5 Best Chopsticks Of 2021 – High Quality Chopsticks Review


If you’re looking to add a bit of flair to how you eat a dish, chopsticks are a great choice for an interesting take on any dish. They particularly make consuming Asian dishes an authentic experience, and are also great fun to use.

Five quality chopsticks of interest are:

How to choose a pair of chopsticks

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a pair of chopsticks, is whether you are looking to make a serious investment, or just looking to try out a new pair.

Metal chopsticks, particularly stainless steel, are going to be the more luxury form of chopsticks for you to use. If you want to get a seriously good pair, look no further than a stainless steel pair of chopsticks.

However, if you are just looking to try them out, you’ll want to purchase a pair of either some form of hardwood, or even less expensive, bamboo chopsticks. Metal chopsticks will generally be much more presentable, as well as last you for quite some time.

As long as they are properly cared for, you have no worries concerning the durability of the chopsticks themselves. Hardwood chopsticks are one step down from the quality of metal chopsticks, but will still last you quite some time.

As before, as long as they are cleaned properly they will last you for some quite time. The last would be bamboo wood chopsticks, these are most likely the chopsticks you are most familiar with.

They are quickly disposable and are ideal for any family gathering, or large event you might be hosting that chopsticks are needed. Bamboo chopsticks are incredibly inexpensive and as such can be bought in mass quantity if you need to supply many people with them.

Advantages of metal chopsticks

The price of metal chopsticks overall comes with plethora of definitive benefits when they are utilized properly. Besides the obvious matter of durability, metal chopsticks have some less obvious benefits that may not be readily visible when you make the choice to purchase them. One such benefit is the concept of “flavour migration”.

Less expensive wooden chopsticks, when used over a long period of time, can be imbued with the flavour of the wood that they were used to eat.

This can cause clashes with other dishes as the flavour that has soaked into the wood comes out of them, even if it’s the slightest bit.

This can bring spicy notes to otherwise mild dishes, and so on and so forth, and can generally bring a dish from an enjoyable experience to a slightly stranger one.

This is something that isn’t often brought up, because most people tend to use disposable wooden chopsticks.

As well, there are environmental concerns to be brought up when the concept of wooden chopsticks is concerned. Deforestation is a serious concern in relation to wooden chopsticks.

If you are environmentally conscious, you may want to choose a pair of metal chopsticks over the more entry-level wooden pair, if only for the purpose of not supporting deforestation.

In addition, if you take proper care of a pair of metal chopsticks, they will long outlast a pair of wooden chopsticks and eventually bring advantage in terms of price.

Every time you use a disposable pair and throw them away, you could just be washing a pair of metal ones.

Eventually you will reach a point where you’ve saved money by reusing the pair of metal chopsticks and save yourself some money, no matter how slight.

Especially if you own a restaurant, this is something to be considering. You could be saving hundreds of dollars a year if you use a pair of reusable chopsticks rather than just throwing cheap pairs out when they’ve been used.

Art design

When choosing a pair of chopsticks, don’t be afraid to shop around for a company’s similar models. A lot of time a company will have a similar pair of chopsticks with a different art scheme on them.

Shopping around for a different colour of chopsticks to match your silverware can add a bit of personal flair to your home and kitchen, as well as be neat to look at.

Chopsticks have a lot of craftsmanship go into them, so don’t be afraid to opt for a pair that has a different colour, or design from what you are used to.

Different engravings, colours, and coating can all bring a bit of personal flavour to a meal, and presentation can add that small touch that makes a meal interesting.

best chopsticks of 2021

1. Rbnexia Stainless Steel Chopsticks

Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick Stainless Steel Spiral Chopsticks 8.8 Inches Long Lightweight Chopstick Set Reusable Classic Style for Kitchen Dinner 5 Pairs Silver

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These chopsticks are a clear choice for anyone interested in a starter set of stainless steel chopsticks, giving you five individual pairs of chopsticks to furnish your dining table with.

