About Cafedeluxe

If you are anything like me, you will realize that there’s not enough time to spend in the kitchen. It’s the only part of the house that allows you to be more than creative.

Well, I’m one of the few who loves food but especially the best quality food. For this reason, I dedicated years to learn how to cook some of the best meals from different cultures across the globe.

My name is Lauren, and welcome to Café Deluxe, where you will find more than the best restaurant-quality food recipes.

Notice that you will find it all whether you want healthy vegan, utterly delicious, quick fixes, or just spicy meal styles. And by the way, I show you the various meal styles.

My passion for food took me to take a real career in the hospitality industry. And through that then I garnered even more skills but also gained hands-on experience.

Both my skills and the passion for food made it easy for me to create this blog. We have a lot to talk about here.

Café deluxe has been in existence for over eight years now, still bringing the perfect ideas in the kitchen and food sector. We are also vigilant to embrace the ever-changing concepts of the food industry.

With this, then we will bring you only up-to-date information.

What will you get here?

Café deluxe features a blend of information. You will find the recipes, the best meal suggestions, the products you can use, among others.

With love for anything food-related, you can be sure you will have all the tried and tested recipes over the years.

You will also find some of the most comfortable products and the tools you can use to cook whenever you need to. Expect us to show you some of the best slow cookers, air fryers, instant pots, and more.

Expect us to give you a detailed guide on using the different kitchen gadgets in the kitchen: all the How Tos and the step-by-step instructions.

We won’t mince or skip anything; we bring to you all the information you need.

Learn a little more about me

I love the kitchen and anything else about it. While other families are watching movies for their leisure time, you will often find me in the kitchen either trying a new recipe or creating and recreating a new one.

But I also like to write. With my over ten years’ experience in writing, you are in for a great ride here.

If you wonder what kinds of recipes you’ll get here, expect to get a little bit of everything. I cook and write on American Chinese, Italian Latina Japanese foods, and more.

As I said, I don’t choose. I like food from everywhere. Do you have a type I haven’t featured, let me know, and I will feature it.

Take a ride with me

So welcoming to my most loved space on the internet. I know in here then you will find some fun and educative blogs.

When we started, I only wanted to try a few recipes we can do, but today then we can make

Do you like to chat and have more questions to ask? Contact us here.