Copper Chef Vs Gotham Steel – Which One Should You Choose

In recent years, we have had various cookware brands competing to produce the best, high-quality and high-tech cookware. Thanks to their competition because all this is to the advantage of the consumer.

If you buy cookware regularly you will notice that with every upcoming cookware there is something advantageous about it.

Your good example is the Gotham steel pan and copper chef pan. I must say, they all have their pros and cons yet they are very valuable tools.


While it’s true that I’ve had the copper chef for years now and it’s utterly effective, I like to try all the items before I can conclude which one works for me. So, with the rise in popularity of Gotham steel, I recently bought the Gotham steel.

This article is going to highlight both the strong points and weak points of each so read on.

The Copper Chef Pans


The copper chef pan is a non-stick pan that has the cerami-tech technology infused in the copper. It combines the two most common safe materials used for cookware called ceramic and copper.

The copper is by far one of the highly effective materials to use in cooking. This is because of its high heat conductivity. This makes it react to the temperature changes in a fast fashion. On the other hand, the ceramic material is well known for its non-stick feature.

Ceramic is further non-reactive which means that it remains the same not assuming the bad odors after cooking. You can use it for cooking all the things you want to. Now, this makes the copper chef your best bet for everyday cooking.

Are Copper Chef Pans Safe to Use?

According to the manufacturer, the copper cookware is safe to use. But don’t take their word for it, the pans though being non-stick coated lack any traces of PFOA and PTFE. This has been proven by the clinical tests done to it.

Most of these items are oven-safe and unreactive to temperatures. In addition, you won’t have its coated surfaces peeling off and thus infusing the coating particles in your food like other non-stick coated items.

Since they can stand high temperatures, you can wash them in the dishwasher.

How Much Will It Cost You to Buy the Copper Chef Pan?

I think you have every reason to buy this item because you won’t have to buy other pans or it’s the ideal tool to replace all your old pans. It works on both the gas and electricity all at a small price of $60 for most of the items.

Of course, you will find some others being highly priced because they come in sets. But you shouldn’t have to dig your pockets so deep for this set. What’s more, the moment you receive the item you are offered a lifetime guarantee in case it doesn’t fulfill your needs.

Seasoning Your Copper Chef Pans

Today, we are all concerned about our health. It goes without saying that copper chef pans have wowed the global population and all for a reason. They are healthy to use but for them to be effective longer, you must consider the seasoning of the pans.

Here’s how to season the pan

I know you have just bought your copper chef pan and you want to begin tossing your pasta, eggs, stews among others. But, not so fast. Start by seasoning it and don’t worry it won’t take long to season.

  • Gently clean the pan using warm water and mild dishwashing soap.
  • Next, on medium to high heat, warm the pan for not more than 2 minutes then remove it from the heat source.
  • Take your 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil, vegetable oils or flax seed oil and spread around the inner surface. Swirl the pan so that the oil covers the whole bottom part and sides of the pan.
  • Place the pan on the gas stove or the other heat source and let the oil heat up until its smoking hot.
  • Switch the heat source off and let the pan cool off.
  • Once it’s cooled, don’t wash it instead wipe the oil from the surface with a napkin and it’s ready for use.

Best Gotham Steel and Copper Chef Pans

1. Gotham Steel 10-Piece Kitchen Set

Gotham Steel 10 Piece Pots and Pans Set with Ultra Nonstick Diamond Surface, Includes Frying Pans, Stock Pots, Saucepans & More, Stay Cool Handles, Oven Metal Utensil & Dishwasher Safe, 100% PFOA Free

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This set gives you everything you need for regular cooking. The Gotham 10piece kitchen cookware is one of a kind. Made using the titanium and ceramic you have the durability of the product enhanced. As if that’s not enough, cleaning the set is further easy.

The set is meant for multifunctional use and I like it that the pans are made using titanium which is hard and ideal for high heating cooking purposes. You may use it to sear your meats thus giving it the perfect brown skin.

You don’t have to spend time seasoning nor oiling and yet when taken care of the set will be with you for ages. Being a non-stick pan cleaning, it is a breeze and what’s more, your food slides on the surface once cooked.

The material makes it highly corrosion-resistant and you won’t have your coating peeling off and contaminating your food. Moreover, the food flavor is never altered and you can cook with minimum to no oil.