With unparalleled value for the price, they’re not too tough on the wallet if you’re looking for an introductory pair of metal chopsticks.

Robust build quality
Easy to clean
Well-designed grip
Sleek design

Lack of creative colour scheme
Bit flimsy

2. Royal Premium Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks

Royal Premium Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks, 9' Sleeved and Separated, UV Treated, Bag of 100

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A very iconic pair of chopsticks, these are almost certainly something you have seen before. Whether it be with takeout Chinese food, or at a low-end sushi restaurant, this pair of disposable chopsticks is probably what you ate your meal with.

The convenience of these is undeniable, they’re easy to just toss in the trash when you’re done with them, and they’ll do the job. Inexpensive and easy to use is the highlight of what they can do for you.

Nothing fancy but it will most certainly function in the way you’re looking for. Bamboo chopsticks are usually bought in bulk, and these are no exception.

Easy to clean up, disposable.
Large quantity for the price.

Prone to splintering
Not very environmentally friendly

3. AOOSY Natural Wood Chopsticks

Chopsticks, Chopsticks Reusable, AOOSY 5 Pairs Japanese Natural Wooden Utensils Chop Stick for Sushi Cooking Noodles Rice Camping Travel Hair Adult Kids Chopstick Set with Boxes Value Gift Dishwasher

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These hardwood chopsticks are made to impress. The primary focus of these pairs is art design, and it doesn’t leave any room for doubt, they are an absolutely great looking set.

The dark wood will complement most any set of dishes. With a good coating on the outside, these wooden pair will long outlast you any set of bamboo chopsticks, and keep them from being permanently stained by any dish you might eat.

Coating as well makes them easy to clean, almost comparable with another set of metal chopsticks. They have a very traditional Japanese feel to them, and look absolutely phenomenal.

Great art design
Very durable for wooden chopsticks

Usually a bit more expensive compared to regular wooden chopsticks.
Not as durable as comparable metal pairs
Paint is prone to chipping in washing machines

4. Kitchen Art Korean Chopsticks

Olivia tree Chopsticks Non-Slip Grooves - Strong 10 Pairs Stainless Steel Vacuum Hollow Chopsticks

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Kitchen Art offers another pair of stainless steel chopsticks, for a much better price than the Rbnexia chopsticks. However, the build quality leaves a little bit to be expected.

Unlike the earlier pair, there isn’t much in terms of grip on the handle. Stainless steel tends to sweat a bit, and that’s an issue that has to be addressed when you’re looking at these.

All the standard fair of a pair of metal chopsticks are at play here, light, easy to clean, and will last you for a while.
Large quantity for the average price
Sleek, design goes with just about anything
Lack of grip on the top
Looks extremely average, no artistic flair
Not as strongly built as most metal chopsticks

5. JapanBargain Bamboo Chopsticks

JapanBargain Brand 5 Pair Bamboo Chopsticks Gift Set Crane Design Red

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This is yet another pair of art focused chopsticks, made out of bamboo as well. Unlike the earlier disposable bamboo chopsticks, these do in fact have a nice coating on them, which not only provides a good, matching colour scheme but prevents food from soaking into the actual bamboo of the chopsticks.

They’re certainly an entry-level pair, and do provide a good base if you’re interested in acquiring an at least semi-permanent pair of chopsticks.

Flat colour design, easy to fit into any set of dishes
Large quantity of chopsticks for the price
Stronger coat of paint
Very average paintjob, nothing exciting
Bit more flimsy than most wooden chopsticks of this price-range


Out of the many chopsticks you can choose from, I would most recommend the Rbnexia Stainless Steel chopsticks. For the value that you’re going to get out of them, it’s well worth considering over less expensive wooden pairs, or more plain stainless steel pairs such as the Kitchen Art pair.

They have an overall sleek design, and a nice ergonomic grip on them, which makes them easy to operate. Easily cleaned and of good build quality, these are the obvious choice for an entry-level pair of chopsticks.

I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied with these, over the everyday pair of disposable chopsticks.

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