27 Crockpot Soup Recipes (Easy + Pictures)

Soups are the hot juices of life that especially keep us warm during the cold weather. For some people, it makes a whole meal when they are tired of cooking.

Now when you want to make it, then it takes a lot of time to prep.

However, with the crockpot, you can be sure that it’s easy to make the soup.

crockpot tomato and chicken lasagna soup

This is why we bring some of the best crockpot recipes to use in this article.

1. Spaghetti and meatballs crockpot soup


When you don’t know how to use the crockpot, you will not know that you can use spaghetti and meatballs. You will like the fact that this is easier to make than most other meals.

I could start with my personal favorite because it’s the easiest to make.

When you have a hearty meal here, you don’t want to start cooking another dish. Also, you already have the balls and the spaghetti in the soup.

When it’s too cold, nothing will beat the cold like this meal.

The difference here is that they use Italian herbs and seasoning to make it. That, of course, means it attains the Italian style of the meal.

If you are going to cook your meatballs for eight hours, remember to brown or sear them, making sure it maintains their shape.

When then it’s about to cook, you can add on the spaghetti pieces. You should then use the different cheese types like mozzarella or parmesan cheese.

That is what will create an even better creamy flavor.

Try the recipe here.

2. Homemade Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup


Yum right?

I like that this is not only filling rather, it’s nicely delicious as well.  By the time you have sampled this one, you will not want to use any store-bought versions.

So then here you have a hearty bowl of soup that you can enjoy as an everyday weeknight dinner.

Of all things, you will like it for being more than natural and utterly delicious. Here then, you have the flavorful yet rich, delicious hearty meal in terms of soup.

Of course, this is nothing like the bland store-bought ones. Take your time to make it yourself, and you will be amazed at how good this one tastes.

When all you want is comfort food, you can be sure it will deliver a comforting feeling, especially cold.

Notice that you can use all the different seasonings you like, but here we like to use rosemary and thyme for the soup.

Also, remember that you don’t need homemade preservatives. For those times when you want to make them try this recipe.

3. Slow cooker French onion soup recipe


Notice that the French onion soup is another easiest to make, especially since it will bring rich broth.

Here, you have the top of the soup with baguette bread and cheese to enhance the flavors.

This is one of the easiest to make soups. But that’s mainly since you will set everything in the crockpot and also give it time to cook gently until it’s fully cooked.

Here you even have a savory broth, and therefore it’s going to be healthy to cook.

So you see each bowl they cook with the baguette, and it, therefore, becomes comfort food for you. So, of course, it will make a more delicious broth.

You should just make sure then that you don’t let the onions burn at the bottom. This is why you need to stir it quickly at the bottom, thus making sure it never burns.

Try the recipe in this set before you decide to use it. There’s nothing that beats a warm bowl of soup during winter.

So when you’re looking for a better recipe to make the soup try this recipe.

4. Easy Hamburger Soup


Here you have the meal without a lot of addition except the vegetable, lean beef, and the diced tomatoes.

I like this kind of soup because the moment I finish prepping it, I always then know that I have a full meal already.

This is one of the best to use for the weeknights. Remember, when you’re busy, the last thing you want to be doing is spending a lot of time cooking.

So the soup they make uses the lean meat and the veggies added to it. If you add the crusty bread, you will have an honest and full meal already.

I like the fact that you can use it as simple classic food for busy weeknight dinners.

You can have this kind of meal then keep your belly warm. Now notice that there are so many names you can use for the same.

Check out this recipe here

5. Slow cooker chicken posole


You will like this broth chicken soup because of its deliciousness. Notice that you’ll like the flavors and the deliciousness too.

One thing you will then like is that they will enjoy the Mexican flavors. Here you will always have it easy to warm the flavors.

So then posole is just a Mexican chili soup. I hope you know that it means nothing less than spiciness when I talk of the Mexican recipe.

You can be sure to have full flavors as well. Furthermore, they are made using anything from pork to chicken and sometimes even beef.

In most cases, you will have people make it using the traditional method, but you can also use it in the crockpot.

Enough of the store-bought types because you can be sure it will serve you greatly. Again it has a depth of flavors for you to use easily.

Check out the recipes we have here

6. Crockpot chicken wild rice soup


You will like this meal a lot more because it has a load of veggies. Additionally, it has a tender chicken but is also succulent, but it’s also delicious and nicely seasoned. In most cases, this one also has rice.