I love its vibrant color that adds to the great ambience of your kitchen. Lastly, as we earlier stated the Gotham steel is safe to use thus the set is free of all kinds of toxins.

Gotham steel copper cookware

2. Gotham Steel 12 Piece Copper Kitchen Set

Gotham Steel 12 Piece Copper Kitchen Set with Non-Stick Ti-Cerama Copper Coating by Chef Daniel Green – Includes Skillets, Fry Pans and Stock Pots

View on Amazon

This is an award-winning set and for a reason, the item is highly effective and functional. It features a set that has the Ti ceramic coating which is a blend of the strong titanium and another strong ceramic type. This makes it balance between durability and its non-stick nature.

With its non-stick surface, cooking is not only easy but also the food release and cleaning the pan is. The set takes your cooking experience to another level.

Gotham set is scratch proof and metal utensils safe. You have aluminum as part of the composition to make for even heat distribution.

You can use it to cook almost everything as you have the stock pots, skillets and pans as well. What further makes it ideal is that you can use it to cook in the oven at a temperature of up to 500 degrees.

Gotham copper pans

3. Gotham Steel All Purpose Pro Pan

Gotham Steel – in 1 Pan with Nonstick Copper Coating and Stainless Steel Helper Handles – Dishwasher and, Metal Utensil Safe, Brown

View on Amazon

Even at a first glance, you notice that this pan has a sturdy construction with the ideal smooth finish. At 12 inches you can cook almost anything in the pro frying pan. Like all the above items, the pan gives you a quick release that allows you to prepare a wide range of foods.

Since it has the ti cerama coating surface you can use the pan for stir-frying, searing or any other high heat cooking. It has the enamel coating on the exterior surface which makes it suitable for electric or gas cooking.

The item is oven safe and you can use it at a high temperature of about 500˚F. It’s lightweight and portable yet durable. I like it that you won’t have to use the oil to cook if you like to go the healthy way of cooking.

Copper pot as seen on tv

4. Copper Chef Elite 9 Piece Round Cookware Set

Copper Chef Elite 9 Piece Round Cookware Set -As Seen on TV! Heavy Duty Aluminum & Steel Pans With Ceramic Non Stick Coating. Includes Two Matching Lids, Frying Basket, Roasting & Steamer Tray.

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If you have a modern kitchen then this is your ideal setting for all kinds of cooking. Featuring 9 pieces of cookware that come in a vibrant rustic red color it will pop up the color of your kitchen. You have both pots and pans thus catering for almost all your cooking needs.

It gives you the cerami tech non-stick coating to ensure you don’t have any residue left once you cook the food. You can use it for healthier cooking because you don’t have to increase the oil and butter yet it is safe to use because it infuses no toxic chemicals into your food.

The plates are made using the heavy-duty stainless steel for even heat distribution. What I like the most about it is that the pan heats up quick and distributes the heat evenly. In addition, you can use the pans on the stovetops or the oven because they can reach a high heat of 850˚F.

You don’t need to buy the bakeware set with this item. You will use it for all the different kinds of cooking and rest assured that it’s going to serve you for ages.

Copper chef cookware

5. Copper Chef Cookware 9-Pc. Round Pan Set

Copper Chef Cookware 9-Pc. Round Pan Set, Aluminum and Steel with Ceramic Non-Stick Coating Cookware Set, Includes Lids, Frying and Roasting Pans Accessories, Pots and Pans Set

View on Amazon

Are you aware that copper is the new gold in the kitchen?

This cookware is flexible for use yet functional and it will serve you with the pots and pans. They all come in the rustic red color to complement your kitchen interior décor. Whether you want to deep fry, steam or roast, this set will be of great service to you.

It has the handles remaining cool to touch as you are cooking your food yet the cerami tech non-stick coating releases your food quick. Even your stickiest meals will slide right through the pan. It’s an effective performer that distributes the heat evenly.

Whether you want to use the set for your stove-top cooking, oven or table-top this is your ideal set to go for.

Copper titanium pan

6. Copper Titanium Chef 5 Piece Square Pan Set

Square Pan Sets FBA_ Non-Stick Copper Titanium, 1

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This copper titanium pan that comes in the square set is ideal of large cooking. Made using the nonstick copper coating and infused with the titanium metal you can use it for high heat cooking. The fact that you can use it on the induction surface gives it an edge.

