicious.

This is the perfect vanilla crazy cake. Notice that it has no eggs but no milk either.

It’s going to be a delicious option. You can cook it in 30 minutes. Check the recipes here.

14. Dairy-free chocolate cake


One thing you’ll like about this chocolate is that it’s fudgy but also delicious. The incredible thing is that they are moist but also nicely textured.

So then here you will have 2/3 layers of the cakes. So then you have the perfect vegan chocolate cake.

I know many recipes are meant for chocolate cake, but this one will always stand out. This is true when you no longer use dairy anymore.

It remains versatile yet also flexible.

We make it even better because you don’t even have or need to use eggs in the recipe. When you tell anyone about the combination of the cake, no one will believe just how good you are.

When they use the different types of milk, it’s usually soy milk and not regular milk. Find out from the recipe how you can make yours stand out.

15. Dairy-free yellow cake


Okay, when you are making the dairy-free cake, it doesn’t always have to be chocolate. You can also use the yellow style one.

Here you will have the perfect choice to use when you have significant events in your life too. If you are a baker, you will probably already know about the yellowcake.

Here then you’ll have the perfect recipe to use that doesn’t have the allergens. If you have lactose intolerance, don’t worry; you are safe taking these meals.

So then they will work well with soy milk or almond milk too. You will like the dairy-free cake frosting. Check the recipe here.

16. Vegan salted caramel chocolate cheesecake


Here are another one of the delicious vegan cakes. Notice that they have a chocolate base, and this is also one of the delicious options.

You will like it the most for being creamy but also delicious. Here then you will have cashew nuts or coconut milk.

Notice that this is delicious, and it was decadent but also rich. You will like them the most because they are rich and healthy. Check this recipe here today.


17. Sweet potato chocolate chips


You will like the moist buttery but also the wonderfully chocolatey cookies. Here then you have the perfect choice with the cinnamon and nutmeg.

Although they don’t contain dairy, then they also have soft and chewy cookies.

Most people wouldn’t expect to have sweet potato cookies, but they are great cookies. And it’s healthy but also delicious.

You don’t need to use dairy, though, to make the cookies. It has a mild flavor, and you will have the cookie being chewy.

Notice that you can also use oatmeal, and this then will become healthy and still nice. Check the recipe here for ideas.

18. Gluten-Free Banana Bread Cookies


I must say this is just way better than banana bread.  The cookies are going to be nicely moist but also fluffy and light.

This is one of the chocolate chips, and while you may think it’s hard to prepare, they cook it like banana bread.

You know the cookie batter then is easier to make. You will cook the cookies in slightly over 10 minutes.

This is a regular treat, yet it’s gluten-free. You will like the chewy nature of the cookie, and the fact that you can gobble it is going to be amazing. Check the recipe here.

19. Snappy molasses cookies


They are the same as the oil or the margarine. These kinds of cookies are much more common, and people have used them for over a decade.

Here then, you have the gingersnaps, and you will have the molasses soft.  This is an old-fashioned style of cookies that you can make in no time.

Notice that they are oatmeal cookies, which means you have one of the healthiest cookies you can ever have here. Find the recipe here, though.

20. Joe froggers molasses cookies


I love summer days in our house because you will also have these treats in the pantry. I have found that the ones they make with the rum addition is even much better. And, of course, you don’t need dairy when you want to use these treats.

Another time you will not miss them at home is during American independence day.

This is mainly because our family gathers in to celebrate. But other than that, most weekends you will have these delicious treats.

If you like to sell baked goods, you probably already know that you need these delicious treats. I advise you to try on these recipes, and you will notice just how delicious they are.


21. Old Fashioned Banana Cream Pie Recipe 


Here you have another classic dessert to make it easy to attain the perfect blend that will mean you attain the perfect meal.

It will then make the banana cream pie delicious for you to use. You will whip the cream to make it delicious.

So then you should know that you will like this recipe a lot more because it’s easy to make. Check the recipe here

22. Easy maple bourbon pecan pie


This one here is one of the most delicious yet easy to make and perfect desserts anyone can use.

Here then you will make it using the filling that includes some chocolate, maple syrup, pecans, cinnamon, and more. You then even have it garnished with the cream for even more deliciousness.

The recipe in here then Will guide you on how to make the perfect maple pecan pie. Therefore, you have to use corn syrup, but the truth is that it’s perfectly delicious.

Just the fact that the pecan pie is gorgeous will make you out rightly want to try it. Check out the recipe here.

23. Apple cranberry pie


People like this one the most because it combines the tart cranberries and the apples and the crunchy oat crumble. Notice that the pie than will work for different occasions and include your breakfast and the deserts.

I’m sure when you try this recipe, you will have all of your kids digging in and loving it. It’s perfect for all ages, but it always looks healthy yet delicious.

Here, you will combine the best ingredients to come up with the most delicious dessert we have here. Check the recipe here too.

24. Strawberry rhubarb pie


One of the most common pies in the world is this type, and the best part is that you don’t have to use dairy; instead, you can use any other ingredients aside from dairy.

The secret then is to use fresh strawberries. Now then, you will need to add the tart and the rhubarb to make it one of the most common desserts.

Of course, most people will even serve it alongside the vanilla ice cream. Everyone loves the rhubarb veggie, but most people like to use it when making different desserts. Check the recipe here.


25. The best vegan chocolate pudding


Vegan or not, you will most likely like this option because of its creamy smooth but also deliciousness. The chocolate pudding is a family dessert for different events.

Notice that the seven ingredients pudding is something to go for. Remember, they are dairy or egg-free. It’s not even sugar and nut-free.