It’s easy to make just like any other meal because you will have the ingredients in the crockpot.

It has the perfect aromas, and you can use it permanently at dinner time.

You will then find it easy to use because you can blend the creamy soup with the perfect delicious soups.

Growing up, this was my favorite meal for some reason, but the funny thing is that I never get tired of it to date.

I don’t know what you would like to add to it, but I like to add sweet potatoes. It’s going to be nothing short of nicely delicious.

You will like it for being perfect but also the best to set on the table.

Remember once again you will like its seasoning as it delivers the perfect and yet delicious meals.

Also, you will need to use the skinless chicken that you can use to attain the perfect meals.

When you want to cook this one try the recipe here.

7. Slow cooker loaded baked potato soup


I know you would say, but this is not a crockpot recipe. But regardless of whether you have the crockpot or the slow cooker, you will get this perfect recipe.

Remember it has the loading to make sure you can have the meal as a whole and a full meal.

In my house, this is a winner for the kids especially. Well, at least they go to bed with a full meal.

Here then, you have a go-to soup that you can use to attain the perfect delicious complete meal in no time.

You can be sure it’s easy to enjoy the texture creaminess and greatness.

To make it an authentic meal, you can add on some salad or bread, and then this will mean you have the perfect choice to enjoy a complete meal in no time.

Try the recipe here.

8. Slow Cooker Pork Chops in Cream of Mushroom Soup


Here again, you have the creation of an almost complete meal and remember you will enjoy the flavors and the tastes.

When you’re looking for the most delicious meal to use in a short time that will also make it filling but also healthy, you have it here.

Also, you can make them in the crockpot, so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen.

In most cases, they will make the pork browned and then set them in the oven to cook it to a delicious meal.

To make it a complete meal, you can serve this with rice, mashed potatoes, or noodles.

The good thing then is that it will take you a much shorter time to make it, thus making sure you have the rich but also a healthy-looking meal for you to use. This one will be a creamy soup, thus being a delicious option for you to use.

Try the recipe here.

9. Crockpot butternut squash


This is one of my favorite styles of soups, but mainly because it’s easy to make, even for your kids.

If you are anything like me, this is a way better soup meal that you can use before a meal or even just as an authentic meal.

You will like the soup for its simplicity but also its smooth creaminess. If you, however, like the fall flavors, then you will mainly like this piece.

More than anything, you will like the fact that this meal is then full of fibers and many other nutrients.

You will like that this squash is also a high-level antioxidant, but then again, it has anti-inflammatory properties.

So then it will contain calcium absorption, which then makes it retain the nutrient in the body.

Of all the soups you see here, then you will notice that this one has far more nutrients than anyone we have too.

It contains iron folate zinc, and with it, you will have it retaining the perfect bone health.

Just remember that you can set the butternut in the blender for the perfect smooth consistency to give it that smooth consistency.

You will more than anything like the immersion blender. Here is the recipe to follow in making the same.

10. Crock Pot Black Bean Soup Recipe


One of the most common but also essential meals to vegans is bean soup because it has a spicy side. It’s also richly flavored but also delicious to use.

The fact that you then make it in the crockpot means it’s going to be nothing short of delicious or even full of flavor.

When it’s winter, then you should have this meal in the house for the perfect flavors.

The good thing, though, is that it’s also easier to make; thus, you will have it serving you over a long time.

Here then you have the comforting recipe to make sure you have the delicious side of the meal.

Also, you have a delicious mouthwatering addition to your meal. Don’t expect to have the thick soup in the bean soup; instead, you will have the broth-like soup.

Notice that you will have different topping suggestions to spice it a little more.

This will also make it even more different but also delicious. Check out the recipe we have here today.

11. Crockpot sweet potato soup


If you are going to make the best vegan soup, you should consider sweet potato soup. If you have seen or made the butternut squash.

Also, you can make it as smooth as you want to, and then you’re ready to eat.

So then, when you have cooler nights, this is the best soup to get you warm.  You should have the potatoes ready and peeled.

Once you are done with this, then you can set it to the crockpot. This then means that you’ll have a thicker soup.

The consistency and the texture of the soup will make it more delicious. Remember it has heavy cream or coconut milk.

It will also be silky and yet delicious. It’s going to be a healthy soup that you can use. Check out the recipe we have here.