It features the glass tempered lid for heat and moisture retention when you are cooking your food. The stainless steel handles are as durable as the pan’s body. What makes it even ideal for use is the fact that it’s PFOA free, PTFE free and PFOS free.

The item is further dishwasher safe.

Gotham Steel pans



The Gotham steel pans are made using the reinforced ceramic and titanium. The two materials that are popular in the cookware market today. Titanium, for example, is known for its strength and sturdiness. It’s thick and easy to use but with a reduced level of conductivity.

The reinforced ceramic is a high-quality type of ceramic. It’s even more non-reactive and non-stick than the regular ceramic. If you will season it properly the material will cause the pan to be scratch resistant. This makes it your best cooking surface.

Is the Gotham Steel Safe to Use?

We can’t avoid being concerned about the items we use for cooking today and all for a reason, none of us wants to suffer the dire consequences of being ignorant. So, let’s find out if the pans are safe to use.

The Gotham steel pans are safe and free of PFOS as well as PFOA. These toxic chemicals are mostly found in the non-stick coatings but not Gotham steel. Although these pans are non-stick, they use a ceramic coating which is free of toxins.

What’s more, they won’t even produce toxic fumes as you are cooking to affect the environment. It’s never affected by high heat in that it doesn’t begin peeling off. You won’t have any traces of the metals in your food and yet it’s durable.

Is the Gotham Steel Good?

I would say yes, it is. The one I recently bought has served me right. I don’t have to use the extra oil in cooking the food. It’s further scratch resistant which is something not many cookware is.

Whether you have other metal pieces you wish to use in cooking is a non-issue because it is scratch resistant.

7. Gotham Steel Deep Square All in One Pan

GOTHAM STEEL - 6 Quart XL Nonstick Copper Deep Square All in One 6 Qt Casserole Chef’s Pan & Stock Pot- 4 Piece Set, Includes Frying Basket and Steamer Tray, Dishwasher Safe

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This Gotham steel frying pan has the aluminum composition in it for even distribution of heat. I specifically love my piece because it’s lightweight which makes it easy to move around when cooking. It’s also portable because it’s not such a large piece.

The pan has the ti-cerama coating which as we have seen in the previous sets releases the food quick and is thus easy to clean. This item is scratch resistant and utterly durable which makes it an ideal piece for kitchen use.

The color blend is meant to enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen and what’s more, the glass tempered lid helps to retain the moisture in the food as its cooking. If you have a large family, this item should work for your large-scale cooking.

8. Gotham Steel 7 Piece Cookware Set

Gotham Steel Tastic Bundle 7 Piece Cookware Set Titanium Ceramic Pan, Copper

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This features a deep square pan and 2 different sized frying pans. Did you know that the Gotham steel is the first product that perfectly blends the titanium and the ceramic for the perfect finish of the cookware?

The blend has seen to it that the cookware has the maximum durability and multifunctional use all round. What’s more, you can easily use these pans for high heat cooking without the coat peeling off. You have an easy release of your foodstuffs after cooking.

This makes it easy to clean just like all the above ones. One problem with most of the cookware today is the food flavor alteration but never mind, this one doesn’t alter the food flavor. They are rust resistant and you may use it for almost all stovetop cooking and oven use.

Gotham steel pans set

9. Gotham Steel 20 Piece Cookware + Bakeware Set

Gotham Steel 20 Piece Pots & Pans Set Complete Kitchen Cookware + Bakeware Set | Nonstick Ceramic Copper Coating – Frying Pans, Skillets, Stock Pots, Deep Square Fry Basket Cookie Sheet & Baking Pans

View on Amazon

Here is your healthy cooking cookware to begin the operation in your new kitchen. The set features the 5 bakeware items made to stand up to 500˚F. They have the non-stick surfaces that are also scratch resistant.

Whether you wish to make your muffins, loaves, square bake, round bake or make your favorite cookies this set has you covered. Another set features 10 pieces of cookware which gives you stockpots, frying pans, steamers and saucepans with their lids.

Lastly, you have the deep pans set with the mesh deep fry basket and stainless-steel steamer rack. With these ones, you can fry, bake, roast and boil. You can rest assured that the items are toxins free and dishwasher-safe.

