5 Best Colombian Coffee Of 2021 – Colombian Coffee Brands Review

Colombian coffee continues to be rated as one of the most popular types of coffee in the world. With its origin dating back to the early 1800s when the Arabic coffee plantations started.

Although coffee originated from Africa it has perfected to other parts of the world with Colombia being ranked the 2nd producer of coffee being used in the world after Brazil. 12% of the total coffee produced in the world is Colombian.

Colombians pride themselves on producing the highest quality coffee by growing it in high altitudes and cooler climates which slows the maturation cycle and giving it a distinctive flavor, on smallholdings and carefully picking then wet processing.

Although there are many types of coffee we will delve into the 5 below;

best Colombian coffee to buy in 2021

1. Java Planet – Colombian USDA Organic Coffee Beans

Java Planet, Organic Coffee Beans, Colombian Single Origin, Low Acid, Non GMO, Gourmet Medium Dark Roast of Arabica Whole Bean Coffee, Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Two 1LB Bags

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It is an organic type of coffee that has been serving the community since 2009. It has an array of floral and chocolate notes in the flavor, it is balanced and aggressive with a great aroma.


  • The fact that it is organic makes it a healthy choice since no chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been used on it.  The soil in itself where it is planted is naturally rich.
  • The coffee is roasted perfectly and doesn’t leave a bitter or burnt aftertaste.


  • It has mild acidity which may at times be rendered boring.
  • The dark roast coffee is not good for people who don’t like a dark roast.

2. Colombian Supremo coffee

Hazz Gourmet Colombian Supremo Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Dark Roast,Rich, Smooth,Fair Trade 1 pound

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This is one of the finest Colombia’s coffee with known medium strength and sweet-tasting flavor as well as a delightful aroma. The name supremo comes from the coffee beans used where the beans are said to be slightly larger than excelso, extra, and passila. It is grown at a very high-level altitude Colombian Andes in Colombian supremo Andeano estate.

Pros and cons

  • It is an organic coffee with vast ecological benefits
  • It boasts a smooth and leveled acidity
  • It has large beans but the roasting and grinding is consistently perfect
  • However, to the normal coffee drinker the coffee is perceived the same so using a lot of dollars on it may not go well with them.

3. Koffee Kult – Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Medium Roast Coffee (Whole Bean, 32oz)

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It’s a gourmet medium roast type of coffee that assures you what you see in the advert is what you taste. It assures you the bold and strong cup that lingers in your mouth giving you a clean finish. It’s made of 100% arabica beans that provide that amazing smooth tasting flavor making you want to take another. It has a fruity aroma when brewing.

Pros and cons

  • It gives you the choice to grind it on your own so as to produce the authentic taste and flavor.
  • It has a big body medium balanced acidity with a crisp sweet finish.
  • Albeit, for dark roast lovers the medium roast will be flat and not having the kind of aroma you are looking for.

4. Melitta Coffee, Colombian Supreme Ground

Melitta Colombian Supreme Coffee, Medium Roast, Extra Fine Grind, 22 Ounce Can

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It’s made of 100% Colombian arabica beans that are high altitude grown. Melita is very rich and the flavors are well balanced. It is batch roasted and then ground extra fine in European fashion that unlocks its flavors.

Pros and cons

  • It uses the medium roast method.
  • One uses a little amount to make a richly flavored coffee compared to other brands.
  • It is also well-balanced coffee.
  • However, to some people, it tastes burnt and the flavored type is not good for those who love the authentic taste of the coffee.

5. Sello Rojo Roast & Ground Coffee

Café Sello Rojo Premium Colombian Coffee | Smooth & Flavorful | Low Acidity, No Bitter Aftertaste | 100% Colombian Medium Roast Ground Coffee | Café de Colombia | 16 Ounce (Pack of 1)

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It’s an organic, authentic Colombian made coffee that is of medium roast, high acidity and a perfect body that fulfills the flavor and aftertaste lingering effect. It also has a very intense aroma and is grown in very rich in nutrients soil contributing to its flavor.