12. Slow Cooker Spicy Chicken Quesadilla Soup


Here is another one of the delicious and creamy dishes where you have the chicken quesadilla and the crouton.

Of all the ones we have already discussed above, I’m almost sure if you tried this soup, you would like it.

You will have the mini quesadilla croutons and more just to make the chicken soup even better.

However, if you like the larger ones, it’s still okay to use them.

Remember, you will also decide how thick you want it or even the ingredients to use.

Notice that you will love the soup in this case because it gives you the perfect addition to your meals. I like to use chili and sour cream to make sure it’s delicious.

But don’t use the chili if your family is not yet used to the chili remember. The recipe here is amazing.

13. Slow cooker split pea soup recipe


I like the pea soup but especially when you have the cold winter times. For those of us living in the areas that are so cold, you need is soup to keep you warm.

You have a hearty filling meal on here. When you then add the bread to the mix, you will have the deliciousness you need.

This is an excellent type of soup you can even use to nurse your cold. Sometimes you can even add milk to make it nicely smooth and creamy too.

The slow cooker is one of the perfect choices for the different times you have it on.

Who doesn’t like the crockpot just for the fact that you don’t have to struggle in cooking? Rather you will set everything in the crockpot to allow it to cook best. Here you will have it fill up your hunger.

You will then use the chicken broth for this, but if you don’t want to use the chicken broth, you can find other vegan-style broth, and this will work just fine at all times. Check out this recipe today.

14. Crockpot unstuffed cabbage soup


Cabbage soup? I know oi thought that too but wait till you try this one, and you’ll be surprised at how good it is.

The dish here is a great choice that you can use to add to the slow cooker in no time then you have the perfect soup.

Here you have a delicious choice you can use during the cold weather or when you want to eat soup. Nonetheless, you just don’t want to engage in too much work for the preparation.

Of course, it has many other ingredients in the cabbage to make sure it’s delicious.

Check out these recipe today.

15. Crockpot Beef Barley Soup


Here then, you have the best and yet most delicious soups. It will then have the veggies the meats and notice that it’s going to be pleasing with minimal effort. If you like, then you can make this in the crockpot soon.

When you are looking for a hearty veggie, then you have it here. During the cold weather then you can be sure that it’s going to keep it warm and delicious at the same time.

Of course, if you want to, you can add mashed potatoes or even bread.

Notice that the beef barley soup is going to be more than delicious. Remember then that you can brown the meats, making them cook nicely without really shredding.

The best thing then is to have the potato being delicious. Check the recipes we have here.

16. Slow Cooker Sausage, Spinach, and White Bean Soup


I would gladly say that nothing beats your slow cooker soup. Here you won’t have to sauté stir or even stand in the kitchen waiting for it.

You just need to add everything to the soup, and then you will cook it perfectly.

You can then cook up the sausage and then throw everything in the crockpot, add your water and let it make the soup in time.

You will like this soup a lot because you can eat it in any weather condition. It will always work perfectly.

The best part, though, is that this is the most straightforward kind of soup to make that you can eat alongside all the other different kinds of meals.

I don’t expect you to find it hard to prepare it when you follow this recipe.

17. Healthy Chicken Tortilla Soup Crock Pot Recipe


Here are another one of the healthy and delicious soups you could ever have.

Notice that you have the best meal during the winter, but you can also use it during the other different seasons.

Also, you have the spicy easy to make and yet delicious soup that you can also use for different occasions.

Here you have the easy but also comfort food to use when you are not feeling like spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

So the chicken tortilla is one of the healthiest choices you can ever use. One thing you are sure about with this one is that it will serve you best.

Notice then that you will have a meal that you can also use over a long time.

I like that the chicken tortilla is one of the most common meals you will like to use. Check out the recipe here to make your style.

18. Cheeseburger soup


If you are one of the cheeseburger lovers, you will find this meal to be delicious, but the best part is that it almost makes an authentic meal in no time.

When you look at it, you can be sure you will want to have it even as a complete meal.

Here then, you have the rich and creamy taste of the soup that is further velvety in texture.

Be informed that this soup is moreover a crowd-pleaser.

If you’re one of those who likes to call your other family members to come and enjoy a meal, then here you have a choice.

If you want, you can serve it with the bread or even the carrots to attain the perfect crunchy.

Check out the recipe here for ideas on the best soup.