It’s not a wonder they have been endorsed by most celebrity chefs.

10. Gotham Steel 2″ Deep Square Copper Frying Pan

As Seen on TV Gotham Steel 2' Deep Square Copper Frying Pan- BRAND NEW!

View on Amazon

It features the stainless steel induction hot plate that ensures you have even heat distribution without hot spots. It heats up fast for the quick cooking process. Made using the cerami tech non-stick coating, the releasing of the food is quite fast.

Its free of toxins like the PFOA, PFTE, PFOS and you can safely use it on all your cooking surfaces. Apart from making your favorite eggs, it will also sear the meat without ever altering its flavor. This sleek finish design ensures you have the item for many years to come.

Even if you will use it regularly, the item’s surface will never peel off.

Seasoning the Gotham Steel Pan

Unlike the copper chef, this one has some work when it comes to the seasoning. In fact, if you won’t season it properly you will find that its durability is compromised.

  • To begin, use the warm water and soap to clean the whole pan. Never put the item in the dishwasher though.
  • For the seasoning, you can use other heating methods but here we use the regular stove top burner. Place your pan on the heating surface and heat it over the medium heat for about 2 minutes.
  • Use the groundnut oil for the seasoning although you may also use the vegetable oil, canola oil or flaxseed oil. Choose any other oil with the high smoking point. Never use the olive oil for this seasoning because it has a low smoking point.
  • Put your oil drops in the pan and swirl it around all the edges and parts of the pan as you wait for it to be properly seasoned. Remember you want your heat to be at a medium high. If you still notice some parts where the oil hasn’t reached use your kitchen cloth to spread the oil.
  • Let your oil reach the smoking point because that when the seasoning happens. Then turn off the heat and leave your pan cooling off.
  • Next, wipe off the excess oil and use the pan for cooking a couple of times and clean it by wiping off the dirt to allow the pan to season well.
  • Note that, you shouldn’t use dishwashing soap to clean the pan as that will remove the seasoning over time. If possible, season your pan at least twice a year.

Cleaning Your Gotham Steel Pan

  • Cleaning the Gotham steel pan should be a non-issue. You can clean it with warm water, dry and keep it but when you have your pan greased you may have to follow the steps below:
  • Fill your pot with water and let it boil.
  • Add your cup of white vinegar and boil it for 2 to 3 minutes then turn off the heat.
  • If you have the dawn dish soap add to the water while it’s still warm and leave it to settle for a few minutes.
  • Next, use the mesh scrubber to remove the stubborn greases remaining.
  • Rinse it with the warm water and dry before storing it.

Copper chef vs red copper vs Gotham steel

All these items are high-quality cookware. Therefore, it will mostly depend on how much care you give to them. They are all similar in that they have non-stick surfaces and they are heat resistant.

However below are the notable differences that set each apart from the other.

  • Good conductors of heat

While all three materials are good conductors of heat, copper is known to be a superior heat conductor. Both the red copper and copper chef can reach up to the heat of 850˚F. On the other hand, Gotham will reach up to 500˚F.

This is because the titanium is a good conductor of heat but not to the level of the copper.

  • For the sturdiness

We have seen that all these 3 metals deliver a sturdy construction. But in comparison to titanium, copper is softer which means that you will notice the denting in the red copper and copper chef before Gotham steel.

  • The weight

While the above point gives Gotham steel a lead as sturdy construction, its titanium construction makes it heavier than the copper chef. When in the kitchen the only thing you need is easy usage of the pans and that is what the lightweight pans give you.

  • Metal composition

Gotham steel

As earlier stated, the pans here are made using superior quality titanium and reinforced ceramic. This makes it the high-quality non-stick pan.

Red copper pan

This one is made using the ceramic high tech coating and the outer part of the coating is made using the copper for efficiency and high heat conductivity.

Copper chef

This one features the use of copper with the infusion of the cerami-tech for enhanced nonstick surfaces.


In my opinion, this is maybe about personal preference but having used both the Gotham steel and copper chef I think the best item here is the copper chef. I love cooking under high heat so it will work more to my advantage.

On the other hand, if you love the durable and sturdy construction, buy the Gotham because they are equally good and even cheaper.

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