When you are looking for a different vegan like pudding, then this is going to be delicious.

Remember, you will need to warm the ingredients and then use the cornstarch to thicken them. Notice that it will take time for it to be ready for you to it.

You will have the rich, decadent, smooth, and velvety you will like it is tasty. They will contain dairy, gluten, soy-free, and more.

This one will blend well with any meal. Check the recipe we have here for ideas.

26. Classic Dairy-Free Bread Pudding that’s Moist, Delicious, and Butterless


When you’re looking for ways to eat a moist, creamy, but still delicious pudding, you can use their pudding. The good thing then is that this one is gluten-free.

So you see, you don’t have to throw the stale bread as it can still be helpful here.

Here then you have the brunch meal that you can use with the caramel and vanilla sauces. So although most sweet casseroles have dairy, this one has none.

But it’s still as delicious. You can remember to bake it on the same day or even the next day.

Notice then that this one here is moist, delicious but also richly textured. Remember, it’s further full of flavors. Check out the recipe here.

27. Coconut Tapioca pudding


You will like the tropical flavor of the pudding. So the difference here is that then they cook the tapiocas in coconut milk. This is one of the wealthiest additions to your meals.

Notice that you can add the sweetened honey to your pudding to make sure you attain the creamy deliciousness.

You will still have almost the same tasty pudding, and the velvety texture is unforgettable. Remember you should add the fresh mango dices for the perfect tastes too.

I like this recipe because it will make it easy to attain the flavors, and it also takes just 20 minutes to finish cooking it. Check out the recipe guide here.

28. Vegan mango sorbet


One of the most common vegan non-dairy deserts is here.

The good thing, though, is that it will take you about 5 minutes. Contrary to what you would expect then, the mango sorbet doesn’t need you to have the ice cream maker.

You will realize that it’s one of the most accessible recipe guides to follow. I like the colors as they will match all the different meals you had.

Since it uses the water base, the fruit, and the sugar, you can be sure it will serve you better. Try the recipe here.

29. Strawberry sorbet


I know you would think this is an ice cream even though it’s not. But one thing you will like about it is that it’s utterly delicious. You will need to have something that cools you down for those hot days, like the sorbet.

You will find it a lot more during the holidays, and you will be sure you even have frozen desserts after that.

When you are craving the actual cream, and for some reason, you can find it, would you buy this one? Check the recipe here.

30. Grapefruit sorbet


Another one of the most common choices of sorbet is the one with grapefruits. You will like its fresh and refreshing tart and delicious sweet sorbet.

You can be sure you will have a blend of flavors, making just the complex flavors here. If you have all the fresh ingredients here, you will like this one. Check the recipe here today.

31. Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse


Another one of the easiest to use meringue is the chocolate aquafaba here. Notice that you will have the perfect and delicious ingredient to make the fluffy and rich but also creamy.

I like it being chocolate-like. Notice that one will not make any kind of allergens.

This is light and airy but also ultra-fluffy texture. Notice that it’s still rich even though it doesn’t come with milk.

Here you will find it is just as good as your ice cream. Try the recipe today.

32. Baked or No-Bake Strawberry Macaroons


Here are another one of the eggless dairy-less macaroons.

You can then add on the cocoa, so remember here you can have them baked or not baked it’s all your personal choice.

So if you are looking for paleo-friendly options, you have them here.

One thing then you will have been that it’s sweet and tart like then you will have these delicious goodies. Check the recipe here for ideas.

33. Pineapple kiwi popsicle


You will like the fruity treat and this refreshing. They are great during the summertime. This features the mildly tart and it features the use of just pineapple flavors.

Notice that you can have the two fruit ingredients that make the best popsicles for you here.

Then, on every sunny day, you can use these popsicles to cool you down and refresh you.

Remember, you will need a few hours to get it to solidify like this. I like to make mine the previous night. Check the recipe here.

34. Strawberry lemonade popsicles


Here you have some of the healthiest yet best treats to use when it’s summertime. The one thing you will enjoy is that they are perfect to use yet healthy and just great to use.

When you make these popsicles, you are sure you have the crowd-pleasing treat that is only ideal during Christmas.

When the strawberries are in season, it’s time to have them on and make them more accessible. Check the recipe here today.


35. Berry mango sunrise tart


When you’re making these treats, your only goal is to have the most delicious and beautiful dessert styles.

You will use them best during the summer, and mind you; then you can be sure to have no added sugar.

Again this one can act as a crowd-pleaser, and you should use it when you have a lot of your friends gathered.

You will like it a lot more for the fact because it’s easy to make. Check the recipe here.

36. Seville orange tart


The one thing making it stand out, though, is the orange color and the flavors as well.

When you are done with your meal, the next thing you want is to eat another one of the best tarts, and servile will leave you wanting some more.

If you, however, want a dessert that you can serve just the same day you made them, then this is what you need.

37. Easy fruit salsa


A bowl of fruits is the healthiest dessert you can ever have, and of course, it contains no dairy. Sometimes I just eat this as a whole meal even though it’s part of other meals on here.

The berry blend is everything for most people. I like that they also cut them into bite-size shapes.

Of course, if you like, you can add on the tortillas to add the juiciness. You can use them during all the seasons, and they will always look and feel nicely delicious. Check the recipe here.

38. Strawberry basil granita


More than anything, you will like the way it looks, and you can be sure it will work best during the summer. Most of us enjoy the delicious strawberries granite.

More than anything, you will like the fact that they are easier to make.  Check the recipe here.

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