19. Healthy slow cooker pinto beans


Notice that here you will have the pinto beans that you make from scratch. It’s one of the healthiest options you can ever have in terms of the soups we show here. One thing stands that even vegans can try it sometimes.

Some people then use canned beans to make the perfect soup, but this is best done from scratch. The secret then is to use the proper seasoning to make sure you attain or make the perfect flavors.

This is also one of the familiar recipes you will have the vegans enjoying. It has a pack of nutrients, so then you should include it in your meals.

Check out the recipe here for ideas on what to cook.

20. Slow cooker minestrone soup


Minestrone soup is common among vegans and vegetarians. Here you also have one of the most common options you can use since it’s a healthy option.

The soup we suggest here is a hearty choice that you can use on any night of the week.

Notice that you will attain the most delicious choice of soup as a side dish to your different meals as well.

You can also be sure that you will have the comfort food here to make sure it’s enriching your soul.

You can be sure the soup will serve you, especially since it’s a classic choice that has been available for a long time.

In the first place, be informed that you have the perfect choice of a big pot of soup that will serve you as a typical meal.

If you would like to try this recipe, then you should try this recipe.

21. Easy potato leek soup


I’m fun of the potato soup just because s of its thickness but also the richness. Here you, therefore, have the delicious cheesy but also rich meal.

The other best part is that you will like it for being easy to make. This is not any other soup you get from your grocery stores.

It’s a healthy choice you can use alongside any other bread and other great additions.

I want you to know, though, that the potato is the main ingredient of all the options we have here.

If you also teach your kids how to eat healthily, you should follow this recipe as they will love it.

So then notice that it will work great for the veggie pasta as well. would you like to try it? check out the recipe here.

22. Crockpot quinoa soup recipe


One of the most common soups you can ever buy to use is this quinoa one. I just like that you will allow it to cook slowly for many hours.

Now the greatest thing is that the flavors, textures, and colors will remain the same.

Notice that of all the ones you, therefore, see, this is the best and yet a comfort food. It works as a vegetarian meal, you know.

Here you also have the soup being healthy and amazing. I like the smell of the soup as it simmers.

Check out the recipe here.

23. Slow-cooker shrimp & crab bisque


Notice that the whole soup is then going to be a delicious choice that when you add on the bread, then you will have made a whole meal.

I love this meal but especially during the colder weather. It will keep you warm, but it’s also creamy and delicious.

I’m sure you actually like the way it looks but also the way it tastes. The other pleasing thing is that it’s easier to make it.

You just have to set everything in the crockpot, and then it will cook it. Check out the recipes here.

24. Crockpot white bean and sausage soup


The main reason why people like this kind of soup is that it’s easier to make than most other types.

Note that this meal doesn’t need any form of precooking or searing as it will still attain the perfect recipe.

You don’t need to use some unique ingredients rather just the regular ones you know of. The one thing that makes your family enjoy it the most is that it’s a pack of flavor nutrients but with a great smell.

You see, even if you looked at then you just want to go in. Check out this recipe to go on and make it by yourself.

Try this one today, and you will be surprised just how great it is.

25. Crockpot chicken enchilada soup


Do you like the enchilada? Here you will be cooking your best soup that you combine the enchilada with the chicken as well.

Here then you will attain the warm, delicious, but also creamy soup that you can eat alongside many other meals that are already available.

The look in the bowl makes you want to take a spoon and start eating your soup. For those winter and summer days, then you can use this soup freely remember.

This one will be enriched because it’s a simmer style of soup. It’s deliciously easy to make flavorful but also richly nutritious.

If you want to try it today, you should set the recipe.

26. Slow cooker crack potato and broccoli cheese soup


Here you will like it a lot more because of its creamy nature, but it’s such a delicious broccoli style of soup.

I know a few people who have made it part of their life just because you can easily make it. Even if you are a learner, you will find that it’s easy to make it. You will attain a colorful bowl of soup. Expect it to be filling, though.

Notice that you can use the different kinds of cheese to make the perfect recipes.

The blend of the broccoli and the potato is everything making it perfect to use when you are not even planning to cook.

Try this recipe today to realize how good you will make it.

27. Japanese clear onion soup


And lastly, you have this bowl of onion soup, especially if you are going to take it as a starter for your meals. Now you don’t expect too much from this as it will deliver the best soup.

When you look at it, you will notice just how nutritious it is. If you’re looking for the easiest way to make the soup, then you should try this recipe.

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