Pros and cons

  • It’s very smooth and has a balanced acidity.
  • Its aromatic nature will make you want some more, however, if you love the coffee it light then this may not be the best brand for you.

Colombian coffee uniqueness

Coffee making journey takes about 6 years in the nursery and coffee plantations to grow to maturity.

After this, the processing takes place where the Columbian coffee must be washed and this unlike other regions coffee gives it a distinct taste and aroma.

Another reason making it stand out is the high-quality control standards set and followed to the latter through the national federation of coffee growers in Columbia. There is a critical inspection for the quality before it hits the market.

For you to have that perfect cup of coffee the beans must be of high quality, Columbia produces more Arabica coffee because of its quality and a little Robusta.

The distinctive attributes of coffee to know if you want good quality coffee

The avid coffee consumers can know the differences in the coffee they are using which occurs due to the place of origin, method of production, and the harvesting and post-harvesting processes.

One can evaluate the quality based on the characteristics below

Aroma; the characteristic of the well-roasted aroma is so distinct that some people believe they don’t have to taste it, the aroma is just sufficient.

Flavor; a casual drinker will describe coffee as what one drinks and explodes in their mouth then remains in their palate for some time after while an expert knows that it should be smooth, sweet, fruity, earthy and acidic to be considered the best.

The acidity; it’s one of the most desired attributes that is linked to the annual temperature and altitude where the coffee is grown and exposed. It refers to the light spicy spark that one feels when the coffee is in your mouth.

The body; it is a subtle effect, one needs to be very keen to identify it. The body is the lingering effect left in the mouth and the form that is moved to the throat. It can also be identified as smoothness. Good coffee is often well balanced.

Bitterness; it’s a characteristic produced by the coffee through the chemical composition.

The impression globally; depending on the above characteristics coffee is regarded as the best quality or not by the global market depending on its origin.

Note that the concentration on the chain of production, chain of distribution, wet processing and perfect preparation of the Colombian coffee makes it stand out among others.

How to prepare good quality coffee the Colombian way

The end results of your coffee in the cup and ultimately in your mouth depends upon various factors below;

The quality used; Colombian coffee is luckily at the heart of this beverage globally so you can get the best quality needed.

Use good quality water as this will determine the flavor. It should be free of contamination, transparent and not having any strange smell.

The water temperature will determine the ability to extract the aroma of Colombian coffee. Ensure it has reached the boiling point before adding the coffee beans and maintain the temperature when preparing the coffee.

Use the correct proportion between the coffee and water as this will determine the taste and density of the coffee produced.

The appropriate equipment of preparation should be used depending on the type of grinding and roasting done earlier. There are several options of equipment just ensure you choose the best

The buying guide

There are only two types of coffee beans Arabica (tends to be expensive) and Robusta. Some people mix the two to come up with a brand. Always consider how you want to take it because good quality coffee is good even when black, go and choose a good coffee maker as this will influence the end result and for fresher flavor grinding is the best.

Depending on the craving you have, coffee roasting determines the satisfaction you feel. There is light, medium, dark and darker roasting. Note that you will need to taste them in order to determine the ones that satisfy you and don’t worry because the coffee cans often have labels indicating the roasting used.

Coffee growing regions; coffee varieties differ from different regions of the world and the common regions producing coffee include; Columbia, Kona, Kenya, and Sumatran they all have distinctive tastes.

Learn some of the features that are indicated on the coffee label or coffee cup.

My verdict

Although all these coffee products are good with most of them being organic I would recommend Koffee Kult because the beans allow you to use any brewing method and as long as you brew it right you will get the best end result.

It is also the smoothest, strongest, and cleanest tasting coffee ever heard of with a very intense aroma. If you love espresso that is heavy with a smooth profile and cinnamon twist that lasts in your mouth then this is definitely for you to taste